December 19, 2012

Nibiru Planet X Pole Shift

Nibiru Planet X Pole Shift!

Was Dec 21 2012 the day Nibiru Planet X started a massive Pole Shift as foretold by the Mayan Calendar? Was it merely the beginning of the end?

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

Bow Wake of Star Pushing through Space: Zeta

It's all a part of the same 2012 Phenomenon that has everyone willing to entertain any of these notions has a nagging question on his or her mind, "Does the world end in 2012?" And I want to surmise the answer is "not likely," but let's watch some videos on the subject to learn what others think about Doomsday 2012.

News Flash: Keep a cynical and critical eye when viewing these. We're still safe from Nibiru.

An interesting video has hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube recently, and I'd like to share it with you, where it details the possibilities of the Nibiru Planet. You decide if the video's producer did a good job in his attempt to debunk this issue.

"Nibiru Debunked Forever"

Do you believe that Nibiru has been proven false by that video?

The idea of a planet hidden in our Solar System may seem far fetched, but there has actually been some scientific study about this subject. For a related but different outline of interesting "hidden" stellar objects, I want invite you to read my recent post about The Nemesis Star Theory, proposed by a group of Astronomers in relation to perceived cycles of extinctions in Earth's Fossil Record.

Nibiru Planet X Pole Shift Update

My thoughts on the matter were, are and will continue to be: it's two days away to Winter Solstice on 12-21-12, so if an entire unknown planet Nibiru was somewhere near and rushing toward us, wouldn't we have seen it by now? I honestly do think so. The idea of Nibiru Planet X suddenly upon us as others proclaim is supposed to be happening, then how soon before its arrival do we actually get to look up in to the sky and see it there?

Walking out on my balcony I find: a beautiful blue sky, honking horns of grumpy Atlanta Drivers (makes me a bit carsick, personally), and then when I look up to search above the horizon through that amazing blue sky I find...
...nothing else.  I'm almost disappointed.

Gods of Planet X

Dec 21 2012: Mayan Prophecy -  Pole Shift?

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