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May 5, 2013

UFO Glossary

#UFOSightings #UFOs #UFO #2013UFOs UFO Glossary:

Flying Saucer UFAF UFO
USAF Flying Saucer


UFO Glossary and UFO News

This is the UFO Glossary:

 UFO Definition - Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

Key Words in Ufology and the study and research of UFOs and the UFO Phenomenon.

May 1, 2013

Mars UFOs, Martians and the Disclosure Hearings in D.C.

Martian UFOs: Is there Life on Mars?
Olympus Mons

Mars UFOs, Martians and More
(page/article here on 4UFOs)

Just updated and reintroducing this page on

This week is the Citizen's Hearing on Disclosure in Washington D.C
Here's a blog taking the time to curate some videos on the Hearings:

Macs UFO News

And if you'd like to follow along with Huffington Post's live updates on the Hearing on Disclosure, follow along here.

April 21, 2013

Watch SIRIUS April 22 2013 UFO Disclosure Documentary (11pm EST / 8pm PST)

SIRIUS UFO Documentary: 2013 UFO Disclosure

Tomorrow is April 22, 2013, the day for the SIRIUS Hangout Event at 11pm EST and, oh yeah:
it's Earth Day!

Earth Day for 2013 is on April 22
Earth Day UFO Disclosure 2013

(I received several questions about this, so I thought it important to explain in an update: Just wanted to say that I'm not an Affiliate or in any way Affiliated with the Disclosure Project. I'm not being paid to promote this Documentary, though I did have an opportunity to do so. Anyone that knows me knows that I am an avid Internet Marketer, but every now and then I really do things without making a buck. I really do.  LOL  This is an example of one. Actually, doesn't make any profit at all right now since I removed all the ads from it, but I do hope to obtain sponsorship in the near future. Right now: it's just a labor of love.  )

2013 UFO Disclosure: SIRIUS Documentary Alien DNA Results

Those of you following along with any promotional information about the Event or the SIRIUS Documentary will be familiar with one aspect of this piece on UFO Disclosure: the small 6-inch long alien that Dr. Greer (the documentary's creator and the Director of The Disclosure Project) studied and took samples from for DNA Sequencing. 

Watch the UFO Documentary April 22 2013 11pm EST
Is this a Real Alien? I think it may be!

Here's a YouTube Video by GoforitRandy about the now disclosed results on the DNA tests of the "creature" found in the nation of Chile. 

DNA Proof of 6" Tall Extraterrestrial: 2013

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February 10, 2013

Video of Fleet of UFOs Near Mexico | Real UFO Footage

Eight unidentified flying objects
recorded in Mexico - final week of Jan 2013

photo - formation of Unidentified Flying Objects
UFOs in Formation

A video uploaded on YouTube showed eight unidentified objects flying in a synchronised manner which could be mistaken for birds. But a closer look revealed that the wing-like structures attached to each object do not flap and the rest of the body seem to emit fluorescent light.

The objects change the course of flight together making it appear as if they were controlled by intelligence.

Eight Objects Like Metal Birds Seen
Flying Synchronized in Mexico

Almost three minutes long, this video on Youtube has the caption that reads, "UFOS Incredible Fleet synchronized OVNIS oleada Enero 203 mexico" has gone viral across the internet. The UFO footage was uploaded on YouTube on Jan 31 by a user who goes by the name "pisosmadera"

Here's the video:

After the video footage grabbed wide attention speculations emerged that the flying objects could be human-built aircraft or drones that were being tested in Mexico.

Scott C Waring of UFO Sightings Daily said, "At first glance I made the mistake of assuming this was a video of seagulls. I was mistaken. Not a single one of them flap like a bird would. These objects appear to be a fleet of UFOs or even possibly DARPA drones being tested in Mexico. Notice how the UFOs or drones synchronize in flight and clearly show that they are controlled by intelligence.

They also look a little like the secret aircraft the TR3B."


If anyone has any experience with similar UFOs or can corroborate this Sighting, please contact this website,
or simply comment below on this page.

You can always report a UFO Sighting yourself.

Instructions provided.

So what do you think of 
the UFOs in the Video?

February 8, 2013

UFO Reports from the State of Pennsylvania

UFO Reports from the State of Pennsylvania

by Billy Booth of

2012 UFO Sighting

My latest article presents some great 2012 UFO sightings from the state of Pennsylvania. From Philadelphia we have a report of a dark, boomerang-shaped object. It was witnessed by 3 individuals.

Home City UFO Sightings

From Homer City there is a report of a diamond-shaped object which had a beam of light coming from it.

Close Encounters | Paranormal White Lights

And finally from Mannheim we have a man who reported seeing white lights which made unbelievable maneuvers in the sky.

Check it all out at UFO Reports from Pennsylvania, and leave any comments that you wish.

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Photo for Close Encounters
Alien Planet for Exploring

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