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May 12, 2013

Uncovering Invisible UFOs

Uncovering Invisible UFOs

The Reality Behind a Large Percentage of Current UFO Sightings in the US and around the World.

by Robert Hughey (GOOGLE+)

UFO Reports of a New Kind of Unknown Craft making appearances circa mid-to-late 2012

Atlanta, GA
Current research has been seeking some sort of proof  and finally identifying the reality behind  a type of UFO that's been steadily becoming more and more common. It's made several appearances in Video Sightings, and the number of UFO Sightings of this Type of UFO has increased in the reports filed to MUFON, NUFORC, and on a smaller scale, to my own Network of Ufology web properties.

 A suspicion about these particularly confusing UFOs: I am trying to lay down this information logically to ensure I present it in a way that makes the most coherent sense about something that does not wish to be seen. The mechanics about this subject also had a level of physics and math I barely remember hearing about, certainly never fully comprehending, but the important "gist" of most scholarly reports and research I can understand with the help of a dictionary and the Internet.

So let's start at the beginning, regarding the types of UFO Sightings and the types of known UFOs.

Known Types of UFOs and UFO Sightings

There are a few types of UFO Sightings that happen more than others.
Perhaps you're familiar with them as well:

  • the Black Triangle Sightings
  • the Flying Saucers or the disc-shaped craft were the first
  • the great variety of the Spherical UFOs, which are by far the most common.
    • Spheres that are metallic and methodical in their movements
    • the floating fiery orbs that come in many colors, green and red being the most common, and these also are where I'd place the incorrect identification of beautiful Chinese Lanterns, as they can reach high elevations and confuse many people.
  • the Cigar-shaped UFOs mostly cylindrical in shape, and these have been seen in greater and greater numbers recently
  • the Jellyfish UFOs or the Organic Living UFOs that, in my personal opinion, are space-faring organisms / extremophiles that have been known to exist for some time now, but it was deemed dangerous to reveal as it might mess with the "common" man's perception of the Universe.
There are also ways of separating the different kinds of Sightings other than shape. You can separate Sightings of unidentified phenomena by the potential of being a hoax, of being a delusion or influenced by drugs or alcohol. You can also differentiate by Aerial or Stellar Phenomena, or you can label them by way of Terrestrial and though as yet unproven, it is possible that perhaps some could be labeled Extraterrestrial as some Sightings were labeled when the US Government first investigated the UFO Phenomenon in the mid 20th Century. Alas, that conclusion was quickly reversed, but it's still the reality of what causes a small percentage of UFO Sightings.

I found an answer to a question about a kind of Sighting most prevalent in current video of UFOs from this past year only. Particularly over nations that are perhaps less-than-friendly to the US.

There are several exceptional daytime videos of this particular type, which perhaps I should actually show you what I'm referring to, if you're curious about the type of common Unidentified Flying Object:

UFO Sighting Video

Here, watch this example of the type of UFO Sightings I mean: the Invisible UFO.

While I don't know if this video for sure is an American Aircraft, I do know that the technology has been researched and developed since the 1990's to further the stealth technologies utilized in the stealth aircraft from the 1960's and 1970's. I also remember a story that went something like this: after watching the Arnold Swarzeneger movie Predator, supposedly a very high-ranked US Military Official asked loudly to his support staff, "Why don't we have that?" in reference Alien's ability to refract light and appear invisible. Supposedly, research began that year on light-bending and refracting technologies.

Partially Invisible UFOs

You see, what I did was trace the innovations from 1970's Stealth Technology to see what each inventor or scientist would attribute to the next. These are called citations, and they work backwards.  I take your invention or discovery (or math problem or whatever) and I use it to solve some electrical engineering issue, so I cite your work for its help, inspiration or to give credit. The point is, if my work is supposed to be hidden from the public... then maybe I shouldn't cite anyone or publish in Google Scholar.

Though now that I think about it: you don't publish to Google Scholar. It finds your work and indexes it for you based on the formatting. So I wonder if they are aware or if all the pieces of the tech aren't aware of what they've created:

I'd call that video to be exactly what it would look like if part of a masked, stealth or cloaked ship was exposed due to some form of machine failure. Wouldn't you?.  A search through YouTube brings up a few other videos with very similar answers to the question of: "what would partially malfunctioning 21st Century Stealth Technology look like from the ground?"

The answer, dear readers? Well, according to the mountain of scholarly evidence I have from the inventors of these cloaking devices (as well as the patent applications too), we've had fully visually and electromagnetic cloaking technology in the skies since last Summer.

They're ours. They were compelled to finish their studies soon, but they didn't think anything of setting up a long series of Google Scholar Citations - something to be proud of that no one actually pays any attention to except giant nerds in the pursuit of knowledge, and its a way of guaging the publishing and research experience of other giant nerds...

...giant nerds like me: a nerd perfectly happy to read through a mountain of physics and optics journals to find the patent applications and the experiment reports, of which my favorite of course is called:

 Wenshan Cai, Uday K. Chettiar, Alexander V. Kildishev, and Vladimir M. Shalaev, "Designs for optical cloaking with high-order transformations," Opt. Express 16, 5444-5452 (2008) 

Abstract of the Paper on the Results from the work by Wenshan et al.

Recent advances in metamaterial research have provided us a blueprint for realistic cloaking capabilities, and it is crucial to develop practical designs to convert concepts into real-life devices. We present two structures for optical cloaking based on high-order transformations for TM and TE polarizations respectively. These designs are possible for visible and infrared wavelengths. This critical development builds upon our previous work on nonmagnetic cloak designs and high-order transformations.

It ends up that in 2009, in the field of Optics it was decided they were now seeing the birth of a new specialty/subset in their Field. And it is called Transformational Optics.

So what's been developed since then?

That's just the first of 32 citations all leading to an advanced technology that will blow your mind. Truly. I have several other of the papers, or at least the abstracts available down in the Bibliograhy/References of this article. Heck, just from the titles alone... and I have a whole path from Stealth Tech into Transformational Optics and on down the line to an experiment that successfully rendered a large object both invisible and super invisible.

If you're like me, you'd love to know what "super invisible" means.  It means that not only is the "object " cloaked in visual light, but super invisible is when it is invisible to all Electromagnetic radiation in general - from the energetic gamma wave to the slow, methodical waveform of ...of whatever this one is going to be called.

At the bottom of this page is a citation/reference list that should supposedly enable Google Scholar to index this page while at the same time place citations to the articles themselves from my article. I'd love to have a link from this article to the researchers, as if it is a way online for me to say, "hey, I know what your research was used for. Way to go guys" without actually saying it to anyone in particular. I wonder if it's even wise for me to be flippant about the whole matter.

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Thanks for visiting my little corner of the Internet.

Robert Hughey
Atlanta, GA Search for Real UFOs

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May 9, 2013

Smithsonian UFOs and the Importance of Fine Print

Retraction of Sorts for
Smithsonian UFOs and

Symoblism of Disclosure to me: Lights of Truth shining through a room
Smithsonian UFO Disclosure Retraction

Last year, one of the most successful pages on this blog was a quick report I did on an upcoming event I had read about briefly online. In honestly just a paragraph or two, I mentioned that the Smithsonian-affiliated Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas, NV had an event planned where military officers and retired personnel would be revealing their personal experiences with UFOs. It was being called a "Revelation," and I wrote a bit about it, published it and went about my day as usual.

Smithsonian UFO Revelations was trending

March 3, 2013

Feature: Trail of Paper to UFO PROOF

Invisible American Airplanes?!

UFO Paper Trail to Proof

The Reality Behind a Large Percentage of Current UFO Sightings in the US and around the World.

by Robert Hughey (GOOGLE+)

Weekly Feature Article: Part One 

This Feature Article will be in two parts and published here first on and syndicated shortly after by tomorrow morning, March 4, 2013. I have a lot of citations for references to many sources, and I want to ensure I attribute correctly on Google Scholar and my favorite Scholarly Network: Mendeley 

Let me know if you want an invite to join me on Mendeley, particularly other publishers, content producers or Ufologists. I'd love to email out some invitations.

UFO Reports of a New Kind of Unknown Craft making appearances circa mid-to-late 2012

My current research has been seeking some sort of proof  and finally identifying the reality behind  a type of UFO that's been steadily growing in Video Sightings made and in reports filed to MUFON, NUFORC and to a lesser extent, to the 5 or 6 daily comments or submissions that corroborate (or even share new UFO Sightings) on my own Network of Ufology Sites.

If I'm correct, and at the very least I know I am absolutely correct about some technology that's practically science fiction, but I also feel I am confirming a suspicion. I've had over this concern over the past year about these particular confusing UFOs. I wish I could reveal it all to you now, but I'm trying to ensure I present it in a way that makes the most coherent sense about a level of physics and math I barely remember how to do.

Article Continues below, click "read more" to do just that.

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