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Come meet my colleagues, friends and cohorts: fellows also on this strange ride though life on the back of a Grey Alien's flying saucer.

UFO Links Page This page is one of the places where reciprocal site links will be placed for other interesting Paranormal and UFO-related websites. To link your site or page with 4UFOs, send us a message via our Contact Page.

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This page is one of the places where reciprocal site links will be placed for other interesting Paranormal and UFO-related websites. To link your site or page with 4UFOs, send us a message via our Contact Page.

I really enjoy and highly recommend Ufologyprss - which I call Ufology Press, thought I need to ask the site's admin about that specifically. I wrote a little about this resource, but the gist is this: if it's involving any relation to UFOs or extraterrestrial life, then this place has the story. It's an aggregation from RSS feeds I believe, but it's a great hub and worth checking out.

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Myrtle Beach SC UFOs

Proud to introduce a new friend and colleague, but you want to talk about passion and commitment - with a true charm as well. Atlantic Coasts of the US South to be with the committed and commendable Myrtle Beach UFOs. I grew up going to Myrtle Beach from where I was raised in Augusta, GA. Loved those trips.

UFO Books, DVDs, Documentaries, Footage and More The Amazon aStore for 4UFOs and UFOSightingsToday. Filled with great UFO Books, DVDs, UFO Downloads such as games and Television shows and documentaries, as well as a great page on the Amazon Kindle - a bit of an obsession of mine.

Curious about the reality of what causes UFO Sightings? Find out at the Hub for UFO Research, expanding on what actually people usually see that causes them to report a UFO Sighting and file it with MUFON.

Secret Search Engine's Post on is worthwhile; they have a good entry on our UFO Blog, and 4UFOs' interests in UFO Sightings are mentioned.

http://ufosightingstoday.comUFO Sightings Search Engine - the Search Engine specially designed for 4UFOs and UFOSightingsToday - where you can type in a place, date or description keyword and get searchable access to all of the UFO Sightings, Abductions and Alien Encounters that were reported to MUFON in the recent past. 

Latest 2013 UFO Sightings - a site also owned by the crazy folk  that bring you this website. It is a mirror site of the current incarnation of UFOSightingsToday, and it is much younger - but it's the perfect size for using the "Search the Site" bar at the top of the page to search through the  recent UFO Sightings in 2013.


Here are some of my favorite UFO-related pages (called Lens) on the Web2.0 Content Pathway, and I know you're dying for some interesting information  Well, there certainly was some to be found here or on the way to me:

Are Aliens Real? A powerful squidoo lens that ask the questions and shows the pictures you definitely want to know regarding Alien Visitors and whether or not they truly exist or not.  To me, the answer is unequivocally "yes!"

UFO Crossing Sign is a Squidoo Lens that isn't so much about UFOs themselves but about the products that have come about for UFO-enthusiasts and paranormal investigators. The UFO Crossing Sign itself is cute!  

NASA UFO Sightings over Hurricane Sandy : the most popular Squidoo Lens on UFOs and UFO Sightings (of which mine on the latest-real-ufo-sightings is a not-so-close Second Place), with some powerful evidence of UFO involvement on Hurricanes and other natural disasters.

www.4UFOs.comDirectories Listings on - UFO paranormal Directory, Community and News. 4UFOs is listed here, more than once actually - as they also accurately depict our popular Grey Alien Video page as well as our page on Mars UFOs.

Free URL Submission : submits any site or page to 25 different search engines free of charge, only asking that the link be reciprocal on some page on that web property. It's certainly a "win-win" type of situation, and I gladly post their reciprocation link here on my UFO Links page.

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