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March 23, 2015

Full UFO Disclosure Video


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Disclosure of UFOs ETs Alien Information
Full Disclosure?

  In my opinion, the following video amounts to "Full Disclosure" in the sense that it proves the UFO Phenomenon is not "fake" or something set aside for "kooks" or those who watch too much Science Fiction and want it to be real (all statements I've been accused of for owning this website). It is that this is a real Phenomenaon and, more than that, it's an utterly complicated subject that, at least here in the USA, is not discussed because of the errors of our Government. It would be bad policy, in their opinion, to attempt to explain the errors or decisions of our government of the distant past (35+ years is distant for our Democracy) in the sense that there really is no one to hold accountable...

...which is the perfect time for Disclosure, which is why I believe 2015-2017 is the yearspan for USA UFO Disclosure. My belief and understanding is that the ones whom are "The Gods," or put another way, the Creators of Life on this world whom are millions and, in fact, billions of years ahead of mankind in technology and experience, have isssued an edict that human governments must prepare for Disclosure.

The fact of the matter is that Disclosure is a PERSONAL MATTER.  That's why those of us who are interested in the subject will learn about their own ET relatives and heritage. First off, all humans on Earth have ET relatives. Truly. That's a real thing. And for each one of us, our heritage is different.  it's because of what we truly are and what this world is truly used for.....  it's really quit3e beautiful and is an instrument for Peace in the Universe, ultimately.  Even with our wars and rumors of wars, we're a great hope for peace in the Universe, given that humans, nations, peoples and "tribes" of mankind represnent entire star empires in the Universe. It's representational or symbolic. That's the purpose of the Creation that surrounds you.

But the big deal of UFO Disclosure is to announce to the world that yes, we are onstantly interacting and surveiled, assisted and engaged by Intelligent Life outside of what we understand as "US." There are extraterrestrial intelligences, there are extraterrestrial humans and nonhumans, humanoids and nonhumanoids. There are interdimensional intelligentce, some whom would be very familiar to us, some actually ARE us parallel to our current lives, and some are so "alien" we would never understand them without interpretation and multidimensional support. Some are "metaterrestrial," which is a big deal and something I should probably write a book on.

March 3, 2013

Feature: Trail of Paper to UFO PROOF

Invisible American Airplanes?!

UFO Paper Trail to Proof

The Reality Behind a Large Percentage of Current UFO Sightings in the US and around the World.

by Robert Hughey (GOOGLE+)

Weekly Feature Article: Part One 

This Feature Article will be in two parts and published here first on and syndicated shortly after by tomorrow morning, March 4, 2013. I have a lot of citations for references to many sources, and I want to ensure I attribute correctly on Google Scholar and my favorite Scholarly Network: Mendeley 

Let me know if you want an invite to join me on Mendeley, particularly other publishers, content producers or Ufologists. I'd love to email out some invitations.

UFO Reports of a New Kind of Unknown Craft making appearances circa mid-to-late 2012

My current research has been seeking some sort of proof  and finally identifying the reality behind  a type of UFO that's been steadily growing in Video Sightings made and in reports filed to MUFON, NUFORC and to a lesser extent, to the 5 or 6 daily comments or submissions that corroborate (or even share new UFO Sightings) on my own Network of Ufology Sites.

If I'm correct, and at the very least I know I am absolutely correct about some technology that's practically science fiction, but I also feel I am confirming a suspicion. I've had over this concern over the past year about these particular confusing UFOs. I wish I could reveal it all to you now, but I'm trying to ensure I present it in a way that makes the most coherent sense about a level of physics and math I barely remember how to do.

Article Continues below, click "read more" to do just that.

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