September 8, 2012

Real UFOs and Mistaken Identity

Astronomy Photo of a Mysterious planet
What are Real UFO Sightings?

Where are the Real UFOs?

by Robert Hughey (Google+)

Most people think of one thing when they hear the term "UFO." They think of flying saucers, little green men or even grey aliens, or they at least think of otherworldly aircraft piloted by extra terrestrial intelligent beings.

So exactly is the "UFO Phenomenon" anyway?

Real UFO Sightings

According to MUFON, the Mututal UFO Network, the vast majority of reported UFO Sightings are easily classified or identified with a little legwork.

Most Unidentified Flying Objects are cases of mistaken identity.
So what is mistakenly assumed to be Real UFO, or rather: an alien spacecraft?

Most UFO Sightings can be categorized as the following:

  • Terrestrial or man made aircraft lead the pack, as many experimental or still-classified aircraft have been long mistaken as real UFOs over the years, and in the case of the US Air force, when questioned about these craft the official stance is always one of non-disclosure as long as the craft in question is still considered Top Secret.
    An excellent example is the story of the Stealth Bomber (as most of the USAF Stealth aircraft were the culprit in a great many reported UFO Sightings over the years)

    A gorgeous B-2 Spirit soars in the clouds
    A B-2 Spirit soars 

  • Atmospheric phenomena: Such as Lenticular Clouds.  The Latest UFO Sighting near my home in Atlanta was cloud related: extraordinary clouds truly, but still they were simply some beautiful but still quite natural atmospheric occurrences.
  • Stellar or Solar System Phenomena...of which our own moon is frequently mistaken to be a UFO more than you might imagine.

    Other than that, many stars in recognizable constellations confuse easily if the UFO reporter is not familiar with what are normal star patterns.

  • UFO Sightings that are unfortunate fabrications or outright hoaxes. These may be as many as 10% of all reported sightings.
Further details: Excellent resources for the scientific study of the UFO Phenomenon.

Unidentified Flying Objects still Unidentified

With upward of 95% of reported UFO Sightings classified or finally identified, what about the UFOs that are labeled "unknown" or as yet "unidentified?"

These are the Real UFOs that have my attention. These are the glowing balls of light, the shiny discs caught by amateur photographer or videographers around the world. These are the types of sightings that have created the UFO Phenomenon and what drive sites like the one you find yourself on right now.

UFO Field Investigator in-Training

Over the coming months, I have the choice to be taking the necessary steps to get certified by the Mutual UFO Network as a Field Investigator. If I do this, I can become a Ufologist, as many like to call those interested in UFO Sightings. My own interest has always been in the more scientific or evidence-based side of the UFO Phenomenon, and I do believe I want to have the tools and understanding to get to the bottom of the ever-rising tide of UFO reports.

I am unsure though. My professional interests have me all over the place, as I'm looking to Crowdfund some projects (both for myself and for others). I have a unique connection to a production company in south GA, so making the videos and promotion materials will be helpful to artists, writers or musicians (or other creatives) who may be hesitant about making the video.

Thoughts? Basically, it's like I'm having to choose between going to "UFO U" or be innovative and jump into an industry head-first to see where I land.


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