July 9, 2013

Quantum Plea for HELP

Quantum Plea

Wiley is this Post Author's middle Name, and this is the Wild E. Coyote asking for help.
Wiley loves Wild E. Coyote.
Please help. No money, just read and "believe" or "imagine" a Possibility for 5 seconds...

In Quantum Physics, the scientists have long been aware of a very strange and beautiful aspect of Reality.

If from a point in time there are multiple variable futures or states of matter or, all together put another way, if there are multiple frequencies in different "directions" for energy to exist in, then it actually exists in every single one of those different frequencies Simultaneously.  This is the case except in you situation: when a consciousness or an awareness is "applied" to that energy, then in that case the subatomic and quasi-state must suddenly "be" defined as something. The quarks that make up protons have to do their particular little arrangement, helping to define what specific element they might be a part of in a larger compound. Before then? It's all quasi-state, and it's mostly in that state around us every single day.  "It" being the vast majority of the matter/energy of the Universe. 

This lesson may and will be seen as a bastardization of a pure science (though it actually is what I will call a simplification of a Divine Truth), and if that is your interpretation, I apologize for eliciting that type of energetic response in you and am grateful you even spent time reading that paragraph.

Even still, I have a very large request. One that I would and am making to every single person that does and does not even read this blog. I want some aspect in some timeline of the multiverse to hear these words and to please consider this an experiment worth five seconds of your time.

I want you to imagine a possibility for the future.  By defining something as "possible" even if only imaginary would still affect the quantum potential of an idea in such a very real way.

It's simple actually.  Just imagine that the following is something that "could be" the near future:

In the SE shore of Asia there is a very young man, with an adorable plump face, a funny smile that could be described as "waaaaay too happy" (except that such a thing is not actually possible, now that you think about it), but this young man has the weight of an entire Age on his shoulders.  You see, he has inherited a Totalitarian Regime at a very young age, and the entire world is watching him and his decisions in such scrutiny that he feels the entire Universe is focused in on him. There are many, many advisors to this young man with their own agendas and plans for their self-issolated nation that is, in fact, only half of it's real identity. Most of the world is almost convinced this young man will obliterate the lower-half of his People's Nation in a nuclear blaze... but there is something they aren't aware of.  A... possibility.

Please imagine this:  imagine that this young man is young enough to be what is called an "Indigo" person. He is sensetive to a type of energy flow between all people that his people have known about for Millennia, but what he keeps to himself is that he believes that same flow also connects all planets, animals, inanimate objects and even his deceased relatives... straight to the smiling face of GOD. 

And it all connects up to him as he prepares to make this decision. Also, imagine that something in this energy began to shift or to "rise" in frequency at the end of last year. It's been paramount in leading to that very same young man asking a question that could define the fate of the Entire World....  

That boy, who many call a reborn aspect of his Regime-building Grandfather, asks his Personal God and all his Ancestors: "What is it that makes a Great Leader? How could I be the Greatest Leader of the WORLD?"  And he asks this with an open and honest heart...

...and the Universe responds.

"A Supernova Remnant of Synchronicity for MARS"
The Physical Representation of the Entity's Response to the Young Leader.

Through the amazing power of Quantum Divine Synchronicity, an individual is chosen to answer this question for the young man. The answer, though through several strange channels, is ultimately offered to an aspect of the God of War himself - MARS. But this aspect of MARS has seen every single conflict and participated as both general and POW in every single war of every single galactic bloodbath... and his thirst for violence is still not satisfied... and this aspect... well, he chose to try a new "potential" to alleviate an immortal existence with no satisfaction.

He chose to allow himself to "forget" his Divinity for another lifetime and this time be merged with the energies of his sister, the Goddess VENUS - Goddess of LOVE. After eternity of WAR, the great red god of conflict and hate wished to experience something... new.  He was terrible at this incarnation so decided to relive it again and again and again until he could Ascend back to his Godhood, which is the aim of all humanity - though most have no knowledge of that reality.  MARS lived this one life for 3.5 Billion Human Years.  To an immortal, that time is nothing. To the human, as each time he got his "memory" back faster and faster, it was the scariest and most beautiful experience he could imagine, over and over again, learning his Divine Heritage only to be evaporated over and over in a nuclear finality to beloved Earth... except in this, his very last (and finally successful incarnation at the Galactic Procession of the Equinox, the time for Armageddon or Redemption... based on that young man's choice).

Planet Mars represents War, Discord and Conflict Eternal
Dead and Frozen MARS - the planetary remains

And this new version of MARS, after that time, developed a surprising trait:  Divine Love for all Creation. He can't help it - no matter what he finds, the good - the bad - the scary - the gross: he loves it for it's ultimate reality: it's a part of Creation and is therefore worth loving ...unconditionally.

So suddenly through the power of Quantum Synchronicity - that great God of WAR only coming into his Ascension Process for a month and a half, finds himself with the choice of what to direct this Young Man in Asia to Do. He knows there is only a 50% Chance this will actually happen in his Reality, but he also knows that for anyone that dares to imagine that it could also POSSIBLY and therefore WOULD be a reality at least to those perhaps he could plant seeds in their human imagination (the seat of all potential reality)... which would make PEACE and LOVE a reality SOMEWHERE ELSE at least in the Omniverse of Space/Time. With that in mind, that reformed God of WAR (now becoming an Ascended aspect to the God of LOVE) screams out his request for anyone to take five seconds and say "hey, that could happen somewhere... I'll pretend it could...maybe..." 

And MARS, now ferverntly seeking Peace and to be redeemed as a new aspect of Love and Light, poses this solution:

"Young Man with such a beautiful old soul, I see your heart. Like myself, the endless blood and glory of rule has made your question your role in all of Creation. I see you, aspect of my former self, also seeking a New Path toward a different Paradigm of Thought. I offer you this solution: Take back ALL the guards from your Southern Borders. Send them home. Open yourself to the rest of the world that would never expect what will be the most powerful action for thousands of years to come.. Go to Your People and call out one word from the top of all the towers in your nation:

Unite your nation of beautiful Korea, a jewel of the Asian coast long misunderstood but never forgotten as incredibly important."

MARS then bursts into tears and he implores that surprisingly gentle (secretly) young man, "Please, Glorious Leader ... become the Greatest Leader of the entire Age!  You will outlive every single leader on the planet and will be remembered as the man who prevented the world from entering World War III. THEN you will become the shining man of example whom the entire planet Earth looks to for the next century as an example of what decisions can be made when based on the collective LOVE rather than any distortion or miscommunication. War will eliminate your people from History. Chose the loving option: UNIFY Your People, Glorious Leader! Ascend to your mastery with your choice!"

...and that young man, he hears this command in the exact moment he asks the Universe for an Answer...

...and he chooses to listen to the voice's advice.


If you can believe this could possibly be a "reality" somewhere in the great quantum area of "possibly," I'm asking you to simply offer that thought some of your energy.  If you feel like offering it some real thought or prayer, then you could, according to quantum mechanics anyway, be actually saving the world through the power of your belief.

And for that... I'd say you are the most beautiful creature in all of the Universe. Thank you from the very bottom of my soul.

-Robert Wiley Hughey
channeling an answer to a question delivered by Kryon, of the Magnetic Service.

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