January 17, 2013

Black Triangle UFO Sightings

Graphic Photo of Black Triangle UFO
Graphic of Black Triangle UFO

Black Triangle UFO Sightings

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

Lights in the Sky

The Black Triangle is a particularly common form of UFO Sighting that tends to captivate the public. IF you look through the latest UFO Sightings so far in 2013, you’ll find a great number of them are what I consider a “typical” Black Triangle Sighting curates a running blog of the current UFO Sightings, and as I see the Sightings from this past month, it looks like as many as one if five could qualify as this type of report of an unidentified object. I'm not entirely sure what exactly about this kind of Sighting has people so worked up, except that it's so prevalent that perhaps the public gets the sense that something is being witnessed, even if they are quite unsure exactly what is being described. 

If you research into past cases of UFO Sightings reported to MUFON, you find that in the closed cases of Black Triangle UFO Sightings, most of the closed cases are readily identifiable. When ruled “Identified,” the Sightings is revealed to be:
UFO in Triangle Form
Graphic of Black Triangle UFO

·        Terrestrial aircraft (human-flown jets usually).
·        The stars in the sky, frequently mistaken to be corner lights of a UFO.

At first glance, it may be hard to imagine taking stars in the sky and believing they are actually an alien spacecraft, but I actually do relate to this in a rather unfortunate way. In the following aside, I will share that story.

My Personal Black Triangle UFO Sighting
I considered telling this story as a "I had a friend who once..." sort of evasion tactic, but the truth is this is my own experience. 

Less than a year ago, I got sick. Very sick. Without boring you with too many details, I found myself with a case of meningitis that required some substantial antibiotics, among other medications. Unfortunately, I was unaware that I was sick until it was almost too late. 

Luckily (or not), I don't remember a whole lot from this time. I remember I kept hearing a train sound when I would drive in my car. I was down near my parents' place in deep, rural southwest Georgia, and driving around those country roads I kept hearing the "whoo whoo" sound of a train horn. I found it very disconcerting. Apparently, my body's temperature had rapidly risen to a very high fever, and I was having auditory hallucinations. Visual hallucinations were soon to follow.

Black Triangle Sighting

I only vaguely recall the night that I saw the triangle UFOs. I had been out driving for some reason that I can't remember, but I do recall a fright caused by something I could see in my rearview mirror. I saw a reflection of a bright light from above my car reflected on the spoiler of my car. I remember being thinking to myself, "there's no way. This can't be happening." I thought a craft was trailing me by flying above me.
Possibly a Chinese Triangle-Shaped Jet
Black Triangle Craft Photo from Space

I tried several times to see up in the sky, all while driving 55-60 mph down a dark, isolated country road - not street lights, no city lights - just the light of the stars and the flying saucer I thought was flying above me.

So all the while I felt like something was flying over me, the sounds I kept hearing were becoming deafening: the horn of the train had become one long rush of a siren. I became terrified, as I thought I was being abducted, though what was really happening was the meningitis had reached a tipping point, and I was so sick my life was in danger. I honestly had no idea I was simply a very sick man. I just had no idea exactly how sick I was.

It was while I was almost to my parents' farm that I saw the first Triangle Craft. I was still searching the skies for the reflection I could only see through the rearview mirror (have you figured out what it was I was seeing? What bright white object in the sky might have been reflected on the spoiler of my little car?). I looked ahead of me, and there was the first BLACK triangle UFO

Three pinpoints of light, forming a near right-triangle, and I thought I saw the black outline against the night sky. In deep southwest Georgia, there is so very little light pollution, that on the clearer nights you can see the rest of the Galactic Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy where Earth is located. It's usually quite stunning, but in my fevered state it only contributed to my hallucination.

I only barely recall seeing two other Black Triangles that night: one trailing beside me to the East, and one more when I finally pulled into my parents' house. I thought there were triangles all around their place, though they just stayed stationary, and I couldn't figure out what was going to happen next. 

Thankfully, my family works in healthcare. They didn't see the same things I saw, when I came running inside wanting to show them the UFOs. They only saw the same old stars that had greeted them each evening. And the reflective Unidentified Object that was terrorizing me from above? They only saw the same big round full moon that was always up in the sky minding its own business as usual, not meaning to terrorize any a young man with a fever approaching 104°. After being rushed to the hospital and given a slew of Antibiotics and other medications, I did recover eventually, but I certainly remember the feeling that the stars (and that Moon UFO too) were ominous and dangerous. 

Graphic Design taken from accounts of Black Triangle UFO Sightings
Artist's Approximation of Triangle UFO 

My UFO Sightings that evening were fever and sickness-induced hallucinations, but it felt absolutely rational to believe the irrational terrors were caused by Aliens flying in Triangle-shaped crafts. My mind couldn’t process such a simple thing: the stars themselves. My story could have had a much sadder ending: I am lucky to be able to sit here and even write for you, but because of that difficult night (that led to a difficult couple months of recovery) I learned first-hand how outside forces can influence someone’s normally sound judgment.

This is one reason why UFO Field Investigators with MUFON are taught to be sure to evaluate a UFO Sighting Witness’s mental state and discern whether or not there is any smell or evidence of alcohol or even drug use. Statistically, there’s a greater chance a person is inebriated when witnessing a UFO than you might first expect.

UFO Sighting Reports

To be clear, I am not saying that every reported Black Triangle UFO is the result of a Fever Dream or a Hallucination. What is clear though, especially when actually sifting through some hard evidence, is that the vast majority of Sightings of all sorts are cases of Mistaken Identity, which is routinely a fact very hard for the UFO Witness to accept as matter of fact.

I mean, I understand the complexity of the issue. It’s hard to not want something witnessed to turn out to be a Spaceship of Alien Origin. I admit with now qualms at all how much I would love to meet an Extraterrestrial Visitor.
But that’s not a good ingredient for good science, and it is science that must be employed when figuring out any Real Truths that can be uncovered about the UFO Phenomenon, its past, present and what to expect from the future.

I fully expect that within a few years, the US Government will reveal what is the current most-advanced stealth craft that we utilize. It’s an example I may use too often, but I’m often reminded of the Stealth aircraft designed in the 1970’s and 1980’s. The Stealth Bomber, the Blackbird and the Stealth Fighter were all in active use for up to 8 years before they were admitted and revealed by the US Government. And of course they all produced a great number UFO Sightings over the years that they were still classified, as did and do any number of Flying Wing type aircraft.

Possibly Faked Picture of Delta-Wing Jet
Suspicious (possibly Fake) Delta Wing Jet
My suspicion is the more modern counterparts are the main causes of the Black Triangle UFO Sightings that are the second most common type of UFO Sighting today. Now, I could be wrong of course, and maybe one day we’ll get to meet a race of extraterrestrial entities who pilot black triangle spacecraft.
You know what? I wouldn't mind that one bit.
Until they show up and introduce themselves, I guess I will just have to hold on to my current gut feelings that as far as I and the vast majority of other UFO Researchers and Investigators can ascertain, these Triangle UFO Sightings are not the result of any sort of Alien or Off-World influence. No matter what one might hope or wish for the realities to prove to be, I really do feel that the Triangles (that aren't the stars or other aerial phenomena) will not prove to be Extraterrestrial at all.

As always, thanks for taking the time to read this and visit my little corner of the Internet.

Keep searching,

Robert Hughey



  1. Anonymous1/24/2013

    Good story and thank you for sharing but this does not discredit all of the black triangle sightings that have been surfacing lately .. I was actually chased by one of these triangle things on a country road with a passenger to witness it a little over 10 years ago in Wisconsin of all places! This was much more than "areal phenomena" We watched as the object came from what looked like far away in the sky to just feet above us within seconds (It was part of a larger triangle formation we spotted). We both witnessed it for approx. 3-4 minutes. It dimmed it's lights and trailed off of us when a pair of headlights appeared down the road. The object stuck with us all the way to a remote gas station and disappeared over the trees after a short time of what seemed like it was watching us. I was not sick or intoxicated by any substances and neither was my passenger. I agree that we don't know exactly what these things are, but they ARE very real, and intelligent apparently with amazing maneuvering capabilities.. Just sayin..

    1. I think you misunderstood my own personal tale. That's just what I experienced, but I certainly didn't say everyone who witnesses Black Triangle UFOs are intoxicated or sick. I actually said most are probably terrestrial aircraft, and I even gave the example of the Stealth Bomber, Fighter and the USAF Blackbird as examples. Before they were declassified, they were the top sources of reported Black Triangle UFO Sightings. I expect that the current top source are the more modern counterparts to those classic stealth-tech aircraft, and I wrote that several times in my article. Just sayin.

  2. Only about 5 months ago, my mother was standing outside with one of her friends, around 12:30 pm, in Estacada, OR USA. They both witnessed this craft fly overhead from horizon to horizon, at an extremely slow pace. It made very little noise, only a low hum sound, and had three lights, one at each point of the craft, hence the triangle shape. It was not high in the air, or hard to make out. It was clear and only a few hundred feet above their heads. According to both of them, it appeared to be flying lower than a typical private propeller driven airplane. And it was massive. Now I was surprised to hear this, as my mother is not at all, or never has been into conspiracy, or aliens or anything weird like that. So after hearing this from her, I researched the internet, and found it was more prevalent than I ever even knew. I showed her a few videos and images, and she said that is exactly what it looked like. Now I dont think this is aliens, I believe it is either government sponsered, or private industry testing out a prototype for some new craft (HOPEFULLY SUPER FAST SPACECRAFT as I would love to see more of out universe), but what I dont understand is why they test it so blatently as to fly it over populated areas. If it is supposed to be a secret for now, then why would they want to stir such a curiosity in everyone. I suppose that would be the only reason some people might think it is aliens. Anyway, I hope this turns out to be some next level technology that we can all finally learn of together. But until then, Wikipedia states that official explainations are that it is something like: Vivid hallucinations caused for refacting light similar to the aurara borialis. Ha. Okay

    1. I would love to see more of our Universe too. And isn't it amazing how the "official" explanation for something is really just a matter of "what is the most harmless" sort of explanation?
      Thank you so much for taking the time to share you story here on my blog on Real UFOs. Let me know if you need anything, or there's always the UFO Search Engine that searches the most recent UFO Sightings.


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