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September 15, 2015

Atlanta Chemtrails

Today the skies around my home in Atlanta, Georgia USA were cross-crossed by as many as 20 or more lines in the sky. Planes or aircraft had built a veritable lattice in the sky from whatever the craft had been putting in the skies.

Over the years I have heard a few really interesting ideas about what exactly is going on in the skies regarding Chemtrails. Some believe they are population control, others feel the practice is a part of larger weather-control issues. It seems most of the pervading theories are somehow control related...

One time an individual I was chatting with online told me he was an extraterrestrial and his group was responsible for the Chemtrails, and that they were actually putting something in the air to allow for measurements of the level of fear within the human population. That individual, E.T. or not, was very preoccupied with how fear-based Humanity seemed to him. I found his opinions of me and my People to be more of a reflection of what the individual was most focused upon.

That's a special quality of Humankind, of course. We do tend to seem to be reflections of self, and in many ways, how we could be described and our qualities are all over the board and easily in the eye of the Beholder.

But back to Chemtrails and the continual aircraft spraying of chemicals or whatever is being put in the air. Have you any insight or interesting ideas of what they are all about? Please share with me in the comments below. Any opinion or guess is welcome to be suggested.

Thanks for reading and visiting my little corner of the Internet...

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