2013 UFO Disclosure?

Is 2013 the year for UFO Disclosure by the World's Governments?
Coronal Hole often mistaken for Aliens

I personally hope so, and I do feel that 2013 is an important year for all of mankind. I sincerely hope that it is the year we step up as a species - one human race -and begin taking better care of this beautiful planet we call home.

But what about the aliens, visitors and UFOs?

That's the real question, isn't it?

This Page is for those open to the somewhat impossible. Either fiction or fact, to one of the riveting sites on UFO 2013 Disclosure.

Worthwhile reading, I thought at the very least.

A Lenticular Cloud is shaped like a flying saucer real ufo, but it is still a cloud. Thank you for reading or listening to my site. My name is Robert Hughey and this is

Lenticular cloud (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is UFO Disclosure something to expect in 2013? Finally?
by Robert Hughey (Google+)

It's just started. Did 2012 End the way you had expected? Particularly, were you expecting proof of Alien Visitors in 2012? It may still end up as wishful thinking. Let's explore this further...

Planet X Nibiru -
Was it supposed to fly by in 2012? What about 2013?

As the years progress, one starts to doubt that Nibiru and this Planet X could be anything more than a myth. And while mythology is important, more as literature and cultural heritage than anything else, there are very real Sightings that continue to be reported everyday. People are confused, and they want their Government to at least recognize that these thousands of witnesses are not merely "seeing things" such as swamp gas or mirages. 

Many believed that the year 2012 had some very interesting surprises in store for humanity. Some have felt that the latest UFO Sightings would lead to governments such as in the United States to lead to UFO Disclosure. Yet while other nations, such as the United Kingdom and Canada, have allowed their public to have major access to their mountains of data concerning the UFO Phenomenon, the US Government continues to refuse to acknowledge the endless lies, coverups and outright coverups over the many decades since the first UFO Sighting was reported in the United States.

Fata Morgana is a mirage - not a UFO Sighting UFO Blog
English: Fata Morgana (mirage) of islands (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apparently Nibiru itself forget to get that memo, as it never did show its fiery red face. Sorry, no Nibiru 2012 Apocalyptic Fires. This is a good thing.

So now we move on to be full of hope for Disclosure of the realities of UFOs this year. Is this the year?  I personally wish the United States government would finally release its untold riches of information on UFOs, as most of the European nations have already done. The official US stance will probably not change anytime soon though, at least that's my sincere belief

Why? Well, to be honest: I feel that there's a history there that is probably nothing short of nefarious. I have read stories about both US and Russian forces meeting Grey Aliens Representatives (sometimes referred to as Zeti Reticulon Greys).

Let's be honest, is it possible that the US Government made an agreement with ambassadors from another world? Is it possible that such ambassadors could have been playing both sides? Or could they have been on a peaceful mission and the US Government made an agreement that maybe was not kept exactly as these Alien Visitors might have hoped?

These are the sorts of details that will ensure that there will not be any official UFO Disclosure anytime soon, at least not voluntarily on the part of the United States Government.

What will it take to get the truth told? 

That's a very real question. I don't pretend to know that answer. It's my feeling that concerned citizens have to continue to talk about the UFO Phenomenon, the strange UFO Sighting Trends across the US and the World, and perhaps eventually some sort of semblance of the truth will begin to emerge, though it will take the assistance of Whistle-blowers or some sort of other outside influence to get any UFO Revelation from the government.  It's frustrating, but I feel that's one piece of the puzzle.

What else? What else can we do to help get the vindication so many of us seek for what we have seen of experienced?  Please do comment and/or link in the comments of this page.


  1. I want to invite you to read my personal UFO Encounter story. Here's the article's post here on 4UFOs:

    Why do I have a blog on UFOs?

  2. I want it to be aliens that will come and save us from ourselves, scourge the elites and warmongers and usher us into a new age of love and tranquility...I really really want that , but my heart of hearts tells me there is more to this than meets the eye .
    I follow this whole issue quite closely , from the conspiracy nuts to the channelings of beings telling us " everything is changing , the dark ones are running for cover and out of control" . really? Seems like the dark ones control everything and everyone.

    Does this fact alone not make anyone question the honesty/validity of this whole ascension, golden age thing?

    Aliens will come , and they will take us from the earth to help us ascend ....but ah they are not going to be just aliens . They will be humans working for the ruling class. Agenda 21 will be complete and whoever was left behind will serve the rulers. The ones taken off in the spaceships will be served for dinner or killed and have their bodies used as avatars for the greys .

    What do you think of that theory ?

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