November 11, 2012

Anonymous Message to 4UFOs

UFO Over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

 Anonymous Message to 4UFOs   
by Robert Hughey
UFO Over the Dome of the Rock (Jerusalem, Israel)

Yesterday a very pleasant surprise was sent to us here at 4UFOs. A visitor to the site, having read my post on my own first UFO Sighting experience, was kind enough to post and share some insight and observations about a type of Real UFO Sighting he had that I suppose many people have in some sort of fashion when they look into the realities of the UFO Phenomenon.  Here's what he or she said:

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I am going to state this here ... only because I can't find anyplace else to state it, and it has been bugging the hell out of me. For the record, I am not a fruitcake or a conspiracy-nut and I am NOT Jewish ..... (actually, I am a Licensed Professional Engineer).

In Late January of 2011, there was video footage of alleged UFO activity over the "Dome of the Rock" in Israel (you can still Google it today). Anyways, I pulled it up because a fellow employee was sorta INTO that kinda thing. Basically, it was your typical long-distance video of glowing orbs descending onto this Holy-Site. Then I started thinking ... this is one of the Holiest-Sites in the world --- maybe someone closer had better footage. So, I searched for additional video footage of the same event .. and sure enough, there was video footage of someone right at the base of the Temple looking “up” at this weird phenomenon. 

I watched that video in complete "awe" of what I was seeing. It very clearly showed some sort of craft with two glowing rings/bands of energy that circled it (similar in the fashion of a gyroscope). It then dawned on me that THIS is what Ezekiel must have witnessed (and described) in the Old Testament (i.e., a "wheel within a wheel"). I then saved the link to my computer.
Not a UFO Sighting but Haley's Comet
UFO Sighting? No, this is Haley's Comet.

Anyways, the next day I told my co-worker and my boss about the video and proceeded to show it to them. The problem was that the Video was "pulled" from YouTube, specifically stating that it was confiscated by the Israeli government (i.e., it is their legal right). What I then found really strange was the non-stop concerted effort employed to completely discredit the entire event! There is no record of that particular Video ... and I believe they now state that it was “withdrawn by the owner”. I only wish NOW that I should have taken multiple screen-shots of different views from that video.

My Engineer's technical opinion on what I saw .... the energy-bands I viewed were most likely a 3-dimensional shadow of some form of 4-dimensional energy/craft (similar to a Tesseract or HyperCube). This whole event has made me Rethink my viewpoint on the entire UFO phenomenon.  I am NOT saying that I am a believer ... but I definitely no longer dismiss UFO claims as pure fantasy or fiction.,35.2354&spn=0.01,0.01&q=31.778,35.2354+(Dome+of+the+Rock)&t=h

I feel somewhat "relieved" to finally tell my story. Long-Story short ... please don't completely discredit what you may hear/read from former/current credible or experienced witnesses.


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Response by

The really incredible thing is that I knew exactly what famous UFO sightings he was referring to, as only a few months ago I had made a video (of sad quality) and posted it on YouTube asking about this very same sighting. I had never seen the better up-close angle video of the UFO, but I did smell "UFO Cover up" after reading how quickly the Israeli Government responded with cries of "Fake" and "Hoax," and they were so aggressive in their stance that even supposed (and begrudgingly) confessions by hoaxsters didn't seem "right" to me. 

Here's my YouTube UFO Video about the Dome of the Rock UFO:

In case I continue to have problems embedding the video, here's the YouTube Link:

I would have loved to see the up-close angle to go with the two views I was able to see of this UFO Sighting Video. I always want to know what's going on deep under the Dome of the Rock. What's down there? Why is it such an important location for every different warring faction in the Middle East?

I like to imagine that some Alien Visitors stopped by and had that very same question: hopefully it did get the answers it needed. I'm just not sure what I think about the missing video.

What do you think about this UFO Sighting? Comment Below.
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