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January 9, 2013

An Unidentified Flying Object trails the Lunar Rover. Unofficial reports held that the chatter amongst the Astronauts about "Santa Clause" following and observing them were supposedly about the UFO Presence.

UFO trails behind the Lunar Rover during an Apollo Mission
UFO Sighting by NASA Apollo Mission Astronauts

NASA Apollo Moon Mission UFOs

There are many Ufologists who believe the NASA Apollo Missions encountered many UFOs throughout the several missions that successfully landed on the moon. Some say the code word "Santa Clause" was used to discuss nearby UFOs that the Astronauts sighted nearby.

via : Search For Real UFOs Facebook Page of 4UFOs

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I love this UFO Photo

UFO Norman Rockwell Photo

I love this UFO Photo...

I'm almost positive this is from a painting by Norman Rockwell, but I'm not 100% Certain. If someone knows the name of this painting and/or the artist, would you please comment here on this page?  I'd love to give credit where credit is due. Thanks.

via : Search For Real UFOs

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UFO Search Engine

Test our UFO Search Engine for UFO Sightings

<a href="" title="UFO Sightings Search Engine">UFO Search Engine</a>>

Feel like testing our UFO Search Engine that searches through this site and the most recent UFO Sightings?

Type in a place or type of Sighting in the custom Google Search over on our UFO Search Engine Page

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December 19, 2012

Read the Newest UFO Sightings

Latest UFO Sighting Reports of Today

Read the Most Recent UFO Sightings in Real Time

(All Shared and Updated as Report is Filed)
by Robert Hughey
UFO Blog on Tumblr
Site Banner for

Our site is now curating a blog of automated UFO Sightings as reported to MUFON - the mutual UFO network. and Robert Hughey is a member of MUFON.

As a UFO Reported Sighting is filed away for future investigation, our curated site has the initial report available almost in Real Time. This will include the Title of the UFO Sighting given by the person filing the Report plus anything they wished to write about the description, time, type or generally comment in their report. Any included Photo or Alien Proof will be linked back to MUFON.

The site is updated in Real Time and currently hosted on Tumblr. We'd reported on this in weeks past, but the site is taking off quite well now.
So please follow, bookmark or share our Real Time UFO Report Site: 
Newest or the Latest UFO Sightings

November 29, 2012

National Archives Vietnam UFO

Daylight Sighting of an unidentified flying object
Seeking Details on this Photo

National Archives discovers Vietnam UFO 

by Robert Hughey (Google+)
selections/link to: Blog on

I have been doing a lot of digging through government websites lately.

WAIT! Let me be clear that I've been legally digging through .gov websites using Google's advanced search parameters  I don't relish the idea of attempting to hack any government site, as there's an army of better skilled "ethical hackers" on the Gov Payroll that'd both lock me out and lock me away all in the same breath.

And that would make me sad. 

National Archive UFO Reports

But in digging through .gov websites on searches for "UFOs" and "UFO Reports," I came across an interesting report at the National Archives.   I also found an article post on a site I personally admire very much, and rather than detail everything in my own words, I'd rather link you to the Naturalplane Blogger Site: Phantoms and Monsters. It's riveting.

UFO Photo of daylight flying saucer sighting
UFO Sighting - My thought: Water Tower?

Quote from :

"One of the very first articles posted on this site was a comprehensive piece titled “UFOs during the Vietnam War,” which included both first and second-hand accounts collected by me and evidence from documents and official statements released under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). These included the famous October 1973 remarks by General George S. Brown, Chief of Staff of the U.S. Air Force, that UFOs sighted in Vietnam “weren’t called UFOs. They were called enemy helicopters.”
"Now, thanks to the blog of Dr. David Clarke – Folklore and Journalism, a professor of journalism at Sheffield Hallam University who works closely with the British Ministry of Defence on their periodic release of UFO files, I found a new fascinating UFO case reported during the Vietnam War..."

Interested in reading more?
The full story is available below:

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November 11, 2012

Anonymous Message to 4UFOs

UFO Over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

 Anonymous Message to 4UFOs   
by Robert Hughey
UFO Over the Dome of the Rock (Jerusalem, Israel)

Yesterday a very pleasant surprise was sent to us here at 4UFOs. A visitor to the site, having read my post on my own first UFO Sighting experience, was kind enough to post and share some insight and observations about a type of Real UFO Sighting he had that I suppose many people have in some sort of fashion when they look into the realities of the UFO Phenomenon.  Here's what he or she said:

* * *


I am going to state this here ... only because I can't find anyplace else to state it, and it has been bugging the hell out of me. For the record, I am not a fruitcake or a conspiracy-nut and I am NOT Jewish ..... (actually, I am a Licensed Professional Engineer).

In Late January of 2011, there was video footage of alleged UFO activity over the "Dome of the Rock" in Israel (you can still Google it today). Anyways, I pulled it up because a fellow employee was sorta INTO that kinda thing. Basically, it was your typical long-distance video of glowing orbs descending onto this Holy-Site. Then I started thinking ... this is one of the Holiest-Sites in the world --- maybe someone closer had better footage. So, I searched for additional video footage of the same event .. and sure enough, there was video footage of someone right at the base of the Temple looking “up” at this weird phenomenon. 

I watched that video in complete "awe" of what I was seeing. It very clearly showed some sort of craft with two glowing rings/bands of energy that circled it (similar in the fashion of a gyroscope). It then dawned on me that THIS is what Ezekiel must have witnessed (and described) in the Old Testament (i.e., a "wheel within a wheel"). I then saved the link to my computer.
Not a UFO Sighting but Haley's Comet
UFO Sighting? No, this is Haley's Comet.

Anyways, the next day I told my co-worker and my boss about the video and proceeded to show it to them. The problem was that the Video was "pulled" from YouTube, specifically stating that it was confiscated by the Israeli government (i.e., it is their legal right). What I then found really strange was the non-stop concerted effort employed to completely discredit the entire event! There is no record of that particular Video ... and I believe they now state that it was “withdrawn by the owner”. I only wish NOW that I should have taken multiple screen-shots of different views from that video.

My Engineer's technical opinion on what I saw .... the energy-bands I viewed were most likely a 3-dimensional shadow of some form of 4-dimensional energy/craft (similar to a Tesseract or HyperCube). This whole event has made me Rethink my viewpoint on the entire UFO phenomenon.  I am NOT saying that I am a believer ... but I definitely no longer dismiss UFO claims as pure fantasy or fiction.,35.2354&spn=0.01,0.01&q=31.778,35.2354+(Dome+of+the+Rock)&t=h

I feel somewhat "relieved" to finally tell my story. Long-Story short ... please don't completely discredit what you may hear/read from former/current credible or experienced witnesses.


* * *

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Response by

The really incredible thing is that I knew exactly what famous UFO sightings he was referring to, as only a few months ago I had made a video (of sad quality) and posted it on YouTube asking about this very same sighting. I had never seen the better up-close angle video of the UFO, but I did smell "UFO Cover up" after reading how quickly the Israeli Government responded with cries of "Fake" and "Hoax," and they were so aggressive in their stance that even supposed (and begrudgingly) confessions by hoaxsters didn't seem "right" to me. 

Here's my YouTube UFO Video about the Dome of the Rock UFO:

In case I continue to have problems embedding the video, here's the YouTube Link:

I would have loved to see the up-close angle to go with the two views I was able to see of this UFO Sighting Video. I always want to know what's going on deep under the Dome of the Rock. What's down there? Why is it such an important location for every different warring faction in the Middle East?

I like to imagine that some Alien Visitors stopped by and had that very same question: hopefully it did get the answers it needed. I'm just not sure what I think about the missing video.

What do you think about this UFO Sighting? Comment Below.
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October 16, 2012

Latest UFO Sightings

Latest UFO Sightings 
with Scientific 
but Poetic 

by Robert Hughey (Google+)
A Frequent UFO Sighting: normal atmospheric phenomenon

Here we discuss and witness the Latest UFO Sightings with "Scientific but Poetic Analysis."

What does that mean?

It means we'll pick out a hoax together, discuss near-Earth planets and solar system phenomena, as well as engage in futurism to figure out where mankind's path is heading with regards to technology, astronomy, science and philosophy.

Oh, and we'll hope to see proof of E.T. along the way.


     The reason behind calling it "poetic analysis," is because there's a certain kind of poetry behind the UFO Phenomenon. There's the desire of so many to have concrete proof that there is life beyond our planet. There's the desire to see, and finally never doubt again, the proof that says we are not alone.
Planets of the Solar System (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
     But we are most certainly not alone. Though I have yet to see first-hand any definitive proof of Alien Intelligence visiting or interacting with us here on Earth, I have no doubt in my mind or heart that with the sheer size of the Universe, and the sheer volume of stars that have planets that have the chance of holding life (Trillions upon trillions upon trillions of planets), the chance that we are the only civilization in all of Creation is honestly 100% FALSE to me.
UFO flies near ISS as Russian astronaut space walks on CNN news cast, U
FO Sighting
news. (Photo credit: DragonRal)
The odds are in our favor that life is more frequent a side-effect of existence, and the odds of Intelligence evolving is, I also suspect, part of the logical order of the Universe. We evolved intelligence to move us to the top of the food chain, and that survival instinct is probably something of a commonality in all the Universe. 

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I do wish to meet "them" someday: these actual Aliens from a planet outside of Earth. Honestly though, wouldn't you? That would be a beautiful day, when the latest UFO sighting is the one when they come out and say,"hello mankind. We greet you as one intelligent being to another."

Though right now, if the World UFO sightings truly are intelligent aliens, they are more likely Anthropologists studying primitive native cultures on Planet Earth.

Where would these Alien Anthropologists start? They'd have the choice of anywhere on Earth. All mankind would be primitive by comparison with space-faring civilizations.

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October 14, 2012

Black Cubes on the Sun
X-ray Sun and was produced by the Yohkoh solar observatory in 1991.(Photo Wikipedia)

Black Cubes on the Sun

by Robert Hughey

Edits by NASA, Digital Artifacts or UFO Cover-up?

What is not in doubt, now in the age of information, is that it sure is fun to dream big, and that's how I always feel when gazing at images from our local life- and energy-giving star: the sun.

This is a video example of one of the videos to question about:

Some of the images lately have been strangely edited, or there's been some odd problems with the solar telescopes that have not been there since I started really watching them a couple of months ago. I still have a hard time imagining that these cubes are actual vehicles constructed by extraterrestrial beings. Imagine how large they would be!

Indeed, there is something strange about the cube-shaped blocks taken out of the SOHO and other Solar Telescopes, which certainly leads to the question "what are we not supposed to see?"

UFOs around the Sun

But it is also important to ask the question, "are we sure these are actually edits and not simply digital hiccups or artifacts?"

It's possible that these are just pixels that were not processed in the feed from the telescopes. I reserve my judgement so far, but I am happy to offer this information out in the hopes that others will share more educated and informed opinions to assist my genuine truth-seeking. Sure, the last images certainly look like a flying saucer, which I realize is the most popular and famous of UFOs (though the spherical UFOs are the most true and real anomalies, IMHO).

The space-based images are going to be prone to being buffeted by the solar winds and other radiation. Is that what produced the black cubes?

Further UFOs and Examples

So what do you think about that?

Please comment below, sharing any opinions or subjective beliefs here, as I'm honestly a little at a loss as to the realities of these images.

Map of NASA Complex
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October 1, 2012

Reed City, Michigan Triangle UFO Flies Low Over City

Latest UFO Sighting, UFO-related Content:

Michican UFO Sighting - September 28, 2012

A Michigan witness driving southbound along Old U.S. Route 131 at the southern edge of Reed City reports observing round lights under 1,000 feet that formed a triangle on September 28, 2012, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

September UFO 2012

Further details can be found via Roger Marsh's feed

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September 27, 2012

Philadelphia area UFO conference boasts strong speaker schedule

Latest UFO Sighting, UFO-related Content:

The greater Philadelphia area is in for a treat this weekend as the Pennsylvania branch of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) opens their doors for a weekend of top notch speakers and events.The Sheraton Bucks County Hotel in...

Famous Set of UFO Sighting Photos

Famous UFO Sighting, Never Explained

What on Earth (or not from the Earth) was this?

Almost looks like special effects, but there's too many witnesses to say otherwise.
From one of MANY witnesses of this UFO Sighting

Check out NaturalPlane's post on some rather famous UFO pictures. These pictures are from Lake Tahoe, and I suspect many people who follow the UFO Phenomenon in any detail may recognize them.

Those of you that haven't seen the pics from this Sighting around Lake Tahoe will be stunned.

If the photos of this particular UFO Sightings came from one person or one source, I'd probably call it a hoax and think nothing of it.

But these photos came from a wide range of people, across several different States, who all shared their accounts and their photos from that day. That's a different matter.

Here's the link to the collection from several of the witnesses:

What do you think?
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September 14, 2012

Scientific Proof of Magick and Paranormal ESP

UFO Paranormal Sign Psychic Magick
English: The symbol of the Psychic Magick Fran├žais : Symbole de la Psychurgie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Scientific Proof of MAGIC
Paranormal ESP

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

Yes, I who would rather argue about the futility of worrying about the lifespan of a main-sequence star like our sun than try to discuss finding Irrefutable scientific and evidence-based proof of Paranormal Subjects (i.e. UFOs, Ghosts, Psychics, Mediums, Legal Document Preparation).

With newfound proof and...  Wait. What was that last one up there? 
Document Preparation? 
That's a ParaLEGAL. Not the Latest UFO Sightings 2012.

Why do I have a blog?

"It's so easy to be Cheesy."

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What Pagans, Wiccans and other "power channeled" types of crafts and religions have been practicing (which we're going to call MAGICK most of the time): there is finally the possibility of a method to provide measurable tools to both prove the existence and measure the energy that casting a spell or doing a ritual uses.

Sounds like this should go over to my Paranormal Site, shouldn't it? Well, that one is only for UFO and Real UFO.

Here, let me further make you laugh at this idea: the same knowledge and understanding that will finally prove magick is real will also prove or has ALREADY proven the following:
BosonFusion-Higgs UFO (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Humans and other animals with higher brain functions and emotions are innately "psychic."
  • Projectile and Receptive Empathy and Telepathy are possible and, more importantly, PROVABLE.
    Large Hadron Collider CERN UFO
    An example of simulated data modelled for the CMS particle detector on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN. Here, following a collision of two protons, a is produced which decays into two jets of hadrons and two electrons. The lines represent the possible paths of particles produced by the proton-proton collision in the detector while the energy these particles deposit is shown in blue. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  • Groups of humans working together to move certain energy fields
    can shape, alter and affect the entire human population for many,
    many miles around them. This is actually been the subject of
    MAGICK practice for many melenia. Practitioners would
    describe vortexes of energy they felt as a group.
     I myself have thought I felt moving energy from
     "grounding and centering" and further meditation exercises.
    I always wondered that if I am able to feel this energy that
     is usually pulled up from the ground then out the top of the hea

    Well guys, now there is going to be proof all of these things actually have significant properties and expend quite huge and powerful energies. 

YES, and it's REAL.

Unfortunately, we're not quite at the day where
we will be able to simply point a Geiger Counter to
detect these energies to measure the amount of energy.
Geiger counter held up to higgs bison before the entire earth exploded
Geiger UFOs counter in use (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But there's more (and if any Physicist reads this -
I know I am kind of pushing through some things here, and I do apologize. But I hope we can agree it's close).

Your emotions are neurochemical and neuroelectrical, most likely, correct? Well, particle and fluid dynamics are used to be able to measure the frequency of the energy wave of a particular emotion. 

Weirder than that? Soon the Scientific Proof will be provided of how your emotions or thoughts in your head affect all the energy of all the matter all around us, for quite a distance. How will that be measured?

HIGGS-BISON OF COURSE! The level of organization that the Higgs is a part of is where I expect to find the most underlying primal energy, like that summoned with the craft or magic.

That's the smallest little piece of the piece of the piece. There's nothing left, as far as we know today.
Now, if you consider the way things are that we've seen so far: then there would be concern that an even smaller layer or part would be there, but I'm pretty sure that the proof of the Higgs-Bison was actually what balanced out the right equations, made the right people happy.

I just keep remembering how they also call it
the GOD PARTICLE.  And you know what?

My mind goes straight to Star Trek: Voyager.
OMEGA Particle.

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September 8, 2012

Real UFOs and Mistaken Identity

Astronomy Photo of a Mysterious planet
What are Real UFO Sightings?

Where are the Real UFOs?

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

Most people think of one thing when they hear the term "UFO." They think of flying saucers, little green men or even grey aliens, or they at least think of otherworldly aircraft piloted by extra terrestrial intelligent beings.

So exactly is the "UFO Phenomenon" anyway?

Real UFO Sightings

According to MUFON, the Mututal UFO Network, the vast majority of reported UFO Sightings are easily classified or identified with a little legwork.

Most Unidentified Flying Objects are cases of mistaken identity.
So what is mistakenly assumed to be Real UFO, or rather: an alien spacecraft?

Most UFO Sightings can be categorized as the following:

  • Terrestrial or man made aircraft lead the pack, as many experimental or still-classified aircraft have been long mistaken as real UFOs over the years, and in the case of the US Air force, when questioned about these craft the official stance is always one of non-disclosure as long as the craft in question is still considered Top Secret.
    An excellent example is the story of the Stealth Bomber (as most of the USAF Stealth aircraft were the culprit in a great many reported UFO Sightings over the years)

    A gorgeous B-2 Spirit soars in the clouds
    A B-2 Spirit soars 

  • Atmospheric phenomena: Such as Lenticular Clouds.  The Latest UFO Sighting near my home in Atlanta was cloud related: extraordinary clouds truly, but still they were simply some beautiful but still quite natural atmospheric occurrences.
  • Stellar or Solar System Phenomena...of which our own moon is frequently mistaken to be a UFO more than you might imagine.

    Other than that, many stars in recognizable constellations confuse easily if the UFO reporter is not familiar with what are normal star patterns.

  • UFO Sightings that are unfortunate fabrications or outright hoaxes. These may be as many as 10% of all reported sightings.
Further details: Excellent resources for the scientific study of the UFO Phenomenon.

Unidentified Flying Objects still Unidentified

With upward of 95% of reported UFO Sightings classified or finally identified, what about the UFOs that are labeled "unknown" or as yet "unidentified?"

These are the Real UFOs that have my attention. These are the glowing balls of light, the shiny discs caught by amateur photographer or videographers around the world. These are the types of sightings that have created the UFO Phenomenon and what drive sites like the one you find yourself on right now.

UFO Field Investigator in-Training

Over the coming months, I have the choice to be taking the necessary steps to get certified by the Mutual UFO Network as a Field Investigator. If I do this, I can become a Ufologist, as many like to call those interested in UFO Sightings. My own interest has always been in the more scientific or evidence-based side of the UFO Phenomenon, and I do believe I want to have the tools and understanding to get to the bottom of the ever-rising tide of UFO reports.

I am unsure though. My professional interests have me all over the place, as I'm looking to Crowdfund some projects (both for myself and for others). I have a unique connection to a production company in south GA, so making the videos and promotion materials will be helpful to artists, writers or musicians (or other creatives) who may be hesitant about making the video.

Thoughts? Basically, it's like I'm having to choose between going to "UFO U" or be innovative and jump into an industry head-first to see where I land.


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