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February 6, 2013

Classic UFO Photo

UFO Photograph

 UFO Photo 

This classic UFO Photo has always been one of my favorites. I believe it to be the clearest I've ever seen of the classic Flying Saucer UFO Sighting that started the entire UFO Phenomenon in the first place. I found it most recently used in an article on the UK UFO Phenomenon, and I decided to use it as an album cover on Pinterest, where a link to the UK UFO article resides.

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Do you think it would be a worthwhile pursuit to utilize Google Image Search and other tools to track down the full origin of this particular UFO Photo?

My thought is that I could fully research the origins, the photographer, any findings on the validity of the UFO Photograph and any really juicy details about it. Then I would post and share the more interesting details, if there was an interested audience.

January 17, 2013

Black Triangle UFO Sightings

Graphic Photo of Black Triangle UFO
Graphic of Black Triangle UFO

Black Triangle UFO Sightings

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

Lights in the Sky

The Black Triangle is a particularly common form of UFO Sighting that tends to captivate the public. IF you look through the latest UFO Sightings so far in 2013, you’ll find a great number of them are what I consider a “typical” Black Triangle Sighting curates a running blog of the current UFO Sightings, and as I see the Sightings from this past month, it looks like as many as one if five could qualify as this type of report of an unidentified object. I'm not entirely sure what exactly about this kind of Sighting has people so worked up, except that it's so prevalent that perhaps the public gets the sense that something is being witnessed, even if they are quite unsure exactly what is being described. 

If you research into past cases of UFO Sightings reported to MUFON, you find that in the closed cases of Black Triangle UFO Sightings, most of the closed cases are readily identifiable. When ruled “Identified,” the Sightings is revealed to be:
UFO in Triangle Form
Graphic of Black Triangle UFO

·        Terrestrial aircraft (human-flown jets usually).
·        The stars in the sky, frequently mistaken to be corner lights of a UFO.

At first glance, it may be hard to imagine taking stars in the sky and believing they are actually an alien spacecraft, but I actually do relate to this in a rather unfortunate way. In the following aside, I will share that story.

October 16, 2012

Latest UFO Sightings

Latest UFO Sightings 
with Scientific 
but Poetic 

by Robert Hughey (Google+)
A Frequent UFO Sighting: normal atmospheric phenomenon

Here we discuss and witness the Latest UFO Sightings with "Scientific but Poetic Analysis."

What does that mean?

It means we'll pick out a hoax together, discuss near-Earth planets and solar system phenomena, as well as engage in futurism to figure out where mankind's path is heading with regards to technology, astronomy, science and philosophy.

Oh, and we'll hope to see proof of E.T. along the way.


     The reason behind calling it "poetic analysis," is because there's a certain kind of poetry behind the UFO Phenomenon. There's the desire of so many to have concrete proof that there is life beyond our planet. There's the desire to see, and finally never doubt again, the proof that says we are not alone.
Planets of the Solar System (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
     But we are most certainly not alone. Though I have yet to see first-hand any definitive proof of Alien Intelligence visiting or interacting with us here on Earth, I have no doubt in my mind or heart that with the sheer size of the Universe, and the sheer volume of stars that have planets that have the chance of holding life (Trillions upon trillions upon trillions of planets), the chance that we are the only civilization in all of Creation is honestly 100% FALSE to me.
UFO flies near ISS as Russian astronaut space walks on CNN news cast, U
FO Sighting
news. (Photo credit: DragonRal)
The odds are in our favor that life is more frequent a side-effect of existence, and the odds of Intelligence evolving is, I also suspect, part of the logical order of the Universe. We evolved intelligence to move us to the top of the food chain, and that survival instinct is probably something of a commonality in all the Universe. 

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I do wish to meet "them" someday: these actual Aliens from a planet outside of Earth. Honestly though, wouldn't you? That would be a beautiful day, when the latest UFO sighting is the one when they come out and say,"hello mankind. We greet you as one intelligent being to another."

Though right now, if the World UFO sightings truly are intelligent aliens, they are more likely Anthropologists studying primitive native cultures on Planet Earth.

Where would these Alien Anthropologists start? They'd have the choice of anywhere on Earth. All mankind would be primitive by comparison with space-faring civilizations.

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September 27, 2012

Famous Set of UFO Sighting Photos

Famous UFO Sighting, Never Explained

What on Earth (or not from the Earth) was this?

Almost looks like special effects, but there's too many witnesses to say otherwise.
From one of MANY witnesses of this UFO Sighting

Check out NaturalPlane's post on some rather famous UFO pictures. These pictures are from Lake Tahoe, and I suspect many people who follow the UFO Phenomenon in any detail may recognize them.

Those of you that haven't seen the pics from this Sighting around Lake Tahoe will be stunned.

If the photos of this particular UFO Sightings came from one person or one source, I'd probably call it a hoax and think nothing of it.

But these photos came from a wide range of people, across several different States, who all shared their accounts and their photos from that day. That's a different matter.

Here's the link to the collection from several of the witnesses:

What do you think?
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September 8, 2012

Real UFOs and Mistaken Identity

Astronomy Photo of a Mysterious planet
What are Real UFO Sightings?

Where are the Real UFOs?

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

Most people think of one thing when they hear the term "UFO." They think of flying saucers, little green men or even grey aliens, or they at least think of otherworldly aircraft piloted by extra terrestrial intelligent beings.

So exactly is the "UFO Phenomenon" anyway?

Real UFO Sightings

According to MUFON, the Mututal UFO Network, the vast majority of reported UFO Sightings are easily classified or identified with a little legwork.

Most Unidentified Flying Objects are cases of mistaken identity.
So what is mistakenly assumed to be Real UFO, or rather: an alien spacecraft?

Most UFO Sightings can be categorized as the following:

  • Terrestrial or man made aircraft lead the pack, as many experimental or still-classified aircraft have been long mistaken as real UFOs over the years, and in the case of the US Air force, when questioned about these craft the official stance is always one of non-disclosure as long as the craft in question is still considered Top Secret.
    An excellent example is the story of the Stealth Bomber (as most of the USAF Stealth aircraft were the culprit in a great many reported UFO Sightings over the years)

    A gorgeous B-2 Spirit soars in the clouds
    A B-2 Spirit soars 

  • Atmospheric phenomena: Such as Lenticular Clouds.  The Latest UFO Sighting near my home in Atlanta was cloud related: extraordinary clouds truly, but still they were simply some beautiful but still quite natural atmospheric occurrences.
  • Stellar or Solar System Phenomena...of which our own moon is frequently mistaken to be a UFO more than you might imagine.

    Other than that, many stars in recognizable constellations confuse easily if the UFO reporter is not familiar with what are normal star patterns.

  • UFO Sightings that are unfortunate fabrications or outright hoaxes. These may be as many as 10% of all reported sightings.
Further details: Excellent resources for the scientific study of the UFO Phenomenon.

Unidentified Flying Objects still Unidentified

With upward of 95% of reported UFO Sightings classified or finally identified, what about the UFOs that are labeled "unknown" or as yet "unidentified?"

These are the Real UFOs that have my attention. These are the glowing balls of light, the shiny discs caught by amateur photographer or videographers around the world. These are the types of sightings that have created the UFO Phenomenon and what drive sites like the one you find yourself on right now.

UFO Field Investigator in-Training

Over the coming months, I have the choice to be taking the necessary steps to get certified by the Mutual UFO Network as a Field Investigator. If I do this, I can become a Ufologist, as many like to call those interested in UFO Sightings. My own interest has always been in the more scientific or evidence-based side of the UFO Phenomenon, and I do believe I want to have the tools and understanding to get to the bottom of the ever-rising tide of UFO reports.

I am unsure though. My professional interests have me all over the place, as I'm looking to Crowdfund some projects (both for myself and for others). I have a unique connection to a production company in south GA, so making the videos and promotion materials will be helpful to artists, writers or musicians (or other creatives) who may be hesitant about making the video.

Thoughts? Basically, it's like I'm having to choose between going to "UFO U" or be innovative and jump into an industry head-first to see where I land.


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July 31, 2012

Why do I have a blog on Real UFOs?

Why do I have a blog on UFOs?

When I was 10 years old, a Flying Saucer hovered over my head and...

by Robert Hughey ()

UFO Sighting
Quite a Phenomenon... but probably not Aliens

(NOTE: This post answers why I started this blog on UFOs, or at least it answered why I felt I was blogging about the UFO Phenomenon and the Objects in the Sky that are spotted all around the world. Well, it was supposed to anyway.

Avoiding the real root of the question, I instead tell the story of my very first encounter with a UFO when I was 10 years-old. It's a good story, but it's not necessarily the only reason for my fascination with the subject matter, which is simply my interest in the vast mystery, mystique of the Phenomenon. And I must admit to being overcome at times with wishing for an answer to the big question, "What are UFOs?"

I write about UFOs, Metaphysics and the paranormal because of all those reasons combined with the sad truth that it really does seem that there exists people with at least some of the answers to that big question that endeavor to suppress others from finding out what they know, and that bothers me to an extent few other thoughts do. It makes me spitting mad, especially when on top of being treated like we aren't mature or advanced enough to handle some truth, those of us that press and examine the evidence of such matters are ridiculed or, even worse, reduced.

And by "reduced," I am referencing the emotions that initially come from being treated as one who is less sane, less intelligent, less serious or somehow lacking in some special important mental or even spiritual component because of this interest.

Since writing this original entry in 2012, my understanding and questions of the things called UFOs have deepened and expanded in complexity. It couldn't just be a simple answer, now could it? But that's for an entirely different post. What follows here is my story of the very first incident that got me on the first step toward studying Ufology a bit more seriously than the average person. I'm well-read on the subject, but I'm also still young in my study of the Phenomenon, especially compared to colleagues who have endeavored to answer the big questions for years and even decades. I'm very thankful for the attention and readership this blog has achieved (coming up on my 100,000th Page View now, which is humbling). Thank you for coming to, and I appreciate you for reading my words and for caring enough to even be a little curious as to why I write on the Phenomenon of Unknown Flying Objects and try to answer the questions regarding intelligent life other than humankind. Truly: thank you.

 -Robert Hughey

First, My Personally Favorite UFO Video - this is part of a video from NASA itself that was later taken down and disavowed.  This video (only a couple of minutes long) shares the story of NASA's Cover-up Attempt.

My Personal UFO Encounter Story.

Setting: Georgia, USA 1988

I had my first in-person Real UFO Sighting when I was about ten years old. I was playing deep in the forest behind my Aunt's home in Carroll County, GA - about an hour west of where I am sitting to write this for you. I loved visiting there, near but still outside the city. I especially loved the woods behind my aunt's house, where I would frequently go by myself when my mom and I would visit. I was good at being solitary, and during the hottest months which is pretty much every month outside of Winter, the shade of the pine forest was usually a cool place to play.

I would imagine the tallest trees were giant robot lions from Japan. Does anyone still remember Voltron? It was my first major childhood obsession, other than Space and Books. I was a HUGE Voltron fan. I was always fighting them in my pretend game, because in my imagination, they were always going haywire and attacking innocent people. Even then, delusions of grandeur... 

Massive imaginary epic battles, boy vs robot

I do recognize that I was one heck of a weird kid. Just so we are clear, although what I really think and I say is that I was "creative." I remember I had a love affair for all things Japan, but especially either Godzilla or Voltron. I wish I still had that easy of a devotion toward anything as an adult, as nothing is so simple anymore of course. I mostly wish I could recapture that feeling more easily.

Classic UFOs Sighting Reported
Why do I have a blog on UFOs

Real UFOs Blogger: Flying Saucer Encounter

So I remember it was the middle of the afternoon, still blistering in that Southern sun, but it was also quite warm among the usually cool pine trees. I remember that the shade where I played that day, which was perhaps a few hundred yards within the forest, became suddenly darker.

In my memory, it also became substantially colder, but I think that's more from the chilling memory of the encounter rather than the reality of my senses. I remember I felt a shape over my head and being overcome with a feeling that I couldn't quite express properly back then. I didn't have the vocabulary. I do now: a feeling of absolute dread washed over me.

I was absolutely terrified.

Flying Saucer UFO Sighting

I looked up, and to my young mind there was a giant sting ray flying over my head. That's what I thought at first: a giant flying ray that descended to about 12 feet over my head! Then I realized it was a Flying Saucer or so I thought at the time. It was obviously metal, and it was menacing, or so it felt to me, as the front of the craft was pointed downward - hovering directly over my head only a few feet below it.

Real UFOs: UFO Blogger

The UFO was flat and disc-shaped for the most part, sort of dull or more straight than round on the aft part (or the part that wasn't pointing down at me anyway). It really was quite imposing in its position, and seeing it robbed me of my ability to run. I was too scared by it being so close and seeming to be very interested in me that I could barely even stand. 

UFO over Carrollton, GA, USA

Even more scary: it was completely silent. I remember the odd quiet, and the UFO seemed as big as my morning school bus (at least to my young mind and small body anyway). Hovering in silence over my frightened head did not help it seem any less imposing. 

I remember finally half falling, half sitting on the ground, where I kept staring at it, and what or whomever piloted the craft must have found that dull, because soon after then it slowly spun around 180 degrees and then, in no hurry at all, it flew off and disappeared over the trees.

Scared right to begin a study of UFOs

That experience scared me - BAD. I certainly recall that. I also remember seeing the craft graze the top of a Pine Tree as it left, snapping off the very tip. I think that must have ended the hope whatever part of my little creative (weird) mind hoped I was simply lost in fantasy or something. 

Inspired by a strange afternoon decades ago.

But when I pretended that Voltron was one of the trees, I never lost sense of reality and felt threatened by my silly imaginary games. I called what I saw an alien spaceship that day, and what I do know definitely is this: it was piloted with some sort of purpose by some sort of being, and I was briefly in its sights for some reason. Looking back, I see it that I probably suppressed a lot of the emotional impact of the whole event, as it feels clinical to me as I describe an event that almost made me lose control of my bladder.

Strange but Creative boy: didn't play alone for a while

I feel compelled to admit that my UFO Sighting as a boy may have very well been an American experimental aircraft, and since then I seem to recall coming across a USAF plane in a book that reminded me a whole lot of the Unidentified Flying Object that hovered over my head in the humid Southern Pine Forest back in 1988.

I can't remember if that one I found in that book later had quite the maneuverability that terrorized me back then. I honestly sincerely hope it was a craft piloted by alien beings though, and I feel that way not because of why you might think at first.

UFO Encounter in Carrollton GA

If it was a human aircraft that stopped over my head, then that would mean the pilot of that craft was bullying a small 10 year-old boy in the woods near Carrollton, Georgia. It would mean he was at least uncaring at seeing a kid so shaken that he probably looked like he was quivering while the ship completed whatever it wanted to do over the boy's head.  I don't like to think of that being the case, but of course the experiences of the intervening 24 years have taught me that as wonderful as some people are, there are always enough equally terrible ones to make it all an even wash.

 Real UFOs
A Sunspot on the Surface of our Sun

If it was an alien in a Flying Saucer, then what on Earth was he doing in the backwoods of West Georgia? I wish I had explored more after the encounter. I've been told perhaps I was almost an abductee, but I suppose I wasn't interesting enough to get examined.

I have always had unanswered questions because of that day, though I'm still very cynical and quick to doubt the latest UFO Sightings Video. They're almost all hoaxes made with After Effects on a Mac.

UFO BLOG | Flying Saucer UFO Sighting

I'm still searching for the truth or irrefutable evidence, but the fact is that my motivation stems from that one miserable experience.

So keep your eyes on the skies if you find yourself alone in the woods in GA, and don't take a picture or a video. It's reached the point that I need to see an actual Grey Alien or whatever it is piloting the supposed crafts. So if you have a UFO Sighting land, go clobber one of the pilots and take him prisoner.

Tell him Robert sent you.  

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