October 24, 2012

Mars Curiosity UFO Videos 2013-HD *UPDATED 10/23/12*

Mars Curiosity UFO Videos 2012 -in HD

*UPDATED* October 23, 2012

UFO Nachtaufnahme, Todays UFO Videos, UFOs
UFO Nachtaufnahme
(Photo credit: Wikimedia)
The Mars Curiosity Rover has sent over some strange UFO video footage form across our Solar System, let me show you some of the footage that I find most provocative. Martian UFOs are unlikely, but then again - perhaps extrasolar visitors are entranced at Mankind's latest leap across the Solar System.
In Search for Real ufo Sightings,
even on Mars

First, glance at the album cover from "You Are Here" by UFO (the band).
It does sort of look like they're on another planet, doesn't it?
Curiosity Rover UFO Videos are embedded below. Click the picture to go listen to the album on Enjoy.

You Are Here (UFO album)
You Are Here (UFO album) 

On to the Videos!

How We Can Make Mars a Habitable Planet

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4 UFOs Caught by Curiosity? 2012 HD

Well, the video's name certainly caught my attention,
as this is, right?

Four objects caught by the Mars Curiosity Rover are strange but questionable. It's difficult to make out on the original footage so the video editor decides to use a few filters to highlight  these four UFOs - literally these 4 unidentified flying objects. What do you think they were? Dust near the camera?  Moisture?

Did Mars Curiosity find proof of UFOs all the way over there on Mars?

UFOs Return To Mars 2012 HD

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And finally, after the jump...
The most important Mars Curiosity
UFO Video Footage of All-Time!

Check out what Mars Curiosity found first thing:

The Mars Curiosity UFO Video

Evidence that the US Government, particularly NASA itself
does not want you to see more than all the rest!

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