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December 28, 2012

No 2012 UFO Disclosure? On to 2013 UFOs!

OVNI UFO Disclosure 2013
UFO Disclosure 2013?

No UFO Disclosure in 2012 Means Onward to UFO Disclosure 2013

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by Robert Hughey(Google+)
     As 2012 came to an end, I found myself feeling a familiar feeling. About six months ago I had this dream four or five times, where I'd flown to Japan for a trip but discovered I lost my wallet along the way. (Which possibly symbolizes my concern for my finances or something, maybe?) I would suddenly have arrived across the great Ocean, with not a Yen to my name. I'd always lose my phone, so I couldn't call anyone back across the Pacific, and my dream self couldn't face the idea of asking strangers for help. Okay, to be honest, my dream self is never smart enough to remember to ask someone for help. That's not the scary part though.
    Somewhere along the way the whole place (i.e. all of Japan, I suppose) would explode in Zombie-Outbreaks, and it's always by those really awful kind of Super Zombies - the kind that run rather than shamble forward in pieces. Full Disclosure: I hate zombies. I really hate them. Dead things really get to me, and I think it's because of the smell. The idea of these fast dead things running me down all so they could eat me, well...
...that doesn't put a smile on my face.
    And that feeling I'd feel right at the moment before realizing I was dreaming, so before I knew that I was going to be okay after all, what would I call that very emotion?
Ah yes, I think I'd call it Dread.
     As the owner of a couple UFO Blogs online, I have been fielding many questions all day and even night long about some strange things after I'd thought whatever had happened didn't happen, though I knew nothing was going to happen on December 21st. In looking over that last statement, I know how odd that sounded.

2013 UFO Revelation

     What I mean is: people are still a bit freaked out after last year's supposed Mayan Apocalypse. Polls taken rapidly went from 5% to 50% of Americans entertained the idea that the End of the World had arrived. I'm sure you can imagine that almost that number, perhaps even you, Dear Reader, believe that we live in the End Times. It has caused more people in the general population to start paying attention more to the more Paranormal aspects of life that occur everyday, all around them. Yes, there are a lot of unknown lights and such in the skies, as well as some mess of unknown vehicles constantly engaging the world's Air Forces all across the world. 


 is a very real phenomenon, and there's a sincere dearth of information forthcoming from Governments such as ours here in the United States.
    I'll tell you what though: it's said that every generation of humankind always feels (or even yearns in some way) for our generation to be the one that sees the end. Eventually, one Generation of mankind will have it right. For the rest of us, let's live like we have a planet worth taking care of, focus on perhaps seeing what's out beyond our little world, and maybe we'll find we're not the ones who get to wave hello in person to (Insert Messiah of your Choice here).

black triangle ufo sighting

New Science: Stealth Tech 

     Most of those are going to end up being the 21st Century versions of stealth tech. It's going to involve the hundreds of millions spent on light wrapping tech, aka cloaking. I'm looking forward to that announcement, after that technology is "old news" and they've moved on to the next generation of stealth. It's insidious though, the idea of vessels of our own nation and the other nation's of the world, flying above us, observing us without very much knowledge of such in the general population.


Loss of Privacy 

     It's going to be like the awareness that our telephone calls and texts (and perhaps emails) are generally filtered and observed by our National Security arm of the Government.  We almost accept such as a normal fact of life now, don't we? That loss of privacy is a very sad, sad thing.
And yes, there are so many damn scammers out there - especially on YouTube*, that it's become very frustrating to decide what is real and what isn't real. They're not sure why they feel off kilter, and because I write on UFO 2013, Paranormal Phenomena and such, I'm supposed to be of help.

But I don't have any definitive answers, and that leads me to the most important part of this entire post: I'm asking for predictions for 2013. I had a couple messages asking me about this "big badass NASA revelation" coming up soon. So... I don't recall getting any memos from NASA as much as I love Space Exploration, I'm not an employee or anything, nor am a hacktivist anymore.
Not that I ever was to begin with.
But if such has been announced from the our nearby Space Gods, would someone mind sharing me a source, preferably from NASA? If there is an announcement, my guess is fossilized evidence of microscopic life on MARS. Just an educated guess, of course.
I don't expect the current version to NASA to yet admit that during its growth as an Institution of Science and Engineering it might have withheld a little evidence here and there.
little... (sigh)
You see, I'm full of this sense of dread whenever my office home rings. Why? No, not because I'm the only man in my condo community with a landline - though I'm sure I'm only one of maybe two or three that do. But as the end of 2012 appraoches, what makes me feel dreadful are the messages that are demanding my secret answers about the UFO Phenomenon  because I'm either hoarding the information for my own empowerment or I'm being pressured by the Men in Black to keep the info to myself. 

Rest assured, so far neither is the case. I've only been immersing myself in the subject at a, shall we say, Pro Level in 2012, and while there have been some things that are pretty eyebrow raising, I suppose I have yet to find anything concrete enough to warrant any visits from anyone telling me to lay off. 

2013 UFOs
Besides, the Men in Black won't have to track me down, when I'm getting my clock cleaned on my private phone number from a man accusing me of hoarding the knowlege followed by a demand to  "the UFO stuff   ou're keeping for yourself." 
Yeah. That last one happened just as I was editing this blog to send. I just laughed at him. I might be keeping some of my opinions to myself while I'm still researching, especially when it comes to the past and present actions of one NASA.

 love of nasa.jpg
Oh NASA - I love you, but are you still lying to me? Again?

So back to the emails, tweets and even calls to my private land line telephone: all communication attempts to find out what I surmise from my countless hours of research in to everything from the still hypothetical large objects at the edges of our solar system on to the searching with my emotions to see what my "spidey senses" think. 
I kind of like the last one. That was kind of funny, as I explained I research to find data to support opinions, and with no supporting evidence, my gut instinctactually becomes a hindrence - at least if I'm to study the phenomenon scientifically. 
So I am getting to a point here. And I mean this respectfully, and kindly, but firmly...
Please don't stalk Bloggers - especially those that delve in the Paranormal.
It gives us nightmares - the kind of nightmares with Super Zombies in them.
...if you enjoy a blog you read on a weekly or even daily basis: don't terrify the Blogger if you're not satisfied with details on a subject. Please remember that  most blogs have contact pages, or at the very least they have comments below the posts, and you are encouraged to ask, tell, criticize or even (maybe?) praise a Blogger in those comments whenever you please.

As far as the Phenomenon goes, the Holidays are a time when UFO Sightings are always elevated, though whether or not its a matter of more actual Phenomena or more people start to notice so more start looking, well that remains to be seen. 

Currently, 2013 UFO Sightings that are reported to MUFON are elevated 12% over last month. (You can read those reports of first-hand eye-witness at UFO Sightings Today)  If you notice that I haven't published my private numbers here to my blog, you'll probably understand why I might have been a little shocked to get those calls. The man told me he'd written twice on my the Facebook page of my website and had not heard from me yet.
To be clear, if you do in fact dig enough I suppose you can get anyone's private numbers. I'm not big on telephones. Anyone is welcome to contact me here on my site, or if you'd prefer a more direct route of communication - feel free to comment here or you can email me straight away if you'd prefer private conversation.

To those of you that have visited my site once and then actually have seen fit to return, I thank you sincerely. 2012 was a fun year of writing this blog and seeing it start to grow. It's going to be a bit hectic at the beginning of the year, as the site will be undergoing its full redesign into an actual Community for Paranormal Phenomena, an Application or two for iOS and Android and, as always, an attempt of one man in Atlanta, Georgia with far more questions than answers.
But I don't plan to stop asking those questions any time soon.

Thank you all for a great 2012. Here's to an even better 2013!

2013 UFOs
-Robert Hughey - Contact Form.

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October 14, 2012

Black Cubes on the Sun
X-ray Sun and was produced by the Yohkoh solar observatory in 1991.(Photo Wikipedia)

Black Cubes on the Sun

by Robert Hughey

Edits by NASA, Digital Artifacts or UFO Cover-up?

What is not in doubt, now in the age of information, is that it sure is fun to dream big, and that's how I always feel when gazing at images from our local life- and energy-giving star: the sun.

This is a video example of one of the videos to question about:

Some of the images lately have been strangely edited, or there's been some odd problems with the solar telescopes that have not been there since I started really watching them a couple of months ago. I still have a hard time imagining that these cubes are actual vehicles constructed by extraterrestrial beings. Imagine how large they would be!

Indeed, there is something strange about the cube-shaped blocks taken out of the SOHO and other Solar Telescopes, which certainly leads to the question "what are we not supposed to see?"

UFOs around the Sun

But it is also important to ask the question, "are we sure these are actually edits and not simply digital hiccups or artifacts?"

It's possible that these are just pixels that were not processed in the feed from the telescopes. I reserve my judgement so far, but I am happy to offer this information out in the hopes that others will share more educated and informed opinions to assist my genuine truth-seeking. Sure, the last images certainly look like a flying saucer, which I realize is the most popular and famous of UFOs (though the spherical UFOs are the most true and real anomalies, IMHO).

The space-based images are going to be prone to being buffeted by the solar winds and other radiation. Is that what produced the black cubes?

Further UFOs and Examples

So what do you think about that?

Please comment below, sharing any opinions or subjective beliefs here, as I'm honestly a little at a loss as to the realities of these images.

Map of NASA Complex
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July 11, 2012

Solar Storms Striking Earth

Video: Solar Storms Striking Earth

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

Solar Storms Strike Earth July 2012, Latest UFO Sightings 2012, Photo by NASA
Solar Storms Striking Earth July 2012

Besides the latest UFO sightings and Real UFO Evidence...

                              NASA has released startling images from the International Space Station (ISS) showing the brilliance of the the interactin between the current Solar Storms and the Earth's own magnetic fields. A time-lapsed video, with a brilliantly flashing Aurora, a beautiful comet, as well as many glowing and powerful visuals that are a direct result of the powerful energy of the sun striking against the Earth's various defenses.

Click for FREE Psychic Reading from Keen, Search for UFOs, Latest UFO SightingsThe unique magnetic field our planet produces, caused by a number of factors such as the dense iron core of the Earth, protects the planet from a great percentage of the fierce energy that is thrown toward us on a daily basis. If all the energy that the sun radiated out into the Solar System was successful at striking the surface of the Earth, we would all have been fricasseeing like a pan of bacon a long time ago. There's no Real UFO Evidence to discuss today. Instead, let's talk about 2012 in terms of our Solar Cycle.

July 8, 2012

Portals Between Earth and the Sun

Electron Diffusion Regions:
Electromagnetic Portals between the Earth and the Sun and the Earth

So what is the significance of this?

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