April 7, 2013

Alien Probes and Unmanned Drones

Alien Probes and Modern UAV Drones

by Robert Hughey ()

1942 UFO Photo of Probe of Unknown Origin and a website dedicated to the Modern UAV Drones coming home from War.

Sea of Japan 1942 Alien Drone Photo
Image Credit

Sea of Japan UFO Photo (1942)

On a mission over the Sea of Japan, these brand new freshly painted Imperial Japanese Sally bombers were approached by a small black sphere – one of the first unknown flying objects. The pilots said the object zipped around and between the aircraft as they flew in formation.

Luckily, there was a gunnery cameraman who was able to get one photo of the object as it flew up behind one of the aircraft beside him.

It appeared to be not much larger than a basketball, but it certainly seemed to be operating under intelligent control. – From photo notes.

Is this the same thing as a Foo Fighters, observed in both the Pacific and European conflicts during WWII?? I know most accounts of the Foo Fighter type of UFO report the phenomena or craft glows, and they were usually described as Fireballs or multi-colored glowing balls...(continues after the jump)

I think this is more of an example of the spherical probe UFOs that are still reported even today.

Something or someone was very curious about the aircraft back in 1942.

:20 Example of Sphere UFOs in Japan

* * *

Guard Your Six for Alien Probes

Spherical UFO behind tail of Sally Bomber
Alien Probe?

Extraterrestrial Alien Probes

To me, this is one of the earliest examples of a type of observational drone that I think it still being sent to us all the time. They are small, spherical, either dark or metallic. I don’t think there is anything alive in them.

So the question, of course, is “where is it from?”

Japanese UFO Video: UFO vs Missle

And I simply don’t have an answer. In the year 1942, technology did not exist to create such a thing.  Heck, we can’t even produce something that sophisticated now, and we’ve got some really cool things regarding unmanned devices (see the next section for some great examples). 

So let's suppose this is a Probe or Drone made created to observe.

This spherical UFO out-maneuvered the most sophisticated aircraft of the time, as those Sally Bombers were brand-spanking new. Nothing on the American side remotely resembled that Sphere. 

Truly, there are not that many possibilities of who made, operated and deployed such a device:

·        - (Aliens)

·       Mankind of the Future

·       Inter-dimensional Beings

That last is only there because I've been reading about the idea of other dimensions next to ours. They’re also called “planes,” and in ages past the ones next to our “corporeal” or “physical plane” were the Astral, Ethereal, and Abyssal planes.

If such alternate dimensions do exist, and I am starting to see that something like that could exist (though I admit to not having my mind wrapped around that yet). I guess any life that exists over there could very well want to explore our plane if there was the technology or any ability to do so… or if it actually existed.

I'd love to know who has been probing mankind for so long though. At the bottom of this post is a video that seeks to show proof that UFO probes and unknown aircraft have been known to exist around Japan for over 200 years!

* * *

Since we've considered a probe or drone that was curious about the military aircraft of the early 1940’s, let’s take a pit-stop to look at the most advanced aircraft drones of the 21st Century - at least out of the ones man have invented so far. I have a contact with a new website I want to introduce to you:

Modern UAV Drones 

Header of website
Image Credit

UAV stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

Did you know that the ones we were using in war overseas are back home and being put to use all over the entire nation?

This website is very important for anyone who:

·       Has any interest in UFOs, as these are going to be responsible for a lot of UFO reports filed to  

 On the website, there are photos and discussions about the various types of Drones that will be in use all across the US, so learn them to help identify them when they frighten others. On a side note,
here’s my Hub on the Results of UFO Investigations (opens in new tab/page) and what most Sightings tend to be – It's also a good resource for anyone confused about a possible UFO Sighting. 

I’m going to recommend on it as well.

·       Anyone who witnessed a UFO and wants to be sure that what they saw was “one of ours” rather than something else. That’s a good idea before going to report a UFO.

·       Anyone with an interest in military, aerospace technology or engineering, as these Drones are obviously the pinnacle of gadgetry and military tech.

·       4)    Someone interested in keeping aware of issues of personal freedoms and liberty, as the fundamental use of these drones is observation, is it not? I don’t suppose it will be used for the other great use: assassination. Right?

Of course, given the current smell of war coming off North Korea right now, maybe that last use wouldn't be nearly as bad as it usually seems to be, as someone suggested in comment on a friend’s blog post about the current Korean UFO Sightings. It’s an interesting reminder of the anti-nuke behaviors of certain UFOs.

But be sure to bookmark UAV-Drones for Future Reference. There’s some great resources here, and it’s well updated on UAV current events and documented examples of the various types of  . Knowing the various forms they come in would be excellent knowledge for anyone that may come in contact with one, which after reading an article on the site about the difference between military and domestic drones, could be anyone in the entire world.

As always, thanks for visiting my corner of the Internet.

 -Robert Hughey

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