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December 19, 2012

Read the Newest UFO Sightings

Latest UFO Sighting Reports of Today

Read the Most Recent UFO Sightings in Real Time

(All Shared and Updated as Report is Filed)
by Robert Hughey
UFO Blog on Tumblr
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Our site is now curating a blog of automated UFO Sightings as reported to MUFON - the mutual UFO network. and Robert Hughey is a member of MUFON.

As a UFO Reported Sighting is filed away for future investigation, our curated site has the initial report available almost in Real Time. This will include the Title of the UFO Sighting given by the person filing the Report plus anything they wished to write about the description, time, type or generally comment in their report. Any included Photo or Alien Proof will be linked back to MUFON.

The site is updated in Real Time and currently hosted on Tumblr. We'd reported on this in weeks past, but the site is taking off quite well now.
So please follow, bookmark or share our Real Time UFO Report Site: 
Newest or the Latest UFO Sightings

November 24, 2012

UFO Sightings Today Website

Today's UFO Sightings
Latest UFO Sightings as Reported to

Are you interested in reading details of the most recently reported United States UFO Sighting? Visit's curated Tumblr blog at for a running feed of the most recent UFO Sighting in the US. On average, there are about five to fifteen UFO reports filed each day with MUFON - the Mutual UFO Network.

October 27, 2012

Smithsonian UFO Revelation 2013 UFO Disclosure

"UFOs are real, and it is a global phenomenon -- not something that just happens in the U.S. We need to make it permissible for scientists to discuss and research these topics."
--Ret. Army Col. John Alexander,        

***UPDATED for 2013***

Area 51 UFO Secrets Revealed by Smithsonian Institution's National Atomic Testing Museum:
Las Vegas, Nevada

by Robert Hughey (Google+

Smithsonian UFOs |Atomic Testing Museum

Television News Broadcast of UFO Revelations at the Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas, NV (UFO Disclosure)

(PLEASE NOTE: is in no way affiliated or endorsed by the Smithsonian Institute or the Atomic Testing Museum of Las Vegas, Nevada.)

Area 51 Revelation: Smithsonian UFO

Full Update: From the Las Vegas Sun (Article at LasVegasSun)
by Robin Leach (contact information)

This is excerpts from the amazing article by Robin Leach of the Las Vegas Sun, titled: "UFO military secrets revealed, but revelations spark more questions"
English: Exterior of the Atomic Testing Museum, Las Vegas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
"The U.S. government has been accused of a long-running, massive cover-up of a secret agency that solely deals with evidence and information about UFOs and alien visitors, and the claim comes from several high-ranking military officers and a British secret agent who all gathered here over the weekend."
More after the break. Select "read more" below.

October 16, 2012

Latest UFO Sightings

Latest UFO Sightings 
with Scientific 
but Poetic 

by Robert Hughey (Google+)
A Frequent UFO Sighting: normal atmospheric phenomenon

Here we discuss and witness the Latest UFO Sightings with "Scientific but Poetic Analysis."

What does that mean?

It means we'll pick out a hoax together, discuss near-Earth planets and solar system phenomena, as well as engage in futurism to figure out where mankind's path is heading with regards to technology, astronomy, science and philosophy.

Oh, and we'll hope to see proof of E.T. along the way.


     The reason behind calling it "poetic analysis," is because there's a certain kind of poetry behind the UFO Phenomenon. There's the desire of so many to have concrete proof that there is life beyond our planet. There's the desire to see, and finally never doubt again, the proof that says we are not alone.
Planets of the Solar System (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
     But we are most certainly not alone. Though I have yet to see first-hand any definitive proof of Alien Intelligence visiting or interacting with us here on Earth, I have no doubt in my mind or heart that with the sheer size of the Universe, and the sheer volume of stars that have planets that have the chance of holding life (Trillions upon trillions upon trillions of planets), the chance that we are the only civilization in all of Creation is honestly 100% FALSE to me.
UFO flies near ISS as Russian astronaut space walks on CNN news cast, U
FO Sighting
news. (Photo credit: DragonRal)
The odds are in our favor that life is more frequent a side-effect of existence, and the odds of Intelligence evolving is, I also suspect, part of the logical order of the Universe. We evolved intelligence to move us to the top of the food chain, and that survival instinct is probably something of a commonality in all the Universe. 

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I do wish to meet "them" someday: these actual Aliens from a planet outside of Earth. Honestly though, wouldn't you? That would be a beautiful day, when the latest UFO sighting is the one when they come out and say,"hello mankind. We greet you as one intelligent being to another."

Though right now, if the World UFO sightings truly are intelligent aliens, they are more likely Anthropologists studying primitive native cultures on Planet Earth.

Where would these Alien Anthropologists start? They'd have the choice of anywhere on Earth. All mankind would be primitive by comparison with space-faring civilizations.

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August 7, 2012

UFO Disclosure in 2012

A Lenticular Cloud is shaped like a flying saucer real ufo, but it is still a cloud. Thank you for reading or listening to my site. My name is Robert Hughey and this is
Lenticular cloud (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is UFO Disclosure in 2012 Happening Soon?
by Robert Hughey

2012 is almost 3/4 of the way through. Is this year ending up like you expected? Particularly, were you expecting proof of Alien Visitors in 2012? It may still end up as wishful thinking. Let's explore this further...

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Planet X Nibiru -
When was it supposed to fly by in 2012?

Many believed that the year 2012 had some very interesting surprises in store for humanity. Some have felt that the latest UFO Sightings would lead to governments such as in the United States to lead to UFO Disclosure. 

Fata Morgana is a mirage - not a UFO Sighting UFO Blog
English: Fata Morgana (mirage) of islands (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nibiru - Planet X

I read that the great Planet X, also known as Nibiru, was supposed to be revealed by May 2012 and that the rest of humanity would feel its powers by the middle of the Summer.
Apparently Nibiru itself forget to get that memo, as it never did show its fiery red face. Sorry, no Nibiru 2012 Apocalyptic Fires. This is a good thing.


Then there is the great UFO Disclosure of 2012. I personally wish the United States government would finally release its untold riches of information on UFOs, as most of the European nations have already done. The official US stance is still to disavow any knowledge of UFOs.

Even with the latest UFO sightings, which are continuous as always, the American government still maintains there is no proof of any life outside of Earth or our own little part of the solar system.

I find that ridiculous, don't you? There are so many UFO Sightings throughout the entire world, but the US still won't even recognize them officially. Ask a pilot or anyone affiliated with dealing with manned aircraft about UFO Evidence, and what's the typical answer? "We're told to just ignore them."

What's that all about? This UFO Blogger want to know.
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July 29, 2012

Latest UFO Sightings in the UK - Far from this UFO Blog

UFO Sighting over a ship
Real or Hoax, over Oil Ship?

Latest UFO Sightings in the UK


by Robert Hughey (Google+)

The Latest UFO Sightings have really been on the mind. More than usual I suppose I should say.
Why? Because of the London Olympics of Course!

Did you know that UFO Sightings were up almost 200% this past week before the Opening Ceremony? Well, only if you in fact lived in the UK. There were supposedly more UFOs than usual, so I did a little research and learned two things. Unfortunately, my understanding is that Recent UFO Sightings that end up being hoaxes and lies are also on the rise. Other than that, while the government officially says it has no proof that Earth has ever or could ever be visited by extraterrestrials.

That's not the story in the UK and throughout much of Europe.

How nice it must be to have your leaders act as though you're capable of your own mature thought sometimes.

But I apologize. I am so ready for UFO Disclosure in 2012, and I still have hope, but I get frustrated so easily when it seems like the people in power seem to pat the populace on the head like a mentally difficient one-eyed stray dog. "There, there, Roxy. You're a good girl, but you sure do stink."

I have been living here at my computer this for the past week. For the first time in a long time, I have a piece of fiction that feels like it is just writing itself with my fingers. And given that inspiration is a little rare for me, I knew I had to outline as much of the story as I could. Now let me tell you: writing 25 pages of single-spaced content in one 14 hour binge is probably one of the most exhilerating feelings any creative writer could possibly have. I found I was almost out of ink in my printer, so I actually drove to the store, bought more ink, and then rushed back to print it for no greater reason that I wanted to go sit down and read the twelve thousand words I had produced in a day. My back was killing me, and there was no way I wanted to look here at my UFO Blog for while, but I was thrilled at what I threw down that day.

And it's still going well. Very well indeed. I guess this was a tale that was ready to be born into the world, as I have no explanation for how I'm able to write this book with no resistance whatsoever. I'm hoping to secure funding to have professional editing, production and marketing, as I want it to be the absolute best it can be. If I only want to self-publish with my company, HUGHEY ENDEAVORS, INC. and I want to try and use the best in the business, then I have quite a bit of money to raise. I believe I will be successful though. It'll be nice to see, as I think asking for crowd sourcing will be incredibly motivating. And of course anyone who donates just a little bit will get a digital copy at the very least for free. It'll be a nice project to do when I'm not here on the UFO Blog or stretching my sore back after another marathon on the novel.

I would say this should this must be a UFO Sighting
Artist's rendering of a Solar Flare (CME)

I love the concept of building a reader base while my readers, who I have to write an entreaty to first, have to decide to make the investment to help me actually complete the project.  So it will truly be a book of the 21st Century.  That's innovative and different, and that aspect alone appeals to every part of me. It instills a real sense of responsibility about the quality of what I am writing, and I haven't even started on the website yet. I find my book to be exciting though, even powerful, and I'm proud of my first novel already while it's only in its infancy. I have never felt that way about something I've written before.

I've had to give it a close deadline though, as part of the setting involves the possible End-of-the-Age on Dec 21, 2012. That means it certainly needs to be out before that date since then the questions it asks will be quite pressing. I would think I need to have it out in earliest November 2012.

Just in case the world does end. 

I mean, I could at least feel proud I finished an important goal of mine before the sky figuratively falls on us all.

I'll have more details on my novel after I finish writing up the very last bit of the initial outline and freewrite, and after I decide where I want to publish it and crowdsource. Yeah, I like the way that sounds - "where I want to publish it." That sits just fine with me.

There's many possibilities, and I feel there's never anything wrong with setting a goal and trying all my best to attain it.  It's going to be an epic tale though, and I really do want to write a tale that people enjoy, so I look forward to trying to convince people to purchase it before I'm even done writing it.

So it had better be more than simply "good," don't you agree? haha...


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July 16, 2012

An interesting UFO Discussion Video

Interesting UFO-related Video 

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

UFO over Passoria, New Jersey, UFO-related, Ancient Aliens, UFO alien theory, Earth-centric, Astronomy, ancient mankind, latest UFO sightings, UFO Video, UFO Proof
Mid-20th Century photo of supposed Flying Saucer over New Jersey, USA

Now, what I don't like about this UFO Sightings video is what I call the "logic leap." There's a leap of logic to automatically assume that just because Ancient mankind had some inkling of understanding of Astronomy that the only way they got this information was through the intervention of Ancient Aliens. I do love writing this UFO Blog.

July 11, 2012

Solar Storms Striking Earth

Video: Solar Storms Striking Earth

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

Solar Storms Strike Earth July 2012, Latest UFO Sightings 2012, Photo by NASA
Solar Storms Striking Earth July 2012

Besides the latest UFO sightings and Real UFO Evidence...

                              NASA has released startling images from the International Space Station (ISS) showing the brilliance of the the interactin between the current Solar Storms and the Earth's own magnetic fields. A time-lapsed video, with a brilliantly flashing Aurora, a beautiful comet, as well as many glowing and powerful visuals that are a direct result of the powerful energy of the sun striking against the Earth's various defenses.

Click for FREE Psychic Reading from Keen, Search for UFOs, Latest UFO SightingsThe unique magnetic field our planet produces, caused by a number of factors such as the dense iron core of the Earth, protects the planet from a great percentage of the fierce energy that is thrown toward us on a daily basis. If all the energy that the sun radiated out into the Solar System was successful at striking the surface of the Earth, we would all have been fricasseeing like a pan of bacon a long time ago. There's no Real UFO Evidence to discuss today. Instead, let's talk about 2012 in terms of our Solar Cycle.

June 17, 2012

UFOs and the Sun

Meanwhile, in the hottest and most energetic parts of our Solar System, huge bursts of
solar explosions, as large as Neptune or Uranus, continue to burst off the Sun...

UFOs and the Sun
by Robert Hughey
On Google+

There's something special about the sun, with its seeming endless store of life-giving rays.
But there are more and more sightings here every day.

I have a theory. And I am writing it now. I feel as though it's one part science fiction, another part science fantasy and then the last part: uniquely possible.  But the sun is where some of the most curious video evidence over the last year has been found.  I will add some interesting videos to YouTube and to this site within the next 24 hours so you can see first-hand what I mean.

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