February 24, 2013

Join the Google Bugdroid on the Oscar Red Carpet

Gold Oscar Statuette by a red carpet

And The Oscar Goes to...
Google! For Best Website to Watch with the Oscars!

Go to the Oscars with Bugdroid?
(I swear that thing is an Android Alien!)

by Robert Hughey ()

Bugdroid the Android drag.

Okay, Google has done good today.
Oh excuse me: they’ve done well. You’ll have to forgive me, but sometimes I purposefully throw grammar aside when I have an opportunity to affect my reader effectively.

Still, there are limits, right? So to start again:

Google has done well today.

I say that with an eyebrow raised because as a site developer and as someone who might be called a bit of a bit of a “prolific” blogger, Google’s actions and red tape bullcrap are usually in my way. What? Yes, that's a good guess that to me Prolific means never shuts up. Humph.

But I have to admit that I am in love with the Google Webpage for The Oscars:

The resources that Google has set up for The Oscars tonight are ultimately: outstanding. There is everything from pre-party planning all the way through a run-down of the nominations which they’ll be updating in Real Time tonight as winners are announced.

Google wants to be your online destination tonight.
And you know what?

I have to actually agree with that suggestion.

First and foremost: because tonight there will be a ton of Oscar schemes perpetuated by blackhat marketers and Hacker Script Kiddies. Major events like The Oscars (or the Super Bowl) are so often the focus of very successful online Event Scams. So because of that, Google is a very safe bet to be the website you have up on your tablet in your lap, on your phone or on your laptop.

I’d be curious to see how the Google Oscars Page looks to different devices. I’m sure it’s adorable whatever device you end up using.

Android Aliens will wave hello!

Oh my freaking God, how cute are these Red Carpet Bugdroids?
Bugdroid is the name of the Google Android Mascot, in case that's not familiar to you.

On the Google Oscars Page, these cute little guys follow behind you as you’re looking through the page. Go check it out at the Google Oscar page.

Again, best viewed on Chrome.
And here's the Google+ Page of the Google Effort to be your Device Companion while you enjoy the biggest show in Hollywood:

It's a good time to be alive.
Now, you enjoy The Oscars tonight. I know I will, and I'm going to have Google with me - or at least easily accessible. Maybe you will too. If you have a different plan, I'd love to hear what sites you'll spend your time on tonight.

Thanks for visiting my little corner of the Internet.

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Photo Credits: Google

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