October 10, 2012

Real Grey Alien Footage (Videos)

Real Grey Alien Filmed by KGB

(Real Extraterrestrial Alien on Video)

by Robert Hughey (Google+

Real Alien Sighting | Actual Extraterrestrial Aliens
credit: YouTube Ivan KGB Grey Alien Footage

Is this a typical E.T. Alien hoax or is it Top Secret Video from a Real Film Taken by the Russian Space Agency and KGB?

You decide.

This Grey Alien compilation of supposed UFO Evidence, including footage of the Grey Aliens, is supposed to be filmed and produced by the Russian KGB and the Russian space agency.  Let's check out the supposed Real Extraterrestrial Video, and then decide what to believe.

Watch the Excellent Footage of

Real Grey Aliens

and form your own opinion:

En Espanol:

Extraterrestres Grises "Reales" - Desclasificacion Rusa Videos KGB

Of all the supposed videos of Grey Aliens and other extra-terrestrial beings, this is the video that has always caught me off guard. It's what looks the most real to me. For once, it doesn't look like an awful alien mask or some sort of area 51 UFO hoax from the latest UFO sightings.

No, the grey alien ("Skinny Bob" is the name written as potentially the Grey's moniker) is different than any other example of Aliens in any other video I have come across of the supposed extraterrestrials (E.T.) who have interacted with mankind in modern history.

The alien visitor in this video footage...well, this one hits me in my gut. To me, this one looks the most lifelike, as there are actual facial expressions. Either I'm looking at an amazing mid-century animation, or this is the true face of a Grey Alien.

Such an idea as the KGB Grey Alien Video being fake makes me uncomfortable, but my instinct says this UFO Footage and possible Extraterrestrial Creature may very be the Real Deal.
This looks more like a Grey Alien Mask to me...

KGB Grey Alien Latest UFO Sightings

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Skinny Bob, the Grey Alien?
Skinny Bob - Real Grey Alien?
The Grey Aliens are supposedly extraterrestrials who have a history of involvement with mankind - a long long - potentially for thousands of years, but the modern tale of the mysterious Grey Alien Species is one that spans back to the mid twentieth century.

Did a Science Fiction Icon Create the Grey Aliens?

What many don't realize is that H. G. Wells wrote about the evolution of mankind proceeding to become small, grey-skinned beings described like what the grey aliens are supposed to be like.

  • His descriptions in so many novels drove national imagination to a frenzy on more than one occasion. 
  • Of course, his words from a radio broadcast version of War of the Worlds caused a true national panic. 
  • So Mr. Wells wrote about creatures that are undeniably similar to what are called :
  • Grey Aliens, or something similar.

Does that mean the Grey Aliens's Stories or other UFO Aliens tales are fictional? There are some that believe there are proof of visitations by the Greys as far back as humanity's written records extend. The name "Grey Aliens" is certainly from the twentieth Century, but if such a species exists? I suppose they'd have different names for themselves and would have introduced themselves differently when interacting with ancient man.

The video above does seem very realistic to me, but I have also seen aliens as animations that is on that level. So is that real Grey Aliens or animation? Many of the Latest UFO Sightings and UFO Revelations could be aliens, perhaps even grey aliens, but I myself have yet to form a complete opinion without more evidence and data.

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Tall Grey Alien Video

This video has several of the most famous alien sightings from the past year all together, and for the most part, I think what it is showing is not the organism that is truly a Grey Alien.. They were not known to run on their hands and feet. I don't know what those are, but I'm not sure that these are real at all.

Grey Alien Television Special 

"E. T." 

Extraterrestrial by Katy Perry

 Inspired Music Video

Grey Alien Hybrids

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