May 5, 2013

UFO Glossary

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UFO Glossary and UFO News

This is the UFO Glossary:

 UFO Definition - Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

Key Words in Ufology and the study and research of UFOs and the UFO Phenomenon.

Unidentified Flying Object. This website references unknown objects of a particular kind... “UFO” usually can be used to denote vehicles or crafts of Extraterrestrials or Alien Visitors to Earth. Ultimately, most UFOs are actually one of a few sets of phenomena: aerial, stellar, terrestrial aircraft or unknown atmospheric event; however, it is my personal research that many are of extraterrestrial and extra-dimensional entities. 
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Paranormal Genre of Science, some deem a pseudoscience, using the Scientific Method and good experiment methods to gain insight and understanding of actual physical clues of Real UFOs and Aliens. Still considered by many to not be a legitimate avenue of study.... – or a study that does not meet the criteria to be a legitimate peer-reviewed branch of the Scientific Studies.

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The study of life that exists outside or away from the Planet Earth. Any and all life that evolved on other worlds and solar systems qualifies to be Exobiological in Nature. Species of Extraterrestrial intelligence would be sentient exobiological entities. Relative to Exobiology, the field of study regarding any debate regarding how much influence mankind should have on the worlds around him, as well as the mostly supposition discussed of our interaction with any intelligent life of the Universe in the past, present or in the future: all-together known as the field of Exopolitics.

        UFO Sighting

A UFO Sighting is a specific type of paranormal encounter reported all over the world, from mysterious lights to unknown and suspicious and alien aircraft. In Real UFO Sightings popular culture, the most frequent "Newest UFO Sightings of 2013" references find Grey Aliens and Extraterrestrial Entities at a completely different rate than actual UFO Field Investigators, who historically find down-to-Earth causes for up to 95% of all Reported UFO Sightings. My own personal UFO experiences, beyond a confusing run-in with a flying saucer craft when I was a child (read about that here), are several connections and sightings using the CSETI Coherent Thought Sequencing techniques for mental contact with extraterrestrial intelligent life.  

        UFO Disclosure
A emerging imperative in 2013 is revealing the truth about interactions between Extraterrestrials and the governments of the world. This is of grave importance, with all of Ufology now hopeful for 2013 UFO disclosure.
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        Real UFOs

Real UFOs in this frame of reference of this Glossary means crafts, whether piloted or unmanned drones, scouts or other unknown aircraft or spacecraft that are not those created by mankind but rather by Alien Intelligence – most often the term goes along with beings of Extraterrestrial Origin, but theories such as Extra-dimensional Aliens alongside the traditional extra-solar Aliens (beings not from our Solar System. In Short: A Real UFO is one that is of the more common connotation of UFO: an alien craft of some origin other than we here on Earth might have produced. 

Grey Aliens 

Grey Aliens, popularly known as the Greys are a subspecies of a type of Extraterrestrial that has been reported to have had a significant amount of interaction with humankind over the many years of our existence. While the first mentions of the Grey Aliens is not until the mid 20th Century, there are many Ufologists, Exobiologists and proponents of the Ancient Astronaut Theory who believe that there is proof of Grey involvement on Earth as far back as mankind has existed.
Grey Aliens: Originators of the Adamu 
In fact, some believe the ancient Adamu tales of the Sumerians were discussing the Grey Alien species as possibly the focus of the myths: gods/celestial beings who came to Earth for resources and took whatever hominid was around, altered us with their own genetic structure in order to have a better working force. 
There is no proof of such claims - no direct evidence at least, other than our genetic make-up, so perhaps when we do finally meet the real aliens officially, will they greet us as children or as a mutant bug - needing to be stepped on as fast as possible?
For more on this particular subject, visit's page on Grey Aliens.

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