October 10, 2012

Daytime Sighting of Real UFO (October 2012 Sighting)

Daytime UFO Sightings in California: Boomerang UFO October 2012 Sighting

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

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Daylight UFO Sighting reported to
California MUFON

Summary: Two California witnesses at Burbank report watching and photographing a boomerang-shaped Unidentified Flying Object that crossed the sky about 4:55 p.m. on October 5, 2012, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

As of this writing, the California MUFON wing of the Mutual UFO Network is still completing their investigation in to this sighting. So do remember that most real UFO sightings are man made aircraft, stellar or atmospheric events. If CA MUFON reports anything to update this report, I will update here.
Below is the verbatim report given to MUFON on 10/05/12:
October 5, 2012, Burbank, CA - As reported by the Examiner the the following post (for the full story visit: Boomerang UFO ) in Broad Daylight. 

MUFON Case #43052.
"I was taking a break from writing and went out to our rooftop for some fresh air ,which has an excellent view of the mountains north of Burbank. I saw this white object in the sky. It was very apparent. At first I thought maybe an airplane but it didn't appear to be moving so I called my wife. We grabbed our cameras and began to take video and photos of the object. I expected to see an airliner in the pictures, but it wasn't  It hovered in one spot for about 5 minutes, and then headed Northwest over the mountains. It was communicated to me, telepathically, that an orb had been released. It wasn't until we reviewed our photos later that we actually saw the orb in a photo. I felt calm and excited, as I have a connection with them and see craft frequently. Just the night before I saw a large craft hover silently over me without any lights while I was walking my dogs. This was the first time I ever caught them on camera and I wanted to share. We lost sight of the object when it was very distant from us. I am not sure if it dematerialized or just left my range of sight."

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Burbank CA UFO Sighting - but what is the Sphere that Zips around
behind the Boomerang-shaped craft?

Special Thanks to MUFON - the Mutual UFO Network, and Roger Marsh, UFO-Blogger extraordinaire of, for the details of this developing story.

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