About Me, Mars and My Home

UFOlogist Introduction: Me, Myself and Mars.

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

Hello there!

 Welcome to my UFO Sightings and Space Exploration Site. Well, it's a Google Blogger site with great fun for everyone. I was thrilled to get the domain because it is what I truly aspire to do: find real UFOs. And I mean that term to be what most of the public thinks of when they hear it: crafts of alien origin. 

Before sharing a few details about myself,
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Most Unidentified Flying Objects are man-made crafts or atmospheric phenomena, but I will come out and say it: I seek E.T. Proof of NASA coverups or real UFO Evidence are what hold my interest, and I'm a militant skeptic regarding almost anything that crosses my path.

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Olympus Mons, Mars 

My name is Robert Hughey, but feel free to call me Mars or even Mars Madness. It may sound a little strange, but it's a pen name of sorts, so it's perfect for this Blogger site - even one who blogs about UFO Sightings and other Space-related phenomenon.

No, I'm not a Martian, though I'm quite interested in the history of that beautiful planet. I would love to be able to study samples of the Martian surface, and of course I would love to actually set foot on Earth's far away cool brother.

Alas, that isn't possible since Mars is usually more than an astronomical unit (AU) or more away from the Earth. Remember: one AU is the average distance between the Sun and Earth, or almost 93 million miles (just shy of 150 million km).

Anyway, pardon my momentary nerdgasm. The point of the math and distance lesson is that Mars isn't exactly close enough to take a day trip for a hop over to visit its rust-covered vistas. No, it's more likely I'll see plenty of rust around me here in Atlanta instead.

Mars Missions, Mars UFO, UFO Sightings in or around Mars, this infographic details the many missions from NASA, the European Space Agency and of course the powerful Russian Space Agency as well.
Infographic about Mankind's Missions to MARS

Welcome to

You are most welcome here on 4UFOs.  
Please look around, ask any questions or comment on anything you find interesting. 
It's a pleasure to have you here.


My attempt at YouTube

Here's a beautiful HD video (courtesy of the International SpaceStation) of the eastern coast of the United States during the middle of the night. I loved editing together this little video, as the station gets some amazing footage of the brightest light in the Southeastern part of North America: my shining home of Atlanta, Georgia.

ISS Footage Courtesy of NASA

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