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latest ufo sightings 2012 Robert Hughey
Credit: NASA

ufo sightings video of Alien
"Jelly" Alien?

Grey Alien, Aliens,Area51 Alien
Grey Alien at Area 51?

Apollo 16 rocket NASA Moon Landing UFO Coverup 2012 UFO Moon Cover-up
Apollo 16
Latest UFO Sightings and a Flying Saucer UFO to boot
Flying Saucer?

latest UFO Sightings are usually man-made air craft or atmospheric phenomena like this
This may look like a UFO, but it's atmospheric 

Latest UFO Sightings 2012 - not here, here we have the Classic UFOs of the mid twentieth century
Classic UFO Sightings

Latest UFO Sightings - no, here we have a supposed UFO Alien Craft pictured by the Apollo Astronauts
UFO Sightings on the Moon

Not a Flying Saucer or the latest UFO Sighting, instead it's the Shuttle Atlantis sitting at Cape Canaveral, Florida at its final launch.
Ahem... "By the Power of Grey Skull!"

The Moon is a frequent place for the Latest UFO Sightings 2012
Oh Mister Moon, Moon, Bright and Shiny Moon...
Battle of LA Photo
Battle of Los Angeles
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US Air Force Flying Saucer

USAF Flying Saucer



News from Mars

Portait of a living breathing grey alien

Blue Rogue Planet Exoplanet
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