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February 12, 2014

Capture UFO Images and Videos

Technology Available to Capture UFOs images and Videos

By Maria Mcguire

 You can catch pictures in the imperceptible range – infra-red and ultraviolet – with the correct supplies. Standard high velocity shade or B&W film is likewise touchy to ultraviolet, which regularly shows up in photographs taken at high elevations as a pervasive pale blue fog. An UV cut-off channel for obvious light is obliged, which blacks out a SLR viewfinder, so an outside viewfinder is a great thought.

Infrared film is accessible in B&W thus called "false shade" slide film, which is utilized for surveillance, logical and rural imaging. Since it’s additionally delicate to blue light, it must be utilized with an orange, profound red or IR cut-off channel. Normal light meters don't measure these frequencies of light, so presentation tests are in place.

March 3, 2013

Feature: Trail of Paper to UFO PROOF

Invisible American Airplanes?!

UFO Paper Trail to Proof

The Reality Behind a Large Percentage of Current UFO Sightings in the US and around the World.

by Robert Hughey (GOOGLE+)

Weekly Feature Article: Part One 

This Feature Article will be in two parts and published here first on and syndicated shortly after by tomorrow morning, March 4, 2013. I have a lot of citations for references to many sources, and I want to ensure I attribute correctly on Google Scholar and my favorite Scholarly Network: Mendeley 

Let me know if you want an invite to join me on Mendeley, particularly other publishers, content producers or Ufologists. I'd love to email out some invitations.

UFO Reports of a New Kind of Unknown Craft making appearances circa mid-to-late 2012

My current research has been seeking some sort of proof  and finally identifying the reality behind  a type of UFO that's been steadily growing in Video Sightings made and in reports filed to MUFON, NUFORC and to a lesser extent, to the 5 or 6 daily comments or submissions that corroborate (or even share new UFO Sightings) on my own Network of Ufology Sites.

If I'm correct, and at the very least I know I am absolutely correct about some technology that's practically science fiction, but I also feel I am confirming a suspicion. I've had over this concern over the past year about these particular confusing UFOs. I wish I could reveal it all to you now, but I'm trying to ensure I present it in a way that makes the most coherent sense about a level of physics and math I barely remember how to do.

Article Continues below, click "read more" to do just that.

February 19, 2013

Updated Lens: 2013 UFO Videos

Latest UFO Web 2.0 Property

UFO VIDEOS: Update to Web 2.0 Property

Updated Squidoo Lens: Latest Real UFO Sightings 

The Squidoo Lens I keep updated on the "Latest Real UFO Sightings" has undergone an update, and is now named after what it's been mostly drawing focus on since I first wrote it: the Latest UFO Videos. It's updated for some of the coolest UFO Footage I've come across on YouTube - that isn't also being focused on the sites of some of my favorite Publishers and content producers from the UFO Sightings Google+ Community

If you aren't following along that community, I want to invite you to join now, as there's some really interesting things put up there on a daily basis.

So, some links to some of the pages I have created around the web that you might find interesting:

Latest 2013 UFO Sightings - a mirror of UFO Sightings Today, both of which report the most-recent UFO Sightings as reported to MUFON - the mutual UFO Network. Updated frequently throughout the day.

Latest UFO Videos : the aforementioned very thorough and interesting page (if I say so myself) of the Squidoo Web 2.0 Property.

Super Science Space Tech Laugh, Go!  This is the catch-all blog of some of my crazier and funnier writing, though most recently I used it to house a syndicated column on the meteors and asteroid adventures of late. Eventually, I'll merge it with and then next blog:
eXoplanet Discoveries
Exoplanet Discoveries A young site that on the extrasolar planet discoveries and other Astronomy-related news from NASA. 

February 10, 2013

Video of Fleet of UFOs Near Mexico | Real UFO Footage

Eight unidentified flying objects
recorded in Mexico - final week of Jan 2013

photo - formation of Unidentified Flying Objects
UFOs in Formation

A video uploaded on YouTube showed eight unidentified objects flying in a synchronised manner which could be mistaken for birds. But a closer look revealed that the wing-like structures attached to each object do not flap and the rest of the body seem to emit fluorescent light.

The objects change the course of flight together making it appear as if they were controlled by intelligence.

Eight Objects Like Metal Birds Seen
Flying Synchronized in Mexico

Almost three minutes long, this video on Youtube has the caption that reads, "UFOS Incredible Fleet synchronized OVNIS oleada Enero 203 mexico" has gone viral across the internet. The UFO footage was uploaded on YouTube on Jan 31 by a user who goes by the name "pisosmadera"

Here's the video:

After the video footage grabbed wide attention speculations emerged that the flying objects could be human-built aircraft or drones that were being tested in Mexico.

Scott C Waring of UFO Sightings Daily said, "At first glance I made the mistake of assuming this was a video of seagulls. I was mistaken. Not a single one of them flap like a bird would. These objects appear to be a fleet of UFOs or even possibly DARPA drones being tested in Mexico. Notice how the UFOs or drones synchronize in flight and clearly show that they are controlled by intelligence.

They also look a little like the secret aircraft the TR3B."


If anyone has any experience with similar UFOs or can corroborate this Sighting, please contact this website,
or simply comment below on this page.

You can always report a UFO Sighting yourself.

Instructions provided.

So what do you think of 
the UFOs in the Video?

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