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September 25, 2015

(Video Bundle) Real UFOs and Extraterrestrials

Real UFOs and Extraterrestrials

Collection of Real UFO Videos:

"No Fakes Here. Only collecting those images of Real UFOs and Extraterrestrials that capture the imagination and defy explanation. Real Alien Footage?"

March 23, 2015

Full UFO Disclosure Video


(post from Facebook Page )

Disclosure of UFOs ETs Alien Information
Full Disclosure?

  In my opinion, the following video amounts to "Full Disclosure" in the sense that it proves the UFO Phenomenon is not "fake" or something set aside for "kooks" or those who watch too much Science Fiction and want it to be real (all statements I've been accused of for owning this website). It is that this is a real Phenomenaon and, more than that, it's an utterly complicated subject that, at least here in the USA, is not discussed because of the errors of our Government. It would be bad policy, in their opinion, to attempt to explain the errors or decisions of our government of the distant past (35+ years is distant for our Democracy) in the sense that there really is no one to hold accountable...

...which is the perfect time for Disclosure, which is why I believe 2015-2017 is the yearspan for USA UFO Disclosure. My belief and understanding is that the ones whom are "The Gods," or put another way, the Creators of Life on this world whom are millions and, in fact, billions of years ahead of mankind in technology and experience, have isssued an edict that human governments must prepare for Disclosure.

The fact of the matter is that Disclosure is a PERSONAL MATTER.  That's why those of us who are interested in the subject will learn about their own ET relatives and heritage. First off, all humans on Earth have ET relatives. Truly. That's a real thing. And for each one of us, our heritage is different.  it's because of what we truly are and what this world is truly used for.....  it's really quit3e beautiful and is an instrument for Peace in the Universe, ultimately.  Even with our wars and rumors of wars, we're a great hope for peace in the Universe, given that humans, nations, peoples and "tribes" of mankind represnent entire star empires in the Universe. It's representational or symbolic. That's the purpose of the Creation that surrounds you.

But the big deal of UFO Disclosure is to announce to the world that yes, we are onstantly interacting and surveiled, assisted and engaged by Intelligent Life outside of what we understand as "US." There are extraterrestrial intelligences, there are extraterrestrial humans and nonhumans, humanoids and nonhumanoids. There are interdimensional intelligentce, some whom would be very familiar to us, some actually ARE us parallel to our current lives, and some are so "alien" we would never understand them without interpretation and multidimensional support. Some are "metaterrestrial," which is a big deal and something I should probably write a book on.

May 5, 2013

UFO Glossary

#UFOSightings #UFOs #UFO #2013UFOs UFO Glossary:

Flying Saucer UFAF UFO
USAF Flying Saucer


UFO Glossary and UFO News

This is the UFO Glossary:

 UFO Definition - Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

Key Words in Ufology and the study and research of UFOs and the UFO Phenomenon.

May 2, 2013

UFO Blog is One of the Top Million Websites of the World

This UFO Blog is Now in the Top Million Websites

2013 UFOs: Search for Real UFOs Blog and the Latest 2013 UFO Sightings

As of May 1, 2013, is in the Top 1 Million websites of the world. Today it's Alexa Rank is 996,000 and is my busiest site by traffic, according to that agency.

The significance? The Alexa Rank of a website isn't really a measure of its quality of course, and a site barely in the top 5,000,000 of the world can be far more profitable and valuable than one in the top 50000 even, as it's all a matter of context and more than anything else: content.

2013: animated gif for 4UFOs Search for Real UFOs

Real UFOs: UFO Blogger

Even with that fact, I have wanted to see 4UFOs in the top million since I started this blog. It's slowly made its way upward in rank as more people find it or link to it, and then when I moved my "Latest 2013 UFO Sightings" blog from it's own Blogger site to a 4UFOs subdomain on the Witness Reports, the traffic began to rapidly climb to around 550-650 page views a day. I'm happy with that progress!  

4UFOs Search for Real UFOs TOOLBAR

Alexa rank is actually only based on the people who visit a certain website who actually use some form of the Alexa Toolbar. Many apps use it as well. If you'd like to help this blog (and others) as well as get notifications of the Latest UFO Sightings reported to MUFON, then download and enjoy the Toolbar (powered by Alexa, of course). I'll put up another Blog entry specifically for the Toolbar next...

Get our toolbar!

2013 UFO Blog

I guess what I really mean to say is "Thank You" to everyone who has visited my site for longer than 30 seconds. I know it's not the most beautiful or significant of UFO Websites, but as I continue to improve, I hope you'll continue to support my efforts.

As always, thank you for visiting my little corner of the Internet,

Robert Hughey

Comments, Questions or Critiques about this UFO Blog or Blogger?

October 27, 2012

Smithsonian UFO Revelation 2013 UFO Disclosure

"UFOs are real, and it is a global phenomenon -- not something that just happens in the U.S. We need to make it permissible for scientists to discuss and research these topics."
--Ret. Army Col. John Alexander,        

***UPDATED for 2013***

Area 51 UFO Secrets Revealed by Smithsonian Institution's National Atomic Testing Museum:
Las Vegas, Nevada

by Robert Hughey (Google+

Smithsonian UFOs |Atomic Testing Museum

Television News Broadcast of UFO Revelations at the Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas, NV (UFO Disclosure)

(PLEASE NOTE: is in no way affiliated or endorsed by the Smithsonian Institute or the Atomic Testing Museum of Las Vegas, Nevada.)

Area 51 Revelation: Smithsonian UFO

Full Update: From the Las Vegas Sun (Article at LasVegasSun)
by Robin Leach (contact information)

This is excerpts from the amazing article by Robin Leach of the Las Vegas Sun, titled: "UFO military secrets revealed, but revelations spark more questions"
English: Exterior of the Atomic Testing Museum, Las Vegas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
"The U.S. government has been accused of a long-running, massive cover-up of a secret agency that solely deals with evidence and information about UFOs and alien visitors, and the claim comes from several high-ranking military officers and a British secret agent who all gathered here over the weekend."
More after the break. Select "read more" below.

October 24, 2012

Mars Curiosity UFO Videos 2013-HD *UPDATED 10/23/12*

Mars Curiosity UFO Videos 2012 -in HD

*UPDATED* October 23, 2012

UFO Nachtaufnahme, Todays UFO Videos, UFOs
UFO Nachtaufnahme
(Photo credit: Wikimedia)
The Mars Curiosity Rover has sent over some strange UFO video footage form across our Solar System, let me show you some of the footage that I find most provocative. Martian UFOs are unlikely, but then again - perhaps extrasolar visitors are entranced at Mankind's latest leap across the Solar System.
In Search for Real ufo Sightings,
even on Mars

First, glance at the album cover from "You Are Here" by UFO (the band).
It does sort of look like they're on another planet, doesn't it?
Curiosity Rover UFO Videos are embedded below. Click the picture to go listen to the album on Enjoy.

You Are Here (UFO album)
You Are Here (UFO album) 

On to the Videos!

How We Can Make Mars a Habitable Planet

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4 UFOs Caught by Curiosity? 2012 HD

Well, the video's name certainly caught my attention,
as this is, right?

Four objects caught by the Mars Curiosity Rover are strange but questionable. It's difficult to make out on the original footage so the video editor decides to use a few filters to highlight  these four UFOs - literally these 4 unidentified flying objects. What do you think they were? Dust near the camera?  Moisture?

Did Mars Curiosity find proof of UFOs all the way over there on Mars?

UFOs Return To Mars 2012 HD

Visit our directory at  The largest list of paranormal sites on the internet.

And finally, after the jump...
The most important Mars Curiosity
UFO Video Footage of All-Time!

Check out what Mars Curiosity found first thing:

The Mars Curiosity UFO Video

Evidence that the US Government, particularly NASA itself
does not want you to see more than all the rest!

October 6, 2012

September 28, 2012

New reports describe UFOs near Montana Malmstrom Air Force Base

Latest UFO Sighting, UFO-related Content:

Unidentified Flying Objects continue to be reported near Malmstrom Air Force Base over Montana skies, according to information from two new cases released from the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC).Malmstrom Air Force Base is located near...

via Roger Marsh's feed

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September 16, 2012

Robertson Panel an Condon Report - from a History of UFOs -

From a History of UFOs
UFOs are Real
Probably some CIA in there...

The Robertson Panel and the Condon Report

An American obsession with the UFO phenomenon was under way. In the hot summer of 1952 a provocative series of radar and visual sightings occurred near National Airport in Washington, D.C. Although these events were attributed to temperature inversions in the air over the city, not everyone was convinced by this explanation. Meanwhile, the number of UFO reports had climbed to a record high. This led the Central Intelligence Agency to prompt the U.S. government to establish an expert panel of scientists to investigate the phenomena.

The panel was headed by H.P. Robertson, a physicist at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, Calif., and included other physicists, an astronomer, and a rocket engineer. The Robertson Panel met for three days in 1953 and interviewed military officers and the head of Project Blue Book. They also reviewed films and photographs of UFOs. Their conclusions were that (1) 90 percent of the sightings could be easily attributed to astronomical and meteorologic phenomena (e.g., bright planets and stars, meteors, auroras, ion clouds) or to such earthly objects as aircraft, balloons, birds, and searchlights, (2) there was no obvious security threat, and (3) there was no evidence to support the ETH. Parts of the panel's report were kept classified until 1979, and this long period of secrecy helped fuel suspicions of a government cover-up.

A second committee was set up in 1966 at the request of the Air Force to review the most interesting material gathered by Project Blue Book. Two years later this committee, which made a detailed study of 59 UFO sightings, released its results as Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects—also known as the Condon Report, named for Edward U. Condon, the physicist who headed the investigation. The Condon Report was reviewed by a special committee of the National Academy of Sciences. A total of 37 scientists wrote chapters or parts of chapters for the report, which covered investigations of the 59 UFO sightings in detail.
Like the Robertson Panel, the committee concluded that there was no evidence of anything other than commonplace phenomena in the reports and that UFOs did not warrant further investigation.
This, together with a decline in sighting activity, led to the dismantling of Project Blue Book in 1969.
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September 8, 2012

Real UFOs and Mistaken Identity

Astronomy Photo of a Mysterious planet
What are Real UFO Sightings?

Where are the Real UFOs?

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

Most people think of one thing when they hear the term "UFO." They think of flying saucers, little green men or even grey aliens, or they at least think of otherworldly aircraft piloted by extra terrestrial intelligent beings.

So exactly is the "UFO Phenomenon" anyway?

Real UFO Sightings

According to MUFON, the Mututal UFO Network, the vast majority of reported UFO Sightings are easily classified or identified with a little legwork.

Most Unidentified Flying Objects are cases of mistaken identity.
So what is mistakenly assumed to be Real UFO, or rather: an alien spacecraft?

Most UFO Sightings can be categorized as the following:

  • Terrestrial or man made aircraft lead the pack, as many experimental or still-classified aircraft have been long mistaken as real UFOs over the years, and in the case of the US Air force, when questioned about these craft the official stance is always one of non-disclosure as long as the craft in question is still considered Top Secret.
    An excellent example is the story of the Stealth Bomber (as most of the USAF Stealth aircraft were the culprit in a great many reported UFO Sightings over the years)

    A gorgeous B-2 Spirit soars in the clouds
    A B-2 Spirit soars 

  • Atmospheric phenomena: Such as Lenticular Clouds.  The Latest UFO Sighting near my home in Atlanta was cloud related: extraordinary clouds truly, but still they were simply some beautiful but still quite natural atmospheric occurrences.
  • Stellar or Solar System Phenomena...of which our own moon is frequently mistaken to be a UFO more than you might imagine.

    Other than that, many stars in recognizable constellations confuse easily if the UFO reporter is not familiar with what are normal star patterns.

  • UFO Sightings that are unfortunate fabrications or outright hoaxes. These may be as many as 10% of all reported sightings.
Further details: Excellent resources for the scientific study of the UFO Phenomenon.

Unidentified Flying Objects still Unidentified

With upward of 95% of reported UFO Sightings classified or finally identified, what about the UFOs that are labeled "unknown" or as yet "unidentified?"

These are the Real UFOs that have my attention. These are the glowing balls of light, the shiny discs caught by amateur photographer or videographers around the world. These are the types of sightings that have created the UFO Phenomenon and what drive sites like the one you find yourself on right now.

UFO Field Investigator in-Training

Over the coming months, I have the choice to be taking the necessary steps to get certified by the Mutual UFO Network as a Field Investigator. If I do this, I can become a Ufologist, as many like to call those interested in UFO Sightings. My own interest has always been in the more scientific or evidence-based side of the UFO Phenomenon, and I do believe I want to have the tools and understanding to get to the bottom of the ever-rising tide of UFO reports.

I am unsure though. My professional interests have me all over the place, as I'm looking to Crowdfund some projects (both for myself and for others). I have a unique connection to a production company in south GA, so making the videos and promotion materials will be helpful to artists, writers or musicians (or other creatives) who may be hesitant about making the video.

Thoughts? Basically, it's like I'm having to choose between going to "UFO U" or be innovative and jump into an industry head-first to see where I land.


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August 7, 2012

UFO Disclosure in 2012

A Lenticular Cloud is shaped like a flying saucer real ufo, but it is still a cloud. Thank you for reading or listening to my site. My name is Robert Hughey and this is
Lenticular cloud (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is UFO Disclosure in 2012 Happening Soon?
by Robert Hughey

2012 is almost 3/4 of the way through. Is this year ending up like you expected? Particularly, were you expecting proof of Alien Visitors in 2012? It may still end up as wishful thinking. Let's explore this further...

*Pst*!! Do you have a blog? Use these ads for $$$.

Planet X Nibiru -
When was it supposed to fly by in 2012?

Many believed that the year 2012 had some very interesting surprises in store for humanity. Some have felt that the latest UFO Sightings would lead to governments such as in the United States to lead to UFO Disclosure. 

Fata Morgana is a mirage - not a UFO Sighting UFO Blog
English: Fata Morgana (mirage) of islands (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nibiru - Planet X

I read that the great Planet X, also known as Nibiru, was supposed to be revealed by May 2012 and that the rest of humanity would feel its powers by the middle of the Summer.
Apparently Nibiru itself forget to get that memo, as it never did show its fiery red face. Sorry, no Nibiru 2012 Apocalyptic Fires. This is a good thing.


Then there is the great UFO Disclosure of 2012. I personally wish the United States government would finally release its untold riches of information on UFOs, as most of the European nations have already done. The official US stance is still to disavow any knowledge of UFOs.

Even with the latest UFO sightings, which are continuous as always, the American government still maintains there is no proof of any life outside of Earth or our own little part of the solar system.

I find that ridiculous, don't you? There are so many UFO Sightings throughout the entire world, but the US still won't even recognize them officially. Ask a pilot or anyone affiliated with dealing with manned aircraft about UFO Evidence, and what's the typical answer? "We're told to just ignore them."

What's that all about? This UFO Blogger want to know.
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July 31, 2012

Why do I have a blog on Real UFOs?

Why do I have a blog on UFOs?

When I was 10 years old, a Flying Saucer hovered over my head and...

by Robert Hughey ()

UFO Sighting
Quite a Phenomenon... but probably not Aliens

(NOTE: This post answers why I started this blog on UFOs, or at least it answered why I felt I was blogging about the UFO Phenomenon and the Objects in the Sky that are spotted all around the world. Well, it was supposed to anyway.

Avoiding the real root of the question, I instead tell the story of my very first encounter with a UFO when I was 10 years-old. It's a good story, but it's not necessarily the only reason for my fascination with the subject matter, which is simply my interest in the vast mystery, mystique of the Phenomenon. And I must admit to being overcome at times with wishing for an answer to the big question, "What are UFOs?"

I write about UFOs, Metaphysics and the paranormal because of all those reasons combined with the sad truth that it really does seem that there exists people with at least some of the answers to that big question that endeavor to suppress others from finding out what they know, and that bothers me to an extent few other thoughts do. It makes me spitting mad, especially when on top of being treated like we aren't mature or advanced enough to handle some truth, those of us that press and examine the evidence of such matters are ridiculed or, even worse, reduced.

And by "reduced," I am referencing the emotions that initially come from being treated as one who is less sane, less intelligent, less serious or somehow lacking in some special important mental or even spiritual component because of this interest.

Since writing this original entry in 2012, my understanding and questions of the things called UFOs have deepened and expanded in complexity. It couldn't just be a simple answer, now could it? But that's for an entirely different post. What follows here is my story of the very first incident that got me on the first step toward studying Ufology a bit more seriously than the average person. I'm well-read on the subject, but I'm also still young in my study of the Phenomenon, especially compared to colleagues who have endeavored to answer the big questions for years and even decades. I'm very thankful for the attention and readership this blog has achieved (coming up on my 100,000th Page View now, which is humbling). Thank you for coming to, and I appreciate you for reading my words and for caring enough to even be a little curious as to why I write on the Phenomenon of Unknown Flying Objects and try to answer the questions regarding intelligent life other than humankind. Truly: thank you.

 -Robert Hughey

First, My Personally Favorite UFO Video - this is part of a video from NASA itself that was later taken down and disavowed.  This video (only a couple of minutes long) shares the story of NASA's Cover-up Attempt.

My Personal UFO Encounter Story.

Setting: Georgia, USA 1988

I had my first in-person Real UFO Sighting when I was about ten years old. I was playing deep in the forest behind my Aunt's home in Carroll County, GA - about an hour west of where I am sitting to write this for you. I loved visiting there, near but still outside the city. I especially loved the woods behind my aunt's house, where I would frequently go by myself when my mom and I would visit. I was good at being solitary, and during the hottest months which is pretty much every month outside of Winter, the shade of the pine forest was usually a cool place to play.

I would imagine the tallest trees were giant robot lions from Japan. Does anyone still remember Voltron? It was my first major childhood obsession, other than Space and Books. I was a HUGE Voltron fan. I was always fighting them in my pretend game, because in my imagination, they were always going haywire and attacking innocent people. Even then, delusions of grandeur... 

Massive imaginary epic battles, boy vs robot

I do recognize that I was one heck of a weird kid. Just so we are clear, although what I really think and I say is that I was "creative." I remember I had a love affair for all things Japan, but especially either Godzilla or Voltron. I wish I still had that easy of a devotion toward anything as an adult, as nothing is so simple anymore of course. I mostly wish I could recapture that feeling more easily.

Classic UFOs Sighting Reported
Why do I have a blog on UFOs

Real UFOs Blogger: Flying Saucer Encounter

So I remember it was the middle of the afternoon, still blistering in that Southern sun, but it was also quite warm among the usually cool pine trees. I remember that the shade where I played that day, which was perhaps a few hundred yards within the forest, became suddenly darker.

In my memory, it also became substantially colder, but I think that's more from the chilling memory of the encounter rather than the reality of my senses. I remember I felt a shape over my head and being overcome with a feeling that I couldn't quite express properly back then. I didn't have the vocabulary. I do now: a feeling of absolute dread washed over me.

I was absolutely terrified.

Flying Saucer UFO Sighting

I looked up, and to my young mind there was a giant sting ray flying over my head. That's what I thought at first: a giant flying ray that descended to about 12 feet over my head! Then I realized it was a Flying Saucer or so I thought at the time. It was obviously metal, and it was menacing, or so it felt to me, as the front of the craft was pointed downward - hovering directly over my head only a few feet below it.

Real UFOs: UFO Blogger

The UFO was flat and disc-shaped for the most part, sort of dull or more straight than round on the aft part (or the part that wasn't pointing down at me anyway). It really was quite imposing in its position, and seeing it robbed me of my ability to run. I was too scared by it being so close and seeming to be very interested in me that I could barely even stand. 

UFO over Carrollton, GA, USA

Even more scary: it was completely silent. I remember the odd quiet, and the UFO seemed as big as my morning school bus (at least to my young mind and small body anyway). Hovering in silence over my frightened head did not help it seem any less imposing. 

I remember finally half falling, half sitting on the ground, where I kept staring at it, and what or whomever piloted the craft must have found that dull, because soon after then it slowly spun around 180 degrees and then, in no hurry at all, it flew off and disappeared over the trees.

Scared right to begin a study of UFOs

That experience scared me - BAD. I certainly recall that. I also remember seeing the craft graze the top of a Pine Tree as it left, snapping off the very tip. I think that must have ended the hope whatever part of my little creative (weird) mind hoped I was simply lost in fantasy or something. 

Inspired by a strange afternoon decades ago.

But when I pretended that Voltron was one of the trees, I never lost sense of reality and felt threatened by my silly imaginary games. I called what I saw an alien spaceship that day, and what I do know definitely is this: it was piloted with some sort of purpose by some sort of being, and I was briefly in its sights for some reason. Looking back, I see it that I probably suppressed a lot of the emotional impact of the whole event, as it feels clinical to me as I describe an event that almost made me lose control of my bladder.

Strange but Creative boy: didn't play alone for a while

I feel compelled to admit that my UFO Sighting as a boy may have very well been an American experimental aircraft, and since then I seem to recall coming across a USAF plane in a book that reminded me a whole lot of the Unidentified Flying Object that hovered over my head in the humid Southern Pine Forest back in 1988.

I can't remember if that one I found in that book later had quite the maneuverability that terrorized me back then. I honestly sincerely hope it was a craft piloted by alien beings though, and I feel that way not because of why you might think at first.

UFO Encounter in Carrollton GA

If it was a human aircraft that stopped over my head, then that would mean the pilot of that craft was bullying a small 10 year-old boy in the woods near Carrollton, Georgia. It would mean he was at least uncaring at seeing a kid so shaken that he probably looked like he was quivering while the ship completed whatever it wanted to do over the boy's head.  I don't like to think of that being the case, but of course the experiences of the intervening 24 years have taught me that as wonderful as some people are, there are always enough equally terrible ones to make it all an even wash.

 Real UFOs
A Sunspot on the Surface of our Sun

If it was an alien in a Flying Saucer, then what on Earth was he doing in the backwoods of West Georgia? I wish I had explored more after the encounter. I've been told perhaps I was almost an abductee, but I suppose I wasn't interesting enough to get examined.

I have always had unanswered questions because of that day, though I'm still very cynical and quick to doubt the latest UFO Sightings Video. They're almost all hoaxes made with After Effects on a Mac.

UFO BLOG | Flying Saucer UFO Sighting

I'm still searching for the truth or irrefutable evidence, but the fact is that my motivation stems from that one miserable experience.

So keep your eyes on the skies if you find yourself alone in the woods in GA, and don't take a picture or a video. It's reached the point that I need to see an actual Grey Alien or whatever it is piloting the supposed crafts. So if you have a UFO Sighting land, go clobber one of the pilots and take him prisoner.

Tell him Robert sent you.  

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