February 12, 2014

Capture UFO Images and Videos

Technology Available to Capture UFOs images and Videos

By Maria Mcguire

 You can catch pictures in the imperceptible range – infra-red and ultraviolet – with the correct supplies. Standard high velocity shade or B&W film is likewise touchy to ultraviolet, which regularly shows up in photographs taken at high elevations as a pervasive pale blue fog. An UV cut-off channel for obvious light is obliged, which blacks out a SLR viewfinder, so an outside viewfinder is a great thought.

Infrared film is accessible in B&W thus called "false shade" slide film, which is utilized for surveillance, logical and rural imaging. Since it’s additionally delicate to blue light, it must be utilized with an orange, profound red or IR cut-off channel. Normal light meters don't measure these frequencies of light, so presentation tests are in place.

September 27, 2013

Open Call for Writers and Guest Bloggers

Interested in Writing about UFO Sightings, Extraterrestrials or Related Experiences?

Accepting New or Previously Published UFO and ET-related Articles or Blog Posts.
Guest UFO Bloggers
Seeking UFO Bloggers

If you have personal experiences you'd like to share with Extraterrestrial Entities or Beings, or if you are a writer with some interesting opinions on the UFO Phenomenon or related material, then wants YOU!

This is an open call for submissions to the site. Submit any related works to and be sure to include any pictures or videos (links to YouTube videos are fine) you'd like included.  

Please be sure to include links to any credited resources, including a link to your original work if reposting something you've previously written.

Unless you want to be credited anonymously, also include a sentence or small paragraph about you, the author, for inclusion beside your work.

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