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May 9, 2013

Smithsonian UFOs and the Importance of Fine Print

Retraction of Sorts for
Smithsonian UFOs and

Symoblism of Disclosure to me: Lights of Truth shining through a room
Smithsonian UFO Disclosure Retraction

Last year, one of the most successful pages on this blog was a quick report I did on an upcoming event I had read about briefly online. In honestly just a paragraph or two, I mentioned that the Smithsonian-affiliated Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas, NV had an event planned where military officers and retired personnel would be revealing their personal experiences with UFOs. It was being called a "Revelation," and I wrote a bit about it, published it and went about my day as usual.

Smithsonian UFO Revelations was trending

May 5, 2013

UFO Glossary

#UFOSightings #UFOs #UFO #2013UFOs UFO Glossary:

Flying Saucer UFAF UFO
USAF Flying Saucer


UFO Glossary and UFO News

This is the UFO Glossary:

 UFO Definition - Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

Key Words in Ufology and the study and research of UFOs and the UFO Phenomenon.

May 1, 2013

Mars UFOs, Martians and the Disclosure Hearings in D.C.

Martian UFOs: Is there Life on Mars?
Olympus Mons

Mars UFOs, Martians and More
(page/article here on 4UFOs)

Just updated and reintroducing this page on

This week is the Citizen's Hearing on Disclosure in Washington D.C
Here's a blog taking the time to curate some videos on the Hearings:

Macs UFO News

And if you'd like to follow along with Huffington Post's live updates on the Hearing on Disclosure, follow along here.

April 21, 2013

Watch SIRIUS April 22 2013 UFO Disclosure Documentary (11pm EST / 8pm PST)

SIRIUS UFO Documentary: 2013 UFO Disclosure

Tomorrow is April 22, 2013, the day for the SIRIUS Hangout Event at 11pm EST and, oh yeah:
it's Earth Day!

Earth Day for 2013 is on April 22
Earth Day UFO Disclosure 2013

(I received several questions about this, so I thought it important to explain in an update: Just wanted to say that I'm not an Affiliate or in any way Affiliated with the Disclosure Project. I'm not being paid to promote this Documentary, though I did have an opportunity to do so. Anyone that knows me knows that I am an avid Internet Marketer, but every now and then I really do things without making a buck. I really do.  LOL  This is an example of one. Actually, doesn't make any profit at all right now since I removed all the ads from it, but I do hope to obtain sponsorship in the near future. Right now: it's just a labor of love.  )

2013 UFO Disclosure: SIRIUS Documentary Alien DNA Results

Those of you following along with any promotional information about the Event or the SIRIUS Documentary will be familiar with one aspect of this piece on UFO Disclosure: the small 6-inch long alien that Dr. Greer (the documentary's creator and the Director of The Disclosure Project) studied and took samples from for DNA Sequencing. 

Watch the UFO Documentary April 22 2013 11pm EST
Is this a Real Alien? I think it may be!

Here's a YouTube Video by GoforitRandy about the now disclosed results on the DNA tests of the "creature" found in the nation of Chile. 

DNA Proof of 6" Tall Extraterrestrial: 2013

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March 5, 2013

Free UFO Books, download or embed

Read three free UFO Books

Right here on

three free ufo books

Three free eBooks are available for site visitors of

There are three different books on the Latest Sightings subDomain of the World Atlas of UFOS - a resource and a half in my opinion, as it's a great book to look over to get a full grasp on the large scope of the UFO Phenomenon. Also available on that page is: The Great Beyond by Paul Halpern and and the exceptional Disclosure and UFO-related book "In Days to Come."

February 6, 2013

Controlled Disclosures - the UFO Cover Up (Guest Blog)

Controlled Disclosures of the UFO Cover-Up

By R. R. Stark

Additional Content by UFO Blogger Robert Hughey ()

The Extraterrestrial Agenda

What do the extraterrestrials really want with humanity or our planet in general? And is our government doing something about it? At what cost will they continue to cover up the truth and keep circulating disinformation? What are they hiding?

From UFO Sightings Blogger, R. R. Stark:

- - -

I think the ETs are highly curious about life on Earth, but perhaps they're especially concerned about those dangerous humans that are bent on self- annihilation - especially via thermonuclear war, if not mass toxic chemical mudslinging. Certain humans are suicidal by nature anyway. Does this reflect all of mankind on a subconscious level? I hope not. I think there are just a few bad nuts in the bag.

But will those curious aliens lift a spindly finger to sabotage our self-destruct mechanism, or idly watch us flush ourselves down the toilet? Obviously they think there's no intelligent life down on this third boulder from the Sun. And they're probably right.

UFO Evidence | Real UFO Photo |

The United States UFO Agenda

Otherwise we would have already figured out a way to leave this rock and fly out into space and visit other worlds, just like our alien friends have been doing all along.

Just how prepared are we if we ever come face to face with these aliens? Will the first contact scenario be a highly enlightening experience? Or will it be a trick that leads to an actual alien invasion (as suggested by cheesy movies)? Will we the public ever come in contact with these ETs? Would our government welcome first contact, or would they try to suppress it? If the government is that paranoid and fearful, perhaps they would try to cover it up, not allowing aliens to reveal themselves. For our own good, of course.

In the meantime, we currently have the problem of what to do about the mysterious extraterrestrial and UFO Phenomenon and all those UFOs people are witnessing and reporting, not to mention countless reports on alien abductions, implants, cattle mutilations, etc.

So what is our government doing about all this? I think they're doing what they do best -- or is it worse? -- which is to gather information, then perhaps just sit back and try to put all the puzzle piece together, and keep them all to themselves - no disclosure in the US, at least. I think they're still working on assembling the big picture though. But chances are they probably still know more than the public. And they're not going tell us anything until they're good and ready.

The deepest UFO secrets are allegedly still held by the government and military, so we may know the bare gist of the whole picture. Although a lot of information has been circulated over the decades, how much do we really know? How many secrets have slipped out or been revealed, and how many are still concealed? And how much of this information has been muddled up with lies and deception? Is it possible we have more disinformation than any information on the Real UFOs?

What Makes a Credible UFO Witness

Of course, there have been countless UFO eyewitnesses from civilians and Air Force personnel alike, or other sources, and alien abduction reports, but all this has been suppressed or ridiculed, and then the government slips in a lot of disinformation, muddling up any valuable information. Hiding and confusing the truth is part of the whole cover-up scenario, and so we can't be too sure of what we think we know.

At one time, a big lid had been clamped down on the reality of reverse-engineering alien technology. Now this information is circulating into the public. Col. Philip J. Corso was one of the whistleblowers responsible for getting this information out when he wrote his popular book, The Day after Roswell. But also, reporters were given certain bits of UFO information, but a lot of this ended up in the tabloids, and although many people believe what these pretentious magazines say, a lot of skeptics still reject them.

Full UFO Documentary

Believe me, I'm one of the biggest skeptics of the tabloid magazines! I think it's 99% total bunk! And 1% questionable bunk. On the other hand, perhaps these sensationalist rags are the perfect avenue for the "truth" to be trickled out into the masses, because the government depends on skeptics, while the believers are considered to be crackpots.

But then there are degrees of skepticism. I believe I am right in the middle of the die-hard skeptic and the blindly open-minded. For instance, I believe there are countless UFO hoaxes, and perhaps only a smaller percentage are actual alien spacecraft. I totally disbelieve that President Clinton ever shook the hand of one of those bulb-headed grey aliens as the tabloids once suggested. I completely reject the idea that Men in Black are alien hybrids; I think they're just government agents attempting to silence witnesses of sightings and encounters and Alien abductions.

Also, I emphatically reject the conspiracy theory that the US Moon landings of the Apollo missions were totally falsified, which would mean the history books are blatantly lying if mankind never set foot on the Moon (one small miss-step for man, one giant fallback for mankind!); however, there may have been some staged dramatizations created for our benefit, since some of the footage was highly questionable as to their authenticity. I most definitely believe that certain astronauts did in fact witness UFO sightings during their missions and that the government tried to silence them, allowing none of this information into the public.

Plus I've heard that many NASA photos and footage are not being allowed for public viewing either. What are they hiding? And I highly doubt that the Rapture will involve Jesus coming down in a flying saucer and rescuing us from a lost-cause of a planet.
I can go on and on, but I won't bore you further. I consider myself a healthy skeptic and likewise a rationally open-minded conspiracy nut; hence, maintaining a vague quasi-healthy balance.

But if you still think I'm a crackpot, you have a right to your opinion.

(Adds Robert Hughey: But keep it to yourself, ok? Ain't got no time for Haters.)

In conclusion, the government is obviously covering up a lot of information and activity regarding the potential for 2013 UFO Disclosure, because they're hiding something they don't want us to know about.

The question is: what? And why are they hiding it from us? Why must they inject into the public mainstream a lot of disinformation which only causes confusion and adds to the ongoing UFO cover up?

Obviously the idea of their control over any kind of disclosure actually means there will be no disclosure from the government anytime soon. Something would have to radically change for that to occur. Like a real alien in a real UFO landing on the White House lawn, coming out and shaking the hand of the president. Just like the tabloids suggest!

To conclude, I believe the old saying is true, "Fact is stranger than fiction." But here's a new one: Facts are often concealed by fiction.

Copyright 2006 -2011 by R. R. Stark -- All Rights Reserved

Strange Reports from Zones Unknown can be found at:
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Further Reading:

Black Triangle UFO Sightings

Black Triangle UFO Sightings

Black Triangle UFO Sightings here on

January 5, 2013

Is 2013 UFO Disclosure Wishful Thinking?

2013 UFO Disclosure for the United States? Yes?

Maybe if we ask politely, with expressions relative to puppies and babies?

| |
by Robert Hughey (Google+)

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Happy New Year! 
Welcome to the year 2013.

Doesn't that year have an interesting sound to it? I was raised to be somewhat superstituous, with interesting habits such as never washing clothes on New Year's Day (as you could wash a loved one out of your life... well, better safe than sorry, right?). I never really minded numbers though, as numerology just doesn't make any sort of sense to my mind, and the number 13 seems just like most others to me, only special perhaps because it's Prime.

I've updated the UFO Disclosure page here on, so I'd like to direct you there. I'd love any comments or questions regarding what 2013 could mean, or whether or not it will be another year without any sort of UFO Disclosure.

I was recently sent a link to the following video of a news report from last month. Add New Zealand to the list of Commonwealth member nations releasing their UFO Sighting data. That's more disclosed UFO Sightings and Government UFO Investigations than I ever expect from the US Feds.

 Also, for your bookmarks: I have really enjoyed reading the UFO Blog "Ufology Research" written by the Blogger "rutkows", who has been blogging on the subject since 2005. For those interested, his Canadian UFO Survey is impecable and an excellent collection of Canadian UFO-related research, organizations and resources. The Survey is also example of a proper scientific approach to data collection regarding UFO Sightings.

Read about my thoughts on any upcoming revelations or 2013 disclosure here on the page I mentioned.

Or download my UFOs in 2013 article on PDF.  (Right Click and "Save as")

or Download at AtContent:

Thanks for coming by 4UFOs.  It's a pleasure to have you here.

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