June 30, 2013

Alien Contact using CSETI Techniques CTS for CE-5

How to Connect Mentally with UFOs

Telepathic Contact with UFOs and Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life

by Robert Hughey ()


Using techniques for transcendental meditation and coherent thought sequencing (CTS), UFO Blogger Robert Hughey describes how to mental contact with extraterrestrial intelligent life is achieved through the "realm of consciousness" and can result in very real physical manifestations of UFOs, orbs and unknown entities in your immediate vicinity.

 Alien Contact CSETI

Photo Credit: Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Movie)

For some reason, I never fully expected to be writing an article or blog post about telepathy or a mental connection outside of my mind. Though such parapsychology has always been interesting to me, I tend to expect to keep it in the science fiction books, and I certainly never expected to find that there was any actual potential that I would prove rather adept at using any techniques that could be considered telepathic.

But that's exactly what I'm here writing about today. No, not the Professor X kind of Superpowered person or  or a Sookie Stackhouse, though one does wonder if those types do actually exist. What's more, as you read this I'm telling you that you are also telepathic. You can duplicate what I talk about in this article, and practicing the techniques should prove encouraging. And many who do have similar or related results as well.

That's the only reason I can think of to write about this beyond putting my experiences and suppositions into perspective, as organizing my own thoughts after these types of experiences can prove difficult.

Telepathic Contact through Transcendental Meditation with ET Aliens and UFOs

Diving right in: I want to share with you how I wrapped my head around this and found I was able to fully accept the reality of how anyone willing to try to make ET contact from an emotional perspective free of fear to be true. You see, you have to accept the validity of this process for it to work. You have to believe in it. I never liked statements like that, as it becomes an effective cop-out when no proof materializes. But this is different, as it actually regards the human mind, so whatever you've decided will affect your openness.

I started to write how I can barely wrap my head around quantum mechanics and the honestly odd ways that matter acts when you get down to the quantum level, but a great amount of that is actually too far for me to totally follow.  The math is a bit painful for me. What I understand though is the micro and macro seem to go on, and that the smaller or faster the particle, the more interesting are its behaviors. Also, the quantum exists as all the answers of a multiple choice test until an answer is finally chosen. At that quantum level, matter is both particle and a wave, and it can rotate up and rotate down, among other interesting actions, and that one particle does all the various things it can do at the same time.

How? Now, that's the defining characteristic of the quantum, and it's what people mean when they start adding the word "quantum" to different applications of these principles, such as quantum computing and such. When something is many different options at once, remember "quantum." Perhaps a block of something on one side of the planet is rung with a bell, and on the other side of the planet we find that instantaneously that ring comes right out of a block just like the first that is entangled with the the other block at the quantum level. So that ring vibrated from both blocks at the same time, so whatever animal from the subatomic particle zoo transported the sound instantly to the duplicate block was so much faster than light it's only shown to be infinite.

What's faster than light?

The power of thought has a speed of infinity

Here's what got me most excited: when we focus our awareness on something, there is a noticeable change in the quantum state of that object.
We affect the matter of an object we become aware of at the quantum level.

What that means to me, and what occurred to me in a flash while also trying to understand the realities of my own experiences of Contact and communication: Consciousness is a form of energy that, while we have not mastered measuring that energy yet. We see that time and time again, experiments show that simply having a human being focus our awareness on matter will have an effect on it down at the smallest level of sub-particles.

At this time, science is just now coming to the realization that for the effects of the mind to interact with matter, it must travel somehow or somewhere, whether folded space, some nonlinear existence or something beyond my own comprehension as a big fan but not a lifelong master of science. I think that place where these energies exist is what more metaphysical or new age people have called the Astral Plane or the Spirit Realm, but that's a discussion for another day.


What we'll call it today is the Realm of Consciousness. It might not be so strange to realize your mind is energy, as of course you already knew that, but now you have to be aware that your consciousness or your "mind's eye" really does reach out of your skull to whatever you're focusing on.

Right now you're focusing on the screen in front of you, as I'm focusing on mine on a day and time before the day you read this. You influence what your conscious mind focuses on at its most small molecular level, so to me, that's another way of stating that consciousness affects the very fabric of reality.
ET Phone ... with your Brain?
So what does this have to do with Telepathic Contact to UFOs and aliens?

Realize this: if there is one thing that you and I, as well as any sentient lifeform out in the universe all have in common with each other, it is that we are all conscious. We have an awareness to the fact that we exist and the realities and physical limitations of that existence. That might not sound profound, but what is special is that unlike most other life, and certainly different that most other matter and energy in the Universe, those with consciousness are given to shaping their realities and daily lives to fit their own whims.  
Mankind does that more than any other of Earth's species, much to the planet's detriment of course, but if we want to have something, we think about it and then we go make it. If I want to eat something, I have that thought in my head and I go get it and eat it. Sure, we don't always get what we want, but on a whole, can you tell me what we have a species have not actually succeeded in doing when it got down to it, if it was worth doing? There are some of course, but for the most part if mankind collectively chooses to progress its understanding and ability to change our reality, then we succeed.

Not only that, but we have reached a level of intellect to become aware of this reality, to enjoy it and to utilize our understanding of our special place in the universe as conscious creators. Being a creator of whatever we want or wish has many benefits - one of which is connecting with other intelligent beings within that early mentioned Realm of Consciousness.

CE-5 Contact: Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind

A close encounter of the fifth kind is contact with extraterrestrial intelligent life that is human initiated. As mankind has not, as far as I know for a fact, explored past our own very large and strange moon, you would think that such ET Contact would not occur for many generations.  But through your mind's eye, and through mediation and practice, it's been found that that very realm of consciousness is where we can find those other consciousnesses, make contact and invite them back to Earth.

That realm of consciousness has no issues of distance, as one mile exists only a thought away as a light year away from your physical location. If you think or focus on something light years away, you'd find that the quantum level of the subatomic of the elements that make up that object is also affected just as strongly as if it was about a foot away from your screen.

How to Contact UFOs and Aliens Mentally


Coherent Thought Sequencing (CTS) and Alien Contact

Coherent Thought Sequencing is the brainchild of Dr. Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project and the CE-5 Initiative, all parts of the Center for the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI). CE-5 is a close encounter of the fifth kind: human-initiated contact with extraterrestrial intelligent life. I will publish my own results with this practice below, but first in order to get to the point where CE-5 occurs, you have to exercise your mind in a certain way. You literally need to expand your consciousness, but you can do that easy enough with CTS.

Whatever you call this practice, be it Astral Projection or CTS, the gist of the idea is this: while meditating and in a transcendental meditative state, you "think" your way from your current physical location all the way out through the cosmos and back again, creating a pathway from the way out "there" all the way back to your physical location "here" after making mental contact with what you mentally encounter, whether in your imagination or otherwise. From this practice, many people - including myself - have had a wide variety of UFO Sightings and Encounters while doing this exercise.

Transcendental Meditation is the mental state of Trance, where there is a very noticeable shift in your brain wave patterns. Here's a video I found most informative regarding the changes of your brain during meditation:

What Happens to the Brain During Meditation?

Meditation Brain Patterns. See brainwaves change in a very direct and startling manner when a person enters a Transcendental Meditative State, or a "Trance." Produced and taught by Maharishi University.

Mental Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life

Coherent Thought Sequencing

While doing this exercise, if you can and are ready, call out mentally "hello," and become aware that you are not alone in your journey. There is life all around you, and when you are ready, push outward that you're wanting to connect and make contact with the life you find there. The first time I did this I felt alone but I called or "pushed" the feeling that I wanted to not be alone in that void but to meet someone there and show them my home if they were able to transport themselves physically to my location.

The next post on this subject is scheduled for July 1st at 8pm, in which we discuss what mental contact feels like, and I'll gladly share insights to my own first and subsequent UFO Contact using the Coherent Thought Sequencing and the CE-5 Protocols from CSETI.

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