January 5, 2013

Is 2013 UFO Disclosure Wishful Thinking?

2013 UFO Disclosure for the United States? Yes?

Maybe if we ask politely, with expressions relative to puppies and babies?

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by Robert Hughey (Google+)

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Happy New Year! 
Welcome to the year 2013.

Doesn't that year have an interesting sound to it? I was raised to be somewhat superstituous, with interesting habits such as never washing clothes on New Year's Day (as you could wash a loved one out of your life... well, better safe than sorry, right?). I never really minded numbers though, as numerology just doesn't make any sort of sense to my mind, and the number 13 seems just like most others to me, only special perhaps because it's Prime.

I've updated the UFO Disclosure page here on, so I'd like to direct you there. I'd love any comments or questions regarding what 2013 could mean, or whether or not it will be another year without any sort of UFO Disclosure.

I was recently sent a link to the following video of a news report from last month. Add New Zealand to the list of Commonwealth member nations releasing their UFO Sighting data. That's more disclosed UFO Sightings and Government UFO Investigations than I ever expect from the US Feds.

 Also, for your bookmarks: I have really enjoyed reading the UFO Blog "Ufology Research" written by the Blogger "rutkows", who has been blogging on the subject since 2005. For those interested, his Canadian UFO Survey is impecable and an excellent collection of Canadian UFO-related research, organizations and resources. The Survey is also example of a proper scientific approach to data collection regarding UFO Sightings.

Read about my thoughts on any upcoming revelations or 2013 disclosure here on the page I mentioned.

Or download my UFOs in 2013 article on PDF.  (Right Click and "Save as")

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