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September 27, 2013

Open Call for Writers and Guest Bloggers

Interested in Writing about UFO Sightings, Extraterrestrials or Related Experiences?

Accepting New or Previously Published UFO and ET-related Articles or Blog Posts.
Guest UFO Bloggers
Seeking UFO Bloggers

If you have personal experiences you'd like to share with Extraterrestrial Entities or Beings, or if you are a writer with some interesting opinions on the UFO Phenomenon or related material, then wants YOU!

This is an open call for submissions to the site. Submit any related works to and be sure to include any pictures or videos (links to YouTube videos are fine) you'd like included.  

Please be sure to include links to any credited resources, including a link to your original work if reposting something you've previously written.

Unless you want to be credited anonymously, also include a sentence or small paragraph about you, the author, for inclusion beside your work.

- - -

May 2, 2013

UFO Blog is One of the Top Million Websites of the World

This UFO Blog is Now in the Top Million Websites

2013 UFOs: Search for Real UFOs Blog and the Latest 2013 UFO Sightings

As of May 1, 2013, is in the Top 1 Million websites of the world. Today it's Alexa Rank is 996,000 and is my busiest site by traffic, according to that agency.

The significance? The Alexa Rank of a website isn't really a measure of its quality of course, and a site barely in the top 5,000,000 of the world can be far more profitable and valuable than one in the top 50000 even, as it's all a matter of context and more than anything else: content.

2013: animated gif for 4UFOs Search for Real UFOs

Real UFOs: UFO Blogger

Even with that fact, I have wanted to see 4UFOs in the top million since I started this blog. It's slowly made its way upward in rank as more people find it or link to it, and then when I moved my "Latest 2013 UFO Sightings" blog from it's own Blogger site to a 4UFOs subdomain on the Witness Reports, the traffic began to rapidly climb to around 550-650 page views a day. I'm happy with that progress!  

4UFOs Search for Real UFOs TOOLBAR

Alexa rank is actually only based on the people who visit a certain website who actually use some form of the Alexa Toolbar. Many apps use it as well. If you'd like to help this blog (and others) as well as get notifications of the Latest UFO Sightings reported to MUFON, then download and enjoy the Toolbar (powered by Alexa, of course). I'll put up another Blog entry specifically for the Toolbar next...

Get our toolbar!

2013 UFO Blog

I guess what I really mean to say is "Thank You" to everyone who has visited my site for longer than 30 seconds. I know it's not the most beautiful or significant of UFO Websites, but as I continue to improve, I hope you'll continue to support my efforts.

As always, thank you for visiting my little corner of the Internet,

Robert Hughey

Comments, Questions or Critiques about this UFO Blog or Blogger?

March 14, 2013

A Few UFO Resources Online

UFO Sightings

UFO Resources

Ufologyprss : UFO News 

I'm happy to introduce Ufologyprss to you. Here many sites with great UFO and Paranormal content are aggregated in a very attractive way. It has a simple interface, and I didn't have very much difficulty finding a story to immerse myself in. In fact, I usually struggle the first few minutes I'm on a site. I don't usually bounce anyway, as I tend to figure there is some value here and I just need to find it.

Given my growing selection of UFO-related content and UFO Research, it seemed smart for me to enjoy learning what others in my niche are cultivating and growing. It's all free to enjoy of course, and it's such a pleasure to recommend Ufologyprss to my UFO Website, page and Web 2.0 Visitors, and's original content will be appearing there from now on as well.

and the UFO Sightings G+ Community

This blog is owned and operated by a man who is a very active participant in the discussion, content and overall good vibe in the UFO Sightings Community on Google+ (you're invited - go and join) There are a lot of really interesting discussion posts and some exceptionally good videos of UFOs here as well. Go see Anything's current UFO Sighting post that includes a video that really caught my attention.

That's what the site owner and blogger, Mr. William Miller, has as a real gift: he has been finding some really cool thing, and he's got a good young site that could use some participation and an even larger audience.

February 6, 2013

Controlled Disclosures - the UFO Cover Up (Guest Blog)

Controlled Disclosures of the UFO Cover-Up

By R. R. Stark

Additional Content by UFO Blogger Robert Hughey ()

The Extraterrestrial Agenda

What do the extraterrestrials really want with humanity or our planet in general? And is our government doing something about it? At what cost will they continue to cover up the truth and keep circulating disinformation? What are they hiding?

From UFO Sightings Blogger, R. R. Stark:

- - -

I think the ETs are highly curious about life on Earth, but perhaps they're especially concerned about those dangerous humans that are bent on self- annihilation - especially via thermonuclear war, if not mass toxic chemical mudslinging. Certain humans are suicidal by nature anyway. Does this reflect all of mankind on a subconscious level? I hope not. I think there are just a few bad nuts in the bag.

But will those curious aliens lift a spindly finger to sabotage our self-destruct mechanism, or idly watch us flush ourselves down the toilet? Obviously they think there's no intelligent life down on this third boulder from the Sun. And they're probably right.

UFO Evidence | Real UFO Photo |

The United States UFO Agenda

Otherwise we would have already figured out a way to leave this rock and fly out into space and visit other worlds, just like our alien friends have been doing all along.

Just how prepared are we if we ever come face to face with these aliens? Will the first contact scenario be a highly enlightening experience? Or will it be a trick that leads to an actual alien invasion (as suggested by cheesy movies)? Will we the public ever come in contact with these ETs? Would our government welcome first contact, or would they try to suppress it? If the government is that paranoid and fearful, perhaps they would try to cover it up, not allowing aliens to reveal themselves. For our own good, of course.

In the meantime, we currently have the problem of what to do about the mysterious extraterrestrial and UFO Phenomenon and all those UFOs people are witnessing and reporting, not to mention countless reports on alien abductions, implants, cattle mutilations, etc.

So what is our government doing about all this? I think they're doing what they do best -- or is it worse? -- which is to gather information, then perhaps just sit back and try to put all the puzzle piece together, and keep them all to themselves - no disclosure in the US, at least. I think they're still working on assembling the big picture though. But chances are they probably still know more than the public. And they're not going tell us anything until they're good and ready.

The deepest UFO secrets are allegedly still held by the government and military, so we may know the bare gist of the whole picture. Although a lot of information has been circulated over the decades, how much do we really know? How many secrets have slipped out or been revealed, and how many are still concealed? And how much of this information has been muddled up with lies and deception? Is it possible we have more disinformation than any information on the Real UFOs?

What Makes a Credible UFO Witness

Of course, there have been countless UFO eyewitnesses from civilians and Air Force personnel alike, or other sources, and alien abduction reports, but all this has been suppressed or ridiculed, and then the government slips in a lot of disinformation, muddling up any valuable information. Hiding and confusing the truth is part of the whole cover-up scenario, and so we can't be too sure of what we think we know.

At one time, a big lid had been clamped down on the reality of reverse-engineering alien technology. Now this information is circulating into the public. Col. Philip J. Corso was one of the whistleblowers responsible for getting this information out when he wrote his popular book, The Day after Roswell. But also, reporters were given certain bits of UFO information, but a lot of this ended up in the tabloids, and although many people believe what these pretentious magazines say, a lot of skeptics still reject them.

Full UFO Documentary

Believe me, I'm one of the biggest skeptics of the tabloid magazines! I think it's 99% total bunk! And 1% questionable bunk. On the other hand, perhaps these sensationalist rags are the perfect avenue for the "truth" to be trickled out into the masses, because the government depends on skeptics, while the believers are considered to be crackpots.

But then there are degrees of skepticism. I believe I am right in the middle of the die-hard skeptic and the blindly open-minded. For instance, I believe there are countless UFO hoaxes, and perhaps only a smaller percentage are actual alien spacecraft. I totally disbelieve that President Clinton ever shook the hand of one of those bulb-headed grey aliens as the tabloids once suggested. I completely reject the idea that Men in Black are alien hybrids; I think they're just government agents attempting to silence witnesses of sightings and encounters and Alien abductions.

Also, I emphatically reject the conspiracy theory that the US Moon landings of the Apollo missions were totally falsified, which would mean the history books are blatantly lying if mankind never set foot on the Moon (one small miss-step for man, one giant fallback for mankind!); however, there may have been some staged dramatizations created for our benefit, since some of the footage was highly questionable as to their authenticity. I most definitely believe that certain astronauts did in fact witness UFO sightings during their missions and that the government tried to silence them, allowing none of this information into the public.

Plus I've heard that many NASA photos and footage are not being allowed for public viewing either. What are they hiding? And I highly doubt that the Rapture will involve Jesus coming down in a flying saucer and rescuing us from a lost-cause of a planet.
I can go on and on, but I won't bore you further. I consider myself a healthy skeptic and likewise a rationally open-minded conspiracy nut; hence, maintaining a vague quasi-healthy balance.

But if you still think I'm a crackpot, you have a right to your opinion.

(Adds Robert Hughey: But keep it to yourself, ok? Ain't got no time for Haters.)

In conclusion, the government is obviously covering up a lot of information and activity regarding the potential for 2013 UFO Disclosure, because they're hiding something they don't want us to know about.

The question is: what? And why are they hiding it from us? Why must they inject into the public mainstream a lot of disinformation which only causes confusion and adds to the ongoing UFO cover up?

Obviously the idea of their control over any kind of disclosure actually means there will be no disclosure from the government anytime soon. Something would have to radically change for that to occur. Like a real alien in a real UFO landing on the White House lawn, coming out and shaking the hand of the president. Just like the tabloids suggest!

To conclude, I believe the old saying is true, "Fact is stranger than fiction." But here's a new one: Facts are often concealed by fiction.

Copyright 2006 -2011 by R. R. Stark -- All Rights Reserved

Strange Reports from Zones Unknown can be found at:
Article Source:

UFO Graphic from ""

Further Reading:

Black Triangle UFO Sightings

Black Triangle UFO Sightings

Black Triangle UFO Sightings here on

Classic UFO Photo

UFO Photograph

 UFO Photo 

This classic UFO Photo has always been one of my favorites. I believe it to be the clearest I've ever seen of the classic Flying Saucer UFO Sighting that started the entire UFO Phenomenon in the first place. I found it most recently used in an article on the UK UFO Phenomenon, and I decided to use it as an album cover on Pinterest, where a link to the UK UFO article resides.

Free Domain with 12+ Months of Website Builder

Do you think it would be a worthwhile pursuit to utilize Google Image Search and other tools to track down the full origin of this particular UFO Photo?

My thought is that I could fully research the origins, the photographer, any findings on the validity of the UFO Photograph and any really juicy details about it. Then I would post and share the more interesting details, if there was an interested audience.

January 5, 2013

Is 2013 UFO Disclosure Wishful Thinking?

2013 UFO Disclosure for the United States? Yes?

Maybe if we ask politely, with expressions relative to puppies and babies?

| |
by Robert Hughey (Google+)

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Happy New Year! 
Welcome to the year 2013.

Doesn't that year have an interesting sound to it? I was raised to be somewhat superstituous, with interesting habits such as never washing clothes on New Year's Day (as you could wash a loved one out of your life... well, better safe than sorry, right?). I never really minded numbers though, as numerology just doesn't make any sort of sense to my mind, and the number 13 seems just like most others to me, only special perhaps because it's Prime.

I've updated the UFO Disclosure page here on, so I'd like to direct you there. I'd love any comments or questions regarding what 2013 could mean, or whether or not it will be another year without any sort of UFO Disclosure.

I was recently sent a link to the following video of a news report from last month. Add New Zealand to the list of Commonwealth member nations releasing their UFO Sighting data. That's more disclosed UFO Sightings and Government UFO Investigations than I ever expect from the US Feds.

 Also, for your bookmarks: I have really enjoyed reading the UFO Blog "Ufology Research" written by the Blogger "rutkows", who has been blogging on the subject since 2005. For those interested, his Canadian UFO Survey is impecable and an excellent collection of Canadian UFO-related research, organizations and resources. The Survey is also example of a proper scientific approach to data collection regarding UFO Sightings.

Read about my thoughts on any upcoming revelations or 2013 disclosure here on the page I mentioned.

Or download my UFOs in 2013 article on PDF.  (Right Click and "Save as")

or Download at AtContent:

Thanks for coming by 4UFOs.  It's a pleasure to have you here.

July 31, 2012

Why do I have a blog on Real UFOs?

Why do I have a blog on UFOs?

When I was 10 years old, a Flying Saucer hovered over my head and...

by Robert Hughey ()

UFO Sighting
Quite a Phenomenon... but probably not Aliens

(NOTE: This post answers why I started this blog on UFOs, or at least it answered why I felt I was blogging about the UFO Phenomenon and the Objects in the Sky that are spotted all around the world. Well, it was supposed to anyway.

Avoiding the real root of the question, I instead tell the story of my very first encounter with a UFO when I was 10 years-old. It's a good story, but it's not necessarily the only reason for my fascination with the subject matter, which is simply my interest in the vast mystery, mystique of the Phenomenon. And I must admit to being overcome at times with wishing for an answer to the big question, "What are UFOs?"

I write about UFOs, Metaphysics and the paranormal because of all those reasons combined with the sad truth that it really does seem that there exists people with at least some of the answers to that big question that endeavor to suppress others from finding out what they know, and that bothers me to an extent few other thoughts do. It makes me spitting mad, especially when on top of being treated like we aren't mature or advanced enough to handle some truth, those of us that press and examine the evidence of such matters are ridiculed or, even worse, reduced.

And by "reduced," I am referencing the emotions that initially come from being treated as one who is less sane, less intelligent, less serious or somehow lacking in some special important mental or even spiritual component because of this interest.

Since writing this original entry in 2012, my understanding and questions of the things called UFOs have deepened and expanded in complexity. It couldn't just be a simple answer, now could it? But that's for an entirely different post. What follows here is my story of the very first incident that got me on the first step toward studying Ufology a bit more seriously than the average person. I'm well-read on the subject, but I'm also still young in my study of the Phenomenon, especially compared to colleagues who have endeavored to answer the big questions for years and even decades. I'm very thankful for the attention and readership this blog has achieved (coming up on my 100,000th Page View now, which is humbling). Thank you for coming to, and I appreciate you for reading my words and for caring enough to even be a little curious as to why I write on the Phenomenon of Unknown Flying Objects and try to answer the questions regarding intelligent life other than humankind. Truly: thank you.

 -Robert Hughey

First, My Personally Favorite UFO Video - this is part of a video from NASA itself that was later taken down and disavowed.  This video (only a couple of minutes long) shares the story of NASA's Cover-up Attempt.

My Personal UFO Encounter Story.

Setting: Georgia, USA 1988

I had my first in-person Real UFO Sighting when I was about ten years old. I was playing deep in the forest behind my Aunt's home in Carroll County, GA - about an hour west of where I am sitting to write this for you. I loved visiting there, near but still outside the city. I especially loved the woods behind my aunt's house, where I would frequently go by myself when my mom and I would visit. I was good at being solitary, and during the hottest months which is pretty much every month outside of Winter, the shade of the pine forest was usually a cool place to play.

I would imagine the tallest trees were giant robot lions from Japan. Does anyone still remember Voltron? It was my first major childhood obsession, other than Space and Books. I was a HUGE Voltron fan. I was always fighting them in my pretend game, because in my imagination, they were always going haywire and attacking innocent people. Even then, delusions of grandeur... 

Massive imaginary epic battles, boy vs robot

I do recognize that I was one heck of a weird kid. Just so we are clear, although what I really think and I say is that I was "creative." I remember I had a love affair for all things Japan, but especially either Godzilla or Voltron. I wish I still had that easy of a devotion toward anything as an adult, as nothing is so simple anymore of course. I mostly wish I could recapture that feeling more easily.

Classic UFOs Sighting Reported
Why do I have a blog on UFOs

Real UFOs Blogger: Flying Saucer Encounter

So I remember it was the middle of the afternoon, still blistering in that Southern sun, but it was also quite warm among the usually cool pine trees. I remember that the shade where I played that day, which was perhaps a few hundred yards within the forest, became suddenly darker.

In my memory, it also became substantially colder, but I think that's more from the chilling memory of the encounter rather than the reality of my senses. I remember I felt a shape over my head and being overcome with a feeling that I couldn't quite express properly back then. I didn't have the vocabulary. I do now: a feeling of absolute dread washed over me.

I was absolutely terrified.

Flying Saucer UFO Sighting

I looked up, and to my young mind there was a giant sting ray flying over my head. That's what I thought at first: a giant flying ray that descended to about 12 feet over my head! Then I realized it was a Flying Saucer or so I thought at the time. It was obviously metal, and it was menacing, or so it felt to me, as the front of the craft was pointed downward - hovering directly over my head only a few feet below it.

Real UFOs: UFO Blogger

The UFO was flat and disc-shaped for the most part, sort of dull or more straight than round on the aft part (or the part that wasn't pointing down at me anyway). It really was quite imposing in its position, and seeing it robbed me of my ability to run. I was too scared by it being so close and seeming to be very interested in me that I could barely even stand. 

UFO over Carrollton, GA, USA

Even more scary: it was completely silent. I remember the odd quiet, and the UFO seemed as big as my morning school bus (at least to my young mind and small body anyway). Hovering in silence over my frightened head did not help it seem any less imposing. 

I remember finally half falling, half sitting on the ground, where I kept staring at it, and what or whomever piloted the craft must have found that dull, because soon after then it slowly spun around 180 degrees and then, in no hurry at all, it flew off and disappeared over the trees.

Scared right to begin a study of UFOs

That experience scared me - BAD. I certainly recall that. I also remember seeing the craft graze the top of a Pine Tree as it left, snapping off the very tip. I think that must have ended the hope whatever part of my little creative (weird) mind hoped I was simply lost in fantasy or something. 

Inspired by a strange afternoon decades ago.

But when I pretended that Voltron was one of the trees, I never lost sense of reality and felt threatened by my silly imaginary games. I called what I saw an alien spaceship that day, and what I do know definitely is this: it was piloted with some sort of purpose by some sort of being, and I was briefly in its sights for some reason. Looking back, I see it that I probably suppressed a lot of the emotional impact of the whole event, as it feels clinical to me as I describe an event that almost made me lose control of my bladder.

Strange but Creative boy: didn't play alone for a while

I feel compelled to admit that my UFO Sighting as a boy may have very well been an American experimental aircraft, and since then I seem to recall coming across a USAF plane in a book that reminded me a whole lot of the Unidentified Flying Object that hovered over my head in the humid Southern Pine Forest back in 1988.

I can't remember if that one I found in that book later had quite the maneuverability that terrorized me back then. I honestly sincerely hope it was a craft piloted by alien beings though, and I feel that way not because of why you might think at first.

UFO Encounter in Carrollton GA

If it was a human aircraft that stopped over my head, then that would mean the pilot of that craft was bullying a small 10 year-old boy in the woods near Carrollton, Georgia. It would mean he was at least uncaring at seeing a kid so shaken that he probably looked like he was quivering while the ship completed whatever it wanted to do over the boy's head.  I don't like to think of that being the case, but of course the experiences of the intervening 24 years have taught me that as wonderful as some people are, there are always enough equally terrible ones to make it all an even wash.

 Real UFOs
A Sunspot on the Surface of our Sun

If it was an alien in a Flying Saucer, then what on Earth was he doing in the backwoods of West Georgia? I wish I had explored more after the encounter. I've been told perhaps I was almost an abductee, but I suppose I wasn't interesting enough to get examined.

I have always had unanswered questions because of that day, though I'm still very cynical and quick to doubt the latest UFO Sightings Video. They're almost all hoaxes made with After Effects on a Mac.

UFO BLOG | Flying Saucer UFO Sighting

I'm still searching for the truth or irrefutable evidence, but the fact is that my motivation stems from that one miserable experience.

So keep your eyes on the skies if you find yourself alone in the woods in GA, and don't take a picture or a video. It's reached the point that I need to see an actual Grey Alien or whatever it is piloting the supposed crafts. So if you have a UFO Sighting land, go clobber one of the pilots and take him prisoner.

Tell him Robert sent you.  

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July 29, 2012

Latest UFO Sightings in the UK - Far from this UFO Blog

UFO Sighting over a ship
Real or Hoax, over Oil Ship?

Latest UFO Sightings in the UK


by Robert Hughey (Google+)

The Latest UFO Sightings have really been on the mind. More than usual I suppose I should say.
Why? Because of the London Olympics of Course!

Did you know that UFO Sightings were up almost 200% this past week before the Opening Ceremony? Well, only if you in fact lived in the UK. There were supposedly more UFOs than usual, so I did a little research and learned two things. Unfortunately, my understanding is that Recent UFO Sightings that end up being hoaxes and lies are also on the rise. Other than that, while the government officially says it has no proof that Earth has ever or could ever be visited by extraterrestrials.

That's not the story in the UK and throughout much of Europe.

How nice it must be to have your leaders act as though you're capable of your own mature thought sometimes.

But I apologize. I am so ready for UFO Disclosure in 2012, and I still have hope, but I get frustrated so easily when it seems like the people in power seem to pat the populace on the head like a mentally difficient one-eyed stray dog. "There, there, Roxy. You're a good girl, but you sure do stink."

I have been living here at my computer this for the past week. For the first time in a long time, I have a piece of fiction that feels like it is just writing itself with my fingers. And given that inspiration is a little rare for me, I knew I had to outline as much of the story as I could. Now let me tell you: writing 25 pages of single-spaced content in one 14 hour binge is probably one of the most exhilerating feelings any creative writer could possibly have. I found I was almost out of ink in my printer, so I actually drove to the store, bought more ink, and then rushed back to print it for no greater reason that I wanted to go sit down and read the twelve thousand words I had produced in a day. My back was killing me, and there was no way I wanted to look here at my UFO Blog for while, but I was thrilled at what I threw down that day.

And it's still going well. Very well indeed. I guess this was a tale that was ready to be born into the world, as I have no explanation for how I'm able to write this book with no resistance whatsoever. I'm hoping to secure funding to have professional editing, production and marketing, as I want it to be the absolute best it can be. If I only want to self-publish with my company, HUGHEY ENDEAVORS, INC. and I want to try and use the best in the business, then I have quite a bit of money to raise. I believe I will be successful though. It'll be nice to see, as I think asking for crowd sourcing will be incredibly motivating. And of course anyone who donates just a little bit will get a digital copy at the very least for free. It'll be a nice project to do when I'm not here on the UFO Blog or stretching my sore back after another marathon on the novel.

I would say this should this must be a UFO Sighting
Artist's rendering of a Solar Flare (CME)

I love the concept of building a reader base while my readers, who I have to write an entreaty to first, have to decide to make the investment to help me actually complete the project.  So it will truly be a book of the 21st Century.  That's innovative and different, and that aspect alone appeals to every part of me. It instills a real sense of responsibility about the quality of what I am writing, and I haven't even started on the website yet. I find my book to be exciting though, even powerful, and I'm proud of my first novel already while it's only in its infancy. I have never felt that way about something I've written before.

I've had to give it a close deadline though, as part of the setting involves the possible End-of-the-Age on Dec 21, 2012. That means it certainly needs to be out before that date since then the questions it asks will be quite pressing. I would think I need to have it out in earliest November 2012.

Just in case the world does end. 

I mean, I could at least feel proud I finished an important goal of mine before the sky figuratively falls on us all.

I'll have more details on my novel after I finish writing up the very last bit of the initial outline and freewrite, and after I decide where I want to publish it and crowdsource. Yeah, I like the way that sounds - "where I want to publish it." That sits just fine with me.

There's many possibilities, and I feel there's never anything wrong with setting a goal and trying all my best to attain it.  It's going to be an epic tale though, and I really do want to write a tale that people enjoy, so I look forward to trying to convince people to purchase it before I'm even done writing it.

So it had better be more than simply "good," don't you agree? haha...


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July 16, 2012

An interesting UFO Discussion Video

Interesting UFO-related Video 

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

UFO over Passoria, New Jersey, UFO-related, Ancient Aliens, UFO alien theory, Earth-centric, Astronomy, ancient mankind, latest UFO sightings, UFO Video, UFO Proof
Mid-20th Century photo of supposed Flying Saucer over New Jersey, USA

Now, what I don't like about this UFO Sightings video is what I call the "logic leap." There's a leap of logic to automatically assume that just because Ancient mankind had some inkling of understanding of Astronomy that the only way they got this information was through the intervention of Ancient Aliens. I do love writing this UFO Blog.

July 3, 2012

World UFO Day 2012 and 65th Anniversary of the Roswell, NM Incident

Latest UFO Sightings 2012,  UFOS, UFO VIdeos, Planet Earth, UFO Sightings Blog, World UFO Day, Real UFO Footage, Latest Sightings
NASA image of our Beautiful Planet Earth - no Nibiru 2012 yet!

World UFO Day 2012

by Robert Hughey

(Follow me On Google+

Well, this will probably be posted the day after World UFO Day, but what more can you expect from a busy young Blogger always scouting the latest UFO sightings (and seeking UFO Disclosure) such as myself? This post was started on World UFO Day, and it will probably still be before midnight on the US West Coast when the Latest UFO Sightings Blog is finally up for World UFO Day: and that is what counts to me. At least.

So what does it mean to have an entire day for the world to examine the UFO Phenomenon?

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