July 29, 2012

Latest UFO Sightings in the UK - Far from this UFO Blog

UFO Sighting over a ship
Real or Hoax, over Oil Ship?

Latest UFO Sightings in the UK


by Robert Hughey (Google+)

The Latest UFO Sightings have really been on the mind. More than usual I suppose I should say.
Why? Because of the London Olympics of Course!

Did you know that UFO Sightings were up almost 200% this past week before the Opening Ceremony? Well, only if you in fact lived in the UK. There were supposedly more UFOs than usual, so I did a little research and learned two things. Unfortunately, my understanding is that Recent UFO Sightings that end up being hoaxes and lies are also on the rise. Other than that, while the government officially says it has no proof that Earth has ever or could ever be visited by extraterrestrials.

That's not the story in the UK and throughout much of Europe.

How nice it must be to have your leaders act as though you're capable of your own mature thought sometimes.

But I apologize. I am so ready for UFO Disclosure in 2012, and I still have hope, but I get frustrated so easily when it seems like the people in power seem to pat the populace on the head like a mentally difficient one-eyed stray dog. "There, there, Roxy. You're a good girl, but you sure do stink."

I have been living here at my computer this for the past week. For the first time in a long time, I have a piece of fiction that feels like it is just writing itself with my fingers. And given that inspiration is a little rare for me, I knew I had to outline as much of the story as I could. Now let me tell you: writing 25 pages of single-spaced content in one 14 hour binge is probably one of the most exhilerating feelings any creative writer could possibly have. I found I was almost out of ink in my printer, so I actually drove to the store, bought more ink, and then rushed back to print it for no greater reason that I wanted to go sit down and read the twelve thousand words I had produced in a day. My back was killing me, and there was no way I wanted to look here at my UFO Blog for while, but I was thrilled at what I threw down that day.

And it's still going well. Very well indeed. I guess this was a tale that was ready to be born into the world, as I have no explanation for how I'm able to write this book with no resistance whatsoever. I'm hoping to secure funding to have professional editing, production and marketing, as I want it to be the absolute best it can be. If I only want to self-publish with my company, HUGHEY ENDEAVORS, INC. and I want to try and use the best in the business, then I have quite a bit of money to raise. I believe I will be successful though. It'll be nice to see, as I think asking for crowd sourcing will be incredibly motivating. And of course anyone who donates just a little bit will get a digital copy at the very least for free. It'll be a nice project to do when I'm not here on the UFO Blog or stretching my sore back after another marathon on the novel.

I would say this should this must be a UFO Sighting
Artist's rendering of a Solar Flare (CME)

I love the concept of building a reader base while my readers, who I have to write an entreaty to first, have to decide to make the investment to help me actually complete the project.  So it will truly be a book of the 21st Century.  That's innovative and different, and that aspect alone appeals to every part of me. It instills a real sense of responsibility about the quality of what I am writing, and I haven't even started on the website yet. I find my book to be exciting though, even powerful, and I'm proud of my first novel already while it's only in its infancy. I have never felt that way about something I've written before.

I've had to give it a close deadline though, as part of the setting involves the possible End-of-the-Age on Dec 21, 2012. That means it certainly needs to be out before that date since then the questions it asks will be quite pressing. I would think I need to have it out in earliest November 2012.

Just in case the world does end. 

I mean, I could at least feel proud I finished an important goal of mine before the sky figuratively falls on us all.

I'll have more details on my novel after I finish writing up the very last bit of the initial outline and freewrite, and after I decide where I want to publish it and crowdsource. Yeah, I like the way that sounds - "where I want to publish it." That sits just fine with me.

There's many possibilities, and I feel there's never anything wrong with setting a goal and trying all my best to attain it.  It's going to be an epic tale though, and I really do want to write a tale that people enjoy, so I look forward to trying to convince people to purchase it before I'm even done writing it.

So it had better be more than simply "good," don't you agree? haha...


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