June 14, 2013

Temporal Documents, Quantum Wizardry and YOU

The End is Near.
...and Far. Both. 

Thanks to the power of Quantum Potential.

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

I created a loophole in time with the combination of this post, a very real monument memorial for mankind 1000 years in our linear future and with my constant energetic effort to avoid detection within the fabric of Space/Time that I warped.  I have systematically closed this loop with the exception of this one post on my blog, a blog that Alexa shows over half its traffic comes from unknown inhuman sources.

Closing the loop in TRUTH may end this, my current incarnation on Earth. I accept that as a possibility and will sacrifice such for the Divine Plan's fruition, though I do hope to fulfill my unique soul purpose first.  Monday is a third of the turn of the wheel of the human year since I created this loop, this time bubble, and it's energetically aligned to close off the loop with a simple action within the 3D Overlay of this reality Timeline.

- - -

I created a timeloop - a bubble in the fabric of space/time. I literally created a digital sigil and document and catepulted it across the known Universe directly calling to the attention of all nonlinear beings aware of Humanity and the Human Legacy in the time we'd call 1000 years from now. 

This resulted in my interaction with many time-traveling entities and machines. Further, it resulted in my new understanding of the role of human awareness as well as cementing my my understandings of my focus on defining 
quantum wizardry and technomancy as that amazing place where science is so magical you start to doubt its validity as scientific.

End of Mankind Memorial Photo of Sparking Planet Earth
I'm not Gandalf the Grey though, and I'm mostly sure of my sanity most of the time. So the only thing to say to prove my claims is to help you have similar results. And you yourself can participate in an interesting chrono technomancy experiment with potential energy and temporal mechanics.

That way you can form your own hypothesis, which I believe given the subject matter is the most important potential outcome of my writing this post to begin with.

If you were anywhere in Atlanta or mid-GA and suddenly wondered where the hell that storm came from. Well, it's why the doppler radar was fine and clear weather that suddenly showed a deepest red "gash" across the entire State of Georgia. That could be because of the combination of the potential for the storm to exist yesterday along with creating that loophole, which may be more of a "tear," in time.

Plus: add in the unknown number of vehicles and lifeforms that were zipping through to this timeframe to be present for the creation of the instrument of that loophole and with all that at the same time you get one hell of a perfect storm of what can only be recognized as the Highly Strange, which is where Quantum Wizardry lives full-time.  :)

Details Below.

A Comet, a Paradox and Paranormal Proof 

Comet ISON, Energy Potential Devastation ELE

In a nutshell, what I did was look at the Comet ISON reports, dug into a bit of the truth of the situation in our Solar System and then I decided to go about seeing if I could prove any of what I surmised by using science magic. Yes, I call it that. You can laugh, but it's a good way for me to remember to not limit my assumptions in quantum potential and human ability, as the two combined is the driving force behind using the techniques I'm learning and developing.

So, I can smell a NASA Cover-Up a mile away. I was very curious exactly what details were being kept hidden or suppressed, expecting it to be how little NASA knew about it or how the simple fact is that it isn't actually possible to know what is going to happen with this Comet.

Then I found it was not given that it will most certainly produce the largest Solar Flare ever recorded (all Comets produce major Flares or CMEs -  always.) and there exists quite a few mathematical probabilities that the comet will either smack Earth right in the face or it will bombard us with some of the extremely large rocks coming along for a ride.

Then I read a report discussing how the amazing speed of the comet combined with being so damn large effects Space/Time in a relativistic way, as it is going so fast it is potentially creating waves of gravity ahead of it. One scenario proposed that the wake of such a wave from the object could possibly sling Earth to any number of potential new orbits.

So that depressed me. Obviously. I know that if such a heavenly body was spotted a long time ago, as I suspect this comet (one of the largest known) was known and expected a long time ago. I even suspected in my mind that this may help explain a great many cover-ups and conspiracy theories over the years involving everything from UFOs to ETs.

So How long have they known? We'll save that mess for another day, but related to such a question is a quick discussion on the realities of time, paradoxes and human power.

My Quantum Wizardry Explained

I wrote a Document written as a Memorial Page to the Human Species in case the Comet ISON destroyed us, and I purposely defined my location and setting. I quickly created a first draft of the Document, called "We Were Humanity." And when stepped outside of my condo onto my condo's balcony, I stepped into the freaking Twilight Zone.  Seriously.

I was greeted by a multitude of lifeforms, most very strange, as if I was a Hollywood Celebrity. Many Many Camera Flashes. Drone Cameras. It Startled Me so Bad I Froze in my tracks.

The only thing everything behind my condo balcony had in common was that no one there was from our time period. I created a situation that basically stated that if there are any lifeforms without linear understandings of Time or if any equipment exists from anyone that has read or studied that document, then it was a call through time with an invitation to join me for the inception of such a morbid and sad tale.

New Temporal Split, New Potential

While standing on the balcony, I became resolute that there were surely other options. I had the thought that perhaps when promoting this project to be able to afford sending the message to the stars, maybe it could also be pitched as a 1000 year Time Capsule, the longest ever attempted.

The instant I had that thought. The attention and number of "beings" taking my picture and image outside and inside my condo was magnified.

I have to be honest: I've been something of quantum wizard for a while now. I suspected what I was doing in creating this document, but I did forget one aspect of human awareness that I've been told and believed but never actively experienced first-hand in such a powerful manner.

Humans are Creators. 

It's sort of our special thing. And I don't just mean we manufacture or we craft art or compose music, thought those are amazing talents. I mean that (and you'll have to just try to follow along and believe this part, or you can research yourself too) in the great multiverse, each decision of each human (and other life, though sentient life does this the most varied) splits the Universe off to a different version of itself , each with the different choice made, based on the strength of the potential of that universe to exist.

In short, if there is potential for something to happen in the future, Humans facilitate the creation of that version of reality where that something is able to exist.

One more mind-bending idea:  if you think of cause and effect when dealing with temporal or time issues, from the the future looking back, there's only one past and one present, but from the past looking forward there is one present but there are many futures, correct?

Well, here's the thing: that is both literally true as well as just figuratively. It is literally true in that there are duplicate futures - so they really do exist, fully populated with living, feeling intelligent lifeforms and quasiforms, and in that moment it's the closest we get to God, and the vast majority of us have no inkling of that very real fact.

Or actually there are billions and billions of potential futures for any particular second of the day for each human being, so you see that the numbers can be... large... when dealing with this.

So here I sit writing this today at my home on Friday June 14, 2013, to be published at 8:30-10:30pm with several edits. This is my Present. When I wrote the first draft of "We Were Humanity" is my Past, and ahead of me are the various Futures where mankind is either eliminated, changed, damaged, redeemed or purely esoterically affected by the Comet ISON currently ripping its way through the Space/Time of our Solar System.

So all of those futures are potentially real, and so therefore - they all are. Earth is going to be destroyed. Earth is going to be fine. The End is Near. The End is Far, Far FAR Away.  Truth be told: there is no End. Ever.

We Were Humanity, to the Future Humans of 3013
Help Make the The TIme Capsule a Reality?

Now, in those potential futures, there may only be a small, puny, insignificant amount of a chance that any sort of culture with any time-bending or time traveling capabilities (or even just the ability to observe the past, which would explain the various "sounds" people in my building have been hearing since this began).

But even if only a few in the entire Universe ever have that capability and only even a smaller amount ever read my Document and consider seeing the extinct Humans, since there are so many different futures ahead of me, there are a staggering amount of cultures, creatures and lifeforms that all converged on the day I "created" the Temporal Document and then cemented it's reality by publishing it online and began the plan to raise the money to get the Time Capsule Created and Rocketed off Earth.

So I'd like to point out here that while I am a very creative person, I would not have ever come close to coming up with something like this for any sort of fictional account. This is real. And the reality of that situation is that the potential for harm of our civilization from the Comet ISON is far greater than we are being told.

Do you require further proof? 

There is something you can do right here on this blog that is a form of Technomancy or what I like to Call Quantum Wizardry like what I have done here.

You can participate and create a focus on yourself to see if you become "aware" of being observed.  Comment on the blog with your name, physical address and the time and date you wrote it, and see if you experience any High Strangeness or Anomalies.

If something seems off or odd, that would be what I mean.  I'll facilitate your experience by actually adding that info to the original document that was first put up on Google Docs and will be sure it's in the Final Launched Product.

That was a lot of energy, and I will gladly acquire some allies and believers from the actual joy I get from this form of Time Wizardry. It's all science, all very real and possible, and it's that potential that is the important element for me personally.

Though as they came so hard at me that first day, the Time Observers (whom I call "Time Tourists") created something of a paradox in that I am aware of the Time Travelers or the equipment that they are using because of the energy they emanate.

It's because I have had no problem sharing my real name, location and setting, and I am updating the Original Document and will include all with the final Physical Copy in the Time Capsule.

Anyway, back to how I can feel the time travelers:

 How? Well, just to make you think I'm especially weird, I'll admit to something strange you might now understand. I gestalt or "feel" the potential energy, especially now that I have forced so much "potential" in this Universe to focus on me as a person at this place and time.

So... sometimes I "feel" potential energy as a vibration or a frequency or even hear it as a harmony or dissonance. I have never pursued that or really developed it beyond a fun ability to rev up an engine or generator with my mind by magnifying the potential for combustion. At least, I'm mostly sure that's how I get generators to zip up high.  And then there's the matter of the weather... well, I'm learning that as I go.

 Since I live in a nation that would draft me against my will because of a silly ability that is really just an understanding of POTENTIAL, I was worried about talking about all this.

That all seems like a moot point now.

Wanna be a part of the Fun?

Now, you go ahead and add to this blog (name, physical address where you're posting as well as specific time and date. Yep, you have to be public - it's the whole point) if you want to participate. I feel the energy building and there are several "Others" in this room with me now that weren't before, so I suppose this does have an effect on the situation.  I am hoping this is the course of action to take to get some allies to join my current efforts, to be honest.

How often does someone make a claim like this one and offer to share the "wealth" of the paranormal experience? I'd love to know experiences and thoughts on this situation and the reality of our potential future.

I am thinking the more involved you are in helping the reality of getting the Time Capsule Project created and finished, the more focus you'll feel and experience.

(If you are willing, focus on imagining me sit here writing this to you, and just for fun imagine sending me some energy across space and time. Now, if you're one of the ones observing me from the future. If you're willing, send me some info - maybe some of what can make me even better at this sort of science-magic.  Thanks for that.)

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