December 16, 2012

Nemesis Theory: the Hidden Sun (Nibiru Theory)

Nemesis Star Theory

Definition, Discussion and Scientific Details

A Hidden Companion Sun causes Mass Extinction Cycle on Earth?

From Series: "Science Fiction, Fantasy or Fact?"
by Robert Hughey ()

Nemesis the Hidden Sun
Hidden Sun: Companion Star Nemesis

So I thought we could all enjoy a quick post about a 2012 doomsday scenario that "some interesting people" believe will kill all humans: the Nemesis Theory.

Documentary on the Nemesis Theory

What is the Nemesis Star Theory?

by Robert Hughey In a Nut Shell, Nemesis Theory is the idea that our sun has a hidden binary star companion. This secret Sun could be a hidden red dwarf or even a rare brown dwarf star that emits very little light in the visible spectrum. And perhaps this almost invisible Companion Star approaches the Inner Solar System (inside the Asteroid Belt) from an angle difficult for mankind to notice its approach.

Celestial Dynamics

How's that work? I suppose angles or convenient stellar pathways such as coming in fast at the exact opposite side of the sun from Earth or a trajectory only seen from Antarctica. The Nemesis Star brings destruction with it, but the poor Earthlings haven't noticed yet that The End is Nearby!
What, you're still reading rather than beginning a mass panic? Good. There's still time for that at the last minute before diving in to more reading about 2012 events no one could control even if they were proven true.
So is it really conceivable that no human spacecraft, satellite or terrestrial observation would be able to detect an approaching companion star? So far, no inferred search through the Solar System has detected any such object.
And there have been quite a few studies as the public started slowly hearing about myths like Planet Nibiru. And yes, the Mayan Calendar supposedly predicts the End of an Age, but the Mayans were not super at predicting the end of their own civilization, were they?
But we're supposed to be letting our minds explore this possibility for a December 2012 Doomsday, so let's discuss the disturbing evidence that inspired the initial idea of the Nemesis Star.

Star HE 1523-0901
The oldest star of our Galaxy: HE 1523-0901

Our Sun's Secret Nemesis: the Hidden Sun

You see, most star systems are binary: two stars in a lifelong orbiting dance across the cosmos. The Nemesis is supposedly the "evil twin" of our beautiful day-star, running cycles through our solar system on a wide and slow path to revolve around the sun. This path could take several thousands up to millions of years all leading to the intriguing idea that 2012 is the next cycle's completion. Time on a cosmic scale isn't the same as it is to the living creatures on Planet Earth, now is it? This Arch Nemesis of our Sun supposedly brings asteroids and comets in its travels, and these objects assault the rocky planets of the inner solar system, bringing about the 2012 Phenomenon, Extinction Level Event and debilitating terror to Paranormal Blog Readers everywhere. A Secret Star?

Is the Nemesis Theory Possible?

Answer: "You tell me." Scientific Authorities can't even agree. Let's learn more. The exciting but dreadful thing is this: this isn't Science Fiction, Pseudoscience or a conspiracy theory. In science, one suggests an explanation for a phenomena and then seeks proof and supporting evidence that could support, subsequently expand, maybe alter or even refute the suggestion. Evidence of  aka Companion Sun - : You're probably aware that millions of years ago there was a massive Extinction Event that killed the Great Lizards of Earth - the Dinosaurs. But did you know that studies show that there are actually cycles of these Extinction Events that run  around every 26 to 27 million years or so?

Evidence and Science

If you're interested in reading deeper through the supporting science, here's some scholarly insight:
  • Without ascertaining definitive cause, prominent Paleontologists surmise going back every 26 million years.

Chart of Mass Species Extinctions over last 250 million years shows cycles
Mass Extinction Rate Shows Pattern

  • Next scientists sought propose causes that explain the pattern shown above. Of particular interest are the several Astronomers who published research of Extinctions caused by Comet Showers
  • Looking outside the Earth for the cause for the mass extinctions ever 27 millions years or so, they propose that the the exists based on evidence of 
    • impact events of objects such as comets,
    • orbital perturbations and terrifyingly,
    • the overwhelming extinctions across the planet 27, 54, 108 million years ago (and so on).

    Alternatives to Nemesis include:

    Nibiru Crossing Planet
    Nibiru Planet Approaches

    Nibiru Planet like the Nemesis Star, but an Unknown Planet
      Nemesis Nibiru Photo is Science Fantasy according to NASA - the X does not exist. It's not even a theory, though Planet X has been proposed as a planet outside the orbit of Neptune on many occasions, without recognizable proof. There is still much debate.
      This photo of an Alien Planet is supposedly a painting of the Nibiru Planetary System.
    Here's an excellent retort to the Nibiru Planet Theory from a young YouTube Partner sick of all the hype all over the Video Megasite:

    Source: via Robert on Pinterest

  • Remember: 2012 isn't the last year of the Universe. Time marches, with or without us.
  • Right-click and on the Evidence of a Jupiter-sized Outer Planet in the Oort Cloud of our Solar System.
  • Nemesis Star Theory and the underlying science

    Now, here's the part that makes ones head hurt, but if you're interested in getting further details on the science and understanding that allowed these studies to reach their conclusions, then here's some resources detailed below, or download the information or leave your e-mail address to receive updates and further discussions.

    Michio Kaku: The Universe in a Nutshell

Nibiru Zemanta
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  1. So other than perhaps an excellent example of scientific sensationalism, do you have any opinions, comments or thoughts about the Nemesis Star Theory?

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