October 6, 2012

Quora Question on Space Exploration and My Fantastic Answer

Quora Answer of Space Exploration
Quora, A Valuable Resource for Photographers (Photo credit: Thomas Hawk)

Quora Question on Space Exploration and my Truly Fantastic Answer

by Robert Hughey (Facebook) (Twitter)

I came across an amazing question on the future of Space Exploration today on Quora, and as I started reading I was inspired from a series of books I read when I was young. Next thing I know, I'm gushing about a favored author and hoping to inspire a young mind or two. Heady stuff, but my heart was in the right place, I assure you.

I want to invite you to Quora to read my answer to the question of:

Read Space Exploration: Is/has there ever been an idea put forward that moving a manned craft to any point in space could be done from the ground (near instantaneous and point to point, essentially doing away with the need for heavy lifters)? Quote of Robert Hughey's answer. on Quora

And here's the books I mention: Tower and Hive books on Amazon

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