November 4, 2012

Sirius Update: Disclosed Awareness
UFO Documentary will be AMAZING

Disclosed Awareness
Sirius Update       

Update: Sirius.  UFO Documentary (and website)
 of the Decade.

Almost all of the filming has been competed for the film.

Holding the story line of this film together will be the talk Dr. Greer gave in Santa Monica in September. He covered the range that will be covered in the film from evidence, to why the secrecy, to new energy to current contact being made by CE-5 teams. And research continues on the little 6 " being. We will include as much as we can in the final production.

The goal of this film is to introduce as many people to this subject as possible - worldwide. We want to draw them in, help them see the validity of it and how it affects them directly. Then they can delve further via the wealth of credible information that has been gathered by The Orion Project, The Disclosure Project and CSETI.

We are very excited and want to share with you in more detail some of the archives that have been offered to us to use. As you can imagine only a fraction of the material can be used in a 2 hour documentary of this scope.

Check out the full story at the link below:  


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