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May 5, 2013

UFO Glossary

#UFOSightings #UFOs #UFO #2013UFOs UFO Glossary:

Flying Saucer UFAF UFO
USAF Flying Saucer


UFO Glossary and UFO News

This is the UFO Glossary:

 UFO Definition - Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

Key Words in Ufology and the study and research of UFOs and the UFO Phenomenon.

November 23, 2012

Updated KGB Grey Alien Page

4UFOs: Search for Real UFOs: Grey Alien filmed by KGB UFO

*We UPDATED the Grey Alien PAGE = March 2014*
At the Launch: the last flight of the Space Shuttle Endeavor

This is my recently updated page on Grey Aliens, particularly a video I am just enamored with "Skinny Bob," who is a Grey Alien supposedly captured by the Russian KGB and Space Agency in the middle of the 20th Century. The mythos is that film of the arrival of some Grey Aliens had been taken even though a strict Treaty between the Grey Aliens and the Russian KGB had agreed there would be no footage taken of them when they arrived for negotiations.
Fierce Mars, Home to ?

Why would such an agreement be in place between the Soviets and the Grey Aliens?

My own intuition makes me feel like if I was to write a story with this being the main plot and storyline as told by Extraterrestrial Intelligence regarding their observations of Earth and her inhabitants. The motivation for the Grey's actions and attitudes had to be one of a need to protect their diplomatic relationships with the other nations of the world - those that might not ally with the current political philosophy of the then Soviet Union (USSR).

Namely, when I try to let my mind find a solution, it always wonders to the same thought: the Greys had to try to prevent the United States and her allys from knowing that the agreements they had been making secretly with the US were not unique at all.
Dreams of a Future with Science and Power

What Did the Greys Resort Buy? 

Why? Honestly, my guess is that the biggest reasons for such actions were to manipulate both sides into a state of Peace. I feel if they wanted the opposite of Peace, then any advanced space-traveling culture would have the tech to simply wipe us off the face of the planet.

The cold war was one long series of manipulations based on patriotism, fear, pride and it's only the end of that warmongering time when Peace starts to become more attainable and war, though not gone forever, is beginning to get smaller and more localized away from the largest UFO Super Powers.

No, not Superman, nor the X-men.

I mean us, of course. I like to imagine all these types of potentialities for what the answer to a quandary is, but I tell you what: while it may be true that we've been manipulated on such staggering scale only for our own benefit, it is also likely that the simplest explanation wins every time. Always.
The Horse head Nebular in Nearby Space


What about Bob?

And then there's the matter of sweet faced "Skinny Bob." The UFO Footage and UFOs on Video are interesting, but nothing quite grabs my attention and keeps it like that of the almost kind-expressions on the face of that Grey Alien.

Grey Alien Alternative Motivations:

  • Only to Harass Mankind
  • For Sport, like in the Predator Movies
  • To Worshiped as Grey-Skinned Gods
  • Any other Xenophobic Nonsense better suited to Television

As the alternative is that the Grey Aliens have been here for so long to only harass us, change us or other irrational xenophobic fears that are simply attitudes to be held in check until we finally do meet a Grey Alien's family face to face.

And if such a time occours soon, I'm going to sieze that little Grey Alien kid's neck, give him a huge hug, then scramble out the nearest escape route, all while screaming out "Whatever you do, don't read a single word of 50 Shades of Grey. I mean it. It's not about you." 

 Yes, I did just objectify Grey Aliens or other UFO Visitors in a very adult manner. You're welcome for that mental image.
UFO Studies

You can see the Grey Alien KGB Video and go over the entire updated UFO Aliens | Grey Alien Page for the rest of the intriguing strory and, as always here at - it's captivating but also sincerely one hell of a strange story.

September 16, 2012

Robertson Panel an Condon Report - from a History of UFOs -

From a History of UFOs
UFOs are Real
Probably some CIA in there...

The Robertson Panel and the Condon Report

An American obsession with the UFO phenomenon was under way. In the hot summer of 1952 a provocative series of radar and visual sightings occurred near National Airport in Washington, D.C. Although these events were attributed to temperature inversions in the air over the city, not everyone was convinced by this explanation. Meanwhile, the number of UFO reports had climbed to a record high. This led the Central Intelligence Agency to prompt the U.S. government to establish an expert panel of scientists to investigate the phenomena.

The panel was headed by H.P. Robertson, a physicist at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, Calif., and included other physicists, an astronomer, and a rocket engineer. The Robertson Panel met for three days in 1953 and interviewed military officers and the head of Project Blue Book. They also reviewed films and photographs of UFOs. Their conclusions were that (1) 90 percent of the sightings could be easily attributed to astronomical and meteorologic phenomena (e.g., bright planets and stars, meteors, auroras, ion clouds) or to such earthly objects as aircraft, balloons, birds, and searchlights, (2) there was no obvious security threat, and (3) there was no evidence to support the ETH. Parts of the panel's report were kept classified until 1979, and this long period of secrecy helped fuel suspicions of a government cover-up.

A second committee was set up in 1966 at the request of the Air Force to review the most interesting material gathered by Project Blue Book. Two years later this committee, which made a detailed study of 59 UFO sightings, released its results as Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects—also known as the Condon Report, named for Edward U. Condon, the physicist who headed the investigation. The Condon Report was reviewed by a special committee of the National Academy of Sciences. A total of 37 scientists wrote chapters or parts of chapters for the report, which covered investigations of the 59 UFO sightings in detail.
Like the Robertson Panel, the committee concluded that there was no evidence of anything other than commonplace phenomena in the reports and that UFOs did not warrant further investigation.
This, together with a decline in sighting activity, led to the dismantling of Project Blue Book in 1969.
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