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Suggestion: Be Specific regarding time, place.

(examples: "June 4 2012 UFO Videos" or "2012 Atlanta UFO Sighting")
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UFO Search Engine

UFO Search Engine

Here you can Search through the latest UFO Sightings, examine the witness testimony yourself for whatever purpose you wish. UFO Sightings from late 2012 through this past week are available, most are housed here on Search for Real UFOs, but otherwise they are available on the mirror site UFO Sightings Today - a Tumblr UFO Blog.

How to use the UFO Search Engine


Search by Specific Date, by description in your own words regarding what you are Searching for, by keywords (such as Black Triangle UFO or UFO Sightings Mexico 2013), by location in North America - as that is the coverage area for 4UFOs. Search through the UFO Sightings however you'd like, perhaps even something totally out of left field, such as "First UFO Sighting of 2013." You might be surprised at what you find.

UFO Sightings


UFO Sightings Report are from MUFON - the mutual UFO network, of which I am proud to be a member. You should consider joining yourself. It's worth it just to get the journals where the results of UFO Field Investigation is published, but it's also worth it because you then become eligible to start your own training to become a UFO Field Investigator.

Read MUFON's page on becoming what I feel is the first step in Ufology:
a UFO Field Investigator.


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